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R&B artist Xavier Omär, along with friends Jay and Alana break down various songs from his and podcast guests discographies, as well as share personal stories that connect to music in various (and often hilarious) ways.

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R&B artist Xavier Omär, along with friends Jay and Alana break down various songs from his and podcast guests discographies, as well as share personal stories that connect to music in various (and often hilarious) ways.

    Special Guest: Sango (Artist/Producer/DJ)

    Special Guest: Sango (Artist/Producer/DJ)

    The trio of Alana, Xavier, and DJ Marauder sit down with this week's guest, the legendary Sango. Fresh off of joining Kaytranada on tour, he tells us what it was like for him being back on the road, how he got the opportunity to work with Frank Ocean, shares an opinion that he thinks may get him cancelled, and tells us his requirements for eating at a Popeyes. A very fun conversation to say the least. 

    Welcome to the club!

    @sango_ / @sangobeats (IG/Twitter)

    @djmarauder/ @djmarauder_ (IG/Twitter)

    @alanakalynn (Twitter)


    • 1 hr 29 min
    Special Guest: Kyle Dion (Artist)

    Special Guest: Kyle Dion (Artist)

    This week Alana and Xavier (yes, Jorge has abandoned us once more) are joined by R&B artist and rising star, Kyle Dion. He shares his musical upbringings, how and why he moved to LA, and how his frequent collaborators Mars Today (Artist/Producer) and Riza (Stylist/Designer) helped him shaped the sounds and visions of his albums Suga and Sassy.  He also shares a very passionate message about why he consciously decides to evolve with each album rather than try to duplicate the success of the last one. 

    Welcome to the club!

    Kyle Dion: @kyledion

    Xavier Omär: @xvromar

    Alana: @alanakalynn (Twitter)

    • 58 min
    if You Feel & Moments Spent Loving You Anniversary!

    if You Feel & Moments Spent Loving You Anniversary!

    This week the trio discuss each of the last two albums released by Xavier, as they celebrate the first and second year anniversary of the releases. Alana recaps her trip to see Wizkid perform live in Miami and the crew answers questions at random from the book '3000 Questions About Me' .

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Xavier Omär Leaves RCA

    Xavier Omär Leaves RCA

    Welcome to the club! This week, Alana and Xavier are excited by the return of Jay as he tells us all about his trip to Puerto Rico (involving 36oz mojitos). Alana heads to Miami for a wedding and Wizkid show which prompts a conversation about Wizkid's latest album and success. Xavier goes into full detail about how and why he left RCA, what he learned from the experience of being signed to a major label, and what his plans are going forward as an independent artist. 

    The RCA discussion begins at the 13:37 mark.

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Movie Soundtrack Tournament!

    Movie Soundtrack Tournament!

    This week, Alana and Xavier are joined by DJ Marauder to decide which movie has the best (hip hop/r&b) soundtrack. Alana created the bracket and the crew picked based on her personal favorites. The participants are The Wiz, Purple Rain, Space Jam, Love & Basketball, ATL, Brown Sugar, Black Panther, and Boomerang. 

    • 1 hr 5 min
    So, How Was Tour?

    So, How Was Tour?

    The Club is BACK....well Alana and Xavier are. After a 3 week break, the duo is back together as Alana asks the question that everyone else asks Xavier after a run of shows. She also asks more detailed questions like "How confident were you going into a tour you 100% funded?". "How did COVID restrictions affect attendance?", and "What's your pre-show routine?" .

    Xavier explains why he hates talking before a performance, shares his new found favorite pre-show drink, and tells his favorite moments of the shows. 

    The episode ends with the duo giving their suggestions for what to watch on TV this week.

    Welcome back to The Club!

    • 1 hr 14 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

darkrich6 ,

I didn’t think I could love his music any more!

I’d formulated my own meaning of his music , but now to hear the original and spiritual meanings takes it so much deeper! In 2019 I was at the top .0something percent of Xavier listeners lollll. Xavier’s music has gotten me through some tough times and some amazing times. There’s literally an Xavier song for all my moods (and I’m a cancer , so I got a lot of moods). I hope Xavier continues to make his music as unique and real as possible , and continues to dive deep into the meanings with this podcast !

let me be me ,

Xavier Omar’s podcast concept is ON POINT

As a fellow podcaster, I was nervous to see my favorite artist come into this space. After hearing the first 3 episode of XO Creative Club, I can truly say that this show is so good.

Breaking down the songs of his latest album and the convo that builds from that is an amazing concept. It’s nice to hear artist be so vocal and open. It makes you feel more connected to the music and the artist. 5⭐️

Paul A. Farrell ,

Your Music & Podcast Feels Like Therapy to Me

Bro and I mean bro because your music has been brotherly advice and the podcast took it to another level. Reminding me of my heartache I experienced and the only solution being Jesus our redeemer and restorer of our confidence and pain.

I resonated most with you explaining that the solution to your heartache can not be yourself because you had been running from yourself and the only thing you needed was Jesus the creator in order for you to properly heal you needed the source.

I think this truthfulness and vulnerability in your podcast this early on will bread true healing that even a therapist can bring. I think that’s why I’ve really enjoyed your music because it’s been Therapy and it’s even more powerful because you pointed me to Jesus.

Praying for you the both of you all and continued success 🤍🤞🏾!

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