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R&B artist Xavier Omär, along with friends Jay and Alana break down various songs from his and podcast guests discographies, as well as share personal stories that connect to music in various (and often hilarious) ways.

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R&B artist Xavier Omär, along with friends Jay and Alana break down various songs from his and podcast guests discographies, as well as share personal stories that connect to music in various (and often hilarious) ways.

    Music Is In EVERYTHING

    Music Is In EVERYTHING

    In the last episode before a 2 week break, the trio of Alana, Xay, and Jay are back to discuss all of the different ways music influences our lives from tv shows to working out (Xavier tells us his current playlist) or even cleaning the house. The crew also present some newer artists they are listening to and discuss this past week's releases of Donda & Certified Lover Boy.

    New Artists we are listening to |  9:45 

    Creepin' - Mamii (@wheresmamii)

    Energy - Tyla Jane (@tylaJane)

    Freaky - Twellly (@twellly)

    You Love Me - RAAHiiM (@raahiimmusic)

    Music & Dating: 28:00 

    Xavier's Workout Playlist: 35:15

    Donda & Certified Lover Boy: 50:00 

    • 1 hr 10 min


    I AM A MASSIVE WWE FAN. I've asked two other massive WWE fans to participate in a tournament to pick the best entrance song in the history of WWE. (And YES, I play a bit of each song!) This week my co-hosts are returning guest, Sylvan LaCue, and Spectrum News Reporter, Jose Arredondo. 
    (Many honorable mentions were edited out for the sake of time.)

    The Tournament begins at the 10:25 marker. 

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Artists VS Social Media

    Artists VS Social Media

    In this episode, the trio of Alana, Xavier, and Jay are joined by frequent guest co-host DJ Marauder as they discuss the nuances of artists and social media. Topics include:
    * The benefits and detriments of artists on socials.
    * What do people expect from artists and their socials?
    * How personal should artists be on socials?
    * Should fans allow celebrities to "be human" on their pages or should celebrities simply "know what they signed up for" ?
    * Lizzo's breakdown

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Special Guest: Sylvan LaCue (Artist)

    Special Guest: Sylvan LaCue (Artist)

    This week we interview visionary artist Sylvan LaCue about everything from the AA style meetings of his breakthrough album Apologies in Advance (AIA), to his desire to be a story writer for WWE. Topics discussed include the big changes in his life between  AIA and his new EP series Young Sylvan, why he reached out to get therapy, his favorite animes and since he was raised in Miami which NBA Big 3 is he taking; 11-14 Miami Heat or the current Brooklyn Nets?

    • 58 min
    DONDA esta?

    DONDA esta?

    This week we go topical as we discuss various happenings in music. Covid vs Live Shows, Kanye West's DONDA listening parties and where the heck is the album(!?), Tyler the Creator finally responds to DJ Khaled, and now that she's a billionaire will Rihanna ever drop again?

    • 55 min
    Special Guest: Southpaw Swade (Artist/Producer)

    Special Guest: Southpaw Swade (Artist/Producer)

    In our absolute funniest episode to date, the trio talks to artist and producer Southpaw Swade about his music career, why he doesn't use his University of Florida film degree, his hilarious Blackronyms idea, and a particular video of his that had many people mad. 

    • 58 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

let me be me ,

Xavier Omar’s podcast concept is ON POINT

As a fellow podcaster, I was nervous to see my favorite artist come into this space. After hearing the first 3 episode of XO Creative Club, I can truly say that this show is so good.

Breaking down the songs of his latest album and the convo that builds from that is an amazing concept. It’s nice to hear artist be so vocal and open. It makes you feel more connected to the music and the artist. 5⭐️

Paul A. Farrell ,

Your Music & Podcast Feels Like Therapy to Me

Bro and I mean bro because your music has been brotherly advice and the podcast took it to another level. Reminding me of my heartache I experienced and the only solution being Jesus our redeemer and restorer of our confidence and pain.

I resonated most with you explaining that the solution to your heartache can not be yourself because you had been running from yourself and the only thing you needed was Jesus the creator in order for you to properly heal you needed the source.

I think this truthfulness and vulnerability in your podcast this early on will bread true healing that even a therapist can bring. I think that’s why I’ve really enjoyed your music because it’s been Therapy and it’s even more powerful because you pointed me to Jesus.

Praying for you the both of you all and continued success 🤍🤞🏾!

TooRealTill ,

What A Music Podcast Should Be!

If you like Xavier Omär and his music, this is the podcast for you. Learn the stories behind the music from the man himself as he shares a more transparent view into the inspiration for each song and project.
Cohost, Jay Sandoval, brings a lively and authentic personality that helps ground the conversations in a reality that is relatable to the listener. His friendship with Xavier is X-factor in their great chemistry over the mic. Together they transform what might have have been a simple podcast about music into much larger conversations about life, relationships, and growth, all while enjoying the journey and the lessons that have come from them.
If it sounds good to you, join the club.

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