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I'm Amy, a recovering sex addict. This podcast, Worth Recovery, is my way of giving back and adding a woman's voice to sex addiction. I share my own recovery experiences and thoughts as I continue to keep myself on the road of recovery.

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I'm Amy, a recovering sex addict. This podcast, Worth Recovery, is my way of giving back and adding a woman's voice to sex addiction. I share my own recovery experiences and thoughts as I continue to keep myself on the road of recovery.

    Episode 174: Long Term Recovery

    Episode 174: Long Term Recovery

    In December 2021, I celebrated my 9 year sobriety anniversary.  Wow!  9 Years Sober!  One of my clients asked me, what has changed in my life since becoming sober?  In this episode I share my top 10 changes in my life with longer term sobriety and recovery.  I hope this helps you think about where you're going in recovery and what longer term sobriety and recovery and help you achieve!

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    Episode 173: Leveling Up

    Episode 173: Leveling Up

    Evolution is a necessary part of life.  As we grow and change, it is necessary to reevaluate our recovery and our life.  Our beliefs, practices, thinking patterns and perspectives need to change and keep up with our growth. In this episode I discuss how evolution happens and how we can evaluate our recovery to level up.  

    You can download the episode worksheet here.  

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    Episode 172: Implementation Framework

    Episode 172: Implementation Framework

    Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2022!

    After a long hiatus of podcasting, I'm at it again.  January is my favorite month of the year.  I simply LOVE New Year's, and every year make a major plan with goals, accountability charts, and even a PowerPoint presentation for motivation!

    In this episode, we explore how to implement a change in a way that will last.  Vision + Skills + Incentives + Resources + Action Plan = Sustainable Change

    You can download the diagram here.  



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    Episode 171: BDSM with Kristal Garcia

    Episode 171: BDSM with Kristal Garcia

    Sexuality is unique for each person. However, abuse is never a healthy part of sexuality. In this episode, I explore the connection between BDSM and abuse with Kristal Garcia.  Kristal is a self-identified recovering sex and love addict.  Her story can be found on a previous episode of Worth Recovery. Here we define and discuss what exactly BDSM is and the challenges of this community.


    More information about Kristal can be found here:  https://www.openheartsunite.org/


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    Episode 170: Motivation

    Episode 170: Motivation

    Motivation.... how do you get it? how do you keep it?  how do you refuel it?  This is one of the most common questions I get!  So in this episode I share with you my ideas on how to find and keep motivation.  I spell out a three part plan and share some of my own experiences.  Remember:  Motivation comes to me from the inside, I am my own motivator!

    Until next time,



    Episode 001:  My Recovery Plan

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    Episode 169: Worth Reading - Alcoholics Anonymous

    Episode 169: Worth Reading - Alcoholics Anonymous

    New Series Announcement!  I'm super excited to start a new series this month - Worth Reading.  The 4th week of every month this year we will discuss or explore a book that had significant impact in my own recovery journey.  We will start today with Alcoholics Anonymous - Big Book.


    In this episode I discuss my love for reading and why reading has always meant so much to me.  Then we explore the history of the Big Book and how it paved the way for so many of the recovery resources available today.  Last, I go chapter by chapter and share with you some of my favorite quotes and how they impacted my recovery.  


    What books have impacted your recovery?

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4.9 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

dana lisa ,

Prayers answered

I have been praying to know how to help my daughter. I had gone to the Ogden temple to receive direction. I came out and went to listen to a podcast and worth came up on my regular list. I thought ok what’s this ? Amy is the answer! I texted my daughter and said” I just found your best friend.” I contacted the people that she went to substance abuse rehab and said here is the core addiction. You need to listen to worth . Amy is so honest open and makes you feel very safe. I am sorry for ALL the hurt you have been through with your sex addiction Amy. On the other hand I can not thank you enough for the wisdom and inspiration you are! I sent my daughter a podcast episode to listen to. I pray she will choose to listen and meet her new best friend. ( I am not a pushy mom . I get truth present it and hope she chooses to partake. Bless you Amy!!!!!

M/U/S/I\C\I\A\N ,

Thank you

I just discovered this podcast, and it has been vital to the start of my own recovery. It’s also well-spoken, and content is informative yet also healing. Thank you.

TibbsFam ,

Another Fabulous Resource for Women!

Thank you Amy for doing what you do... I am listening and appreciate you so much! Many blessings and keep doing the next right thing!

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