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A new podcast from XXXchurch called "The Panic Button." Get answers to someof the hardest questions we receive.

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A new podcast from XXXchurch called "The Panic Button." Get answers to someof the hardest questions we receive.

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3.9 out of 5
121 Ratings

121 Ratings

luckylucky77 ,


Wow. Read nearly every review, and people either love the ministry or hate it. I understand both sides.

Yes, I agree their methods aren't necessarily the most effective. Handing someone a Bible won't make them read it. And some people will get false messages or understanding from it.

But personally, I love the work they've done. I use X3Watch, along with two of my accountability partners, and it works like a charm. Their work has helped me to cut my porn problem down to not a fourth of what it was.

So I see both sides. I'm rating them on my opinion, and I personally love them. Their methods, questionable, I agree. But it works with some. And for that, I give four stars.

Htrt ,

Love the podcast

Great extension to their mission. They are an amazing organization dealing with real life problems! Keep up the great work...

Zadkhiel ,


I just don't understand how so many of you people are downing these guys just for going into a convention and trying to reach the lost? I've been addicted to pornography from the ages of 10-18, and no I am not joking with you, and their program X3 Watch Pro has managed to start me on a new path back to God. Without these guys I would probably be looking at porn right now. For any people that might say "Well your just a new Christian" or something like that, sorry your wrong. I grew up with a father as a pastor and my mother as a worship leader and Sunday School teacher. Some of these videos made me cry and realize the pain and the agony that I've caused my parents and family. They have also made me realize how much of my life that I wasted on things like porn, instead of developing skills in better things like instruments or a good job. I'm 18 years old and I'm just now able to combat pornography thanks to these guys and their program, they've gave me hope where others had given up on me. For all you people that think this is an abomination, or that this is sick, and claim to be a Christian. I'm sorry but your just like the pharisees who despised Jesus for going among the sinners and saving them. In all reality, it's religious people like you who are giving Christianity a bad name. People like you have probably turned away more potential Christians than Craig and his group have ever even come to. You people are the ones who would probably turn away people like Ron Jeremy if he came to your church doorstep and sat in your service. You need to get yourselves in check, because hating people like Craig who are trying to help people in this business is just religious and unloving. As for you who are calling Craig's group false prophets, get a life, seriously. How can someone who is obviously teaching God's word and going to churches helping people get away from adultery and pornography be a false prophet? Jeez man, seriously, how about we just not go and help these people and let them bask in their sins? "But they should admit their sins to the Lord and go to the altar". I'm sorry but some people need a little more help than that. Me for example, I stopped going to church, but coming across this online has revitalized my want for the Lord and has stirred me to get away from porn and actually try for once. Anyone who judges and scorns these guys outright can only be religious, "this is my pew", "but I want the hymnals only", take off your sunday shoes and do your sinning during the week, hypocrites...who have obviously grown up in a confused Christian environment.
I'm sorry to break it to you, but you will stand before God one day, and he will ask you why you sat in your comfy little Church and never went out among the sinners to help bring more people to the Lord, and you will have no answer, and you will see the disappointment that you caused your God.

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