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You Are Just A Number is a podcast where we create conversations and share stories with individuals in leadership and built successful teams.

You Are Just A Number Jim Zelem

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You Are Just A Number is a podcast where we create conversations and share stories with individuals in leadership and built successful teams.

    Great Work Ethics Cultivates Success

    Great Work Ethics Cultivates Success

    Christine Hall has 30+ years of health administration management experience. She is Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC), a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), a Certified Professional Biller (CPB), a Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) a Certified Risk Coder (CRC) and a Certified AAPC Instructor. She is a skilled educator, national public speaker and subject matter expert. Christine has a strong core in all risk adjustment models, ethics and regulatory affairs, healthcare compliance, ICD-10 coding, practice management, revenue cycle management and Telehealth. She has had the pleasure of working with many of the gold star standard organization in healthcare.

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    Candace Altschul is the Chief Opportunity Officer at AchieveAbilities, a vocational agency serving adults with disabilities. Candace has spent the last 10 years dedicated to the field of vocational rehabilitation, individually as an employment and benefits specialist, and currently on a larger scale creating an environment where both clients and service providers can thrive. Candace works daily to develop and maintain trustworthy relationships and foster connections at work and in the community.


    Website: www.AchieveAbilities.net

    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/candacealtschul

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    Insight to CBD Oils

    Insight to CBD Oils

    Mark Maher is the Business Development Manager at Beyond Botanicals, a CBD oil manufacturer. He also does freelance consulting work in the areas of manufacturing, GMP Compliance, process and procedure development, and personal finance.

    His past experience as an EMT, educator, and sports team captain have instilled a sense of duty and leadership that he seeks to cultivate in each client he works with. Mark believes that the success of a team and enjoyability of a workplace are both dependent on good leadership, the basis for any accomplishments.

    Beyond Botanicals is the first hemp manufacturer to be licensed by the state of Connecticut, and has been voted the #1 CBD in the state by CBD breaker.

    Mark lives in Connecticut with his fiancée and their German Shepherd. In his free time, he enjoys hockey and hiking, as well as collecting bourbons, meads, and absinthes.



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    The Teamwork of Football Officiating

    The Teamwork of Football Officiating

    Mike Barbaro is a retired football referee. In this podcast, Mike will provide you a great insight into his passion for becoming a highly respected referee. Pay close attention to his approach to both the game and his crew as it will demonstrate his effective leadership skills and teamwork with his fellow officials. 


    Mike wanted to be a football coach but his job and career would not allow him to coach. So he did the next best thing and became a high school football official, which he started in 1980. Mike quickly found out that being a football official was not as easy as it looked. However, it became his passion to excel at it. 

    After 2 seasons of officiating, the Commissioner, Vin Reilly asked him to do some youth and freshman games as the white hat (referee) and he loved it! Then Mr. Reilly started to schedule him as a varsity referee working prep school games in South Kent, Westminster, and Canterbury. Mike didn’t care because he wanted to refine the craft of being a referee.

    Mike was an on-field official for 35 years. He worked his first state championship game in 1988. Throughout his career,  he worked 6 State Championships and 5 quarter-final or semi-final playoff games.

    Mike was responsible for teaching new officials for over 20 years. He really enjoyed teaching others and watching people get the officiating bug just like him.

    He served as President of the Board in 1989 and served many years on the board of directors. This coming season will be his 41st season on the New Haven Board. He is currently on the Better Officiating Committee and still stays active as an observer of game crews.

    Throughout Mike's career he has received the following awards and honors:

    o  Gene Casey National Football Foundation Official Recognition Award in 2006

    o  I was elected into the East Haven High School Hall of Fame in 2009

    o  The Vincent J. Reilly Distinguished Service Award 2010

    o  I was elected into the Connecticut Football Officials Hall of Fame in 2010

    o  The David Holdwright Profiles in Courage Award in 2013

    o  The National Football Foundation Distinguished American Award 2016

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    Viking Beauty Secrets

    Viking Beauty Secrets

    Biography of Viking Beauty Secrets Founder Eha Urbsalu

    Eha grew up in Estonia, a small country below Finland, between Sweden and Russia.  As a child, Eha spent a lot of time with her grandmother, who lived in a small island between Sweden and Estonia called Hiiumaa. The island is known for its green nature and unpopulated areas and holds one of the top spots for the cleanest air in the world.

    Growing up in Northern Europe, Eha never thought about the words “organic” and “clean beauty” – it was just “normal”. She used local, natural skincare products made from plants native to the Nordic lands, full of Nordic super antioxidant berries which have been used for skincare and health benefits for centuries.

    At 17, Eha became one of the winners of the Miss Estonia beauty pageant. Shortly after, she won the Supermodel of the Soviet Union title and at 18 came to the United States and was top 4 of the Supermodel of the World competition.

    This started many years of modeling and acting around the globe. Eha eventually settled down in New York City and finished her bachelors in Arts from SUNY, summa cum laude.

    However, throughout traveling the world, Eha became more and more aware of the chemicals that especially in America are used in our food and also in skincare products. This prompted, after years of skincare research, Eha to start her own skincare brand, Viking Beauty Secrets, using the Nordic superberries as main ingredients, with the exception of the certified organic Face Scrub, which also uses Icelandic Black Volcanic Sand to draw out the impurities, while many scrubs in the US still use plastic microbeads, which harm our fragile marine life and later humans ingest them through food sources. And with so much confusion about “green” and “clean”, Eha went one step further, and have all of the Viking Beauty Secrets products  Greenlife Ecocert COSMOS certified.

    Eha and her cousin, international swim champion Merle Liivand, who is also the Director of Sustainability of Viking Beauty Secrets, are also advocates for clean oceans and clean water. Eha made sure that Viking Beauty Secrets is a sustainable skincare company, which uses only green energy when manufacturing and uses glass bottles for the creams and recycled post-consumer material for the scrub tubes, with all packaging being 100% recyclable.

    Eha is also a published songwriter and has won several awards as a filmmaker. She currently lives between Estonia, Florida, and New York City.


    IG: @vikingneautysecrets


    FB: @Ehaurbsalu






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    Mermaid on a Mission; Saving the Oceans

    Mermaid on a Mission; Saving the Oceans

    Merle has two passions, which she demonstrates extremely well. She has a love for the water and swimming. That love for swimming in the open waters has fueled her other passion of "Saving the Oceans". In this podcast, she will explain how some sun blocks are destroying the coral reefs and how pollution is starving the oceans of oxygen. She works closely with Viking Beauty to help eliminate these problems. She recently partnered with ZenWtr. 


    Merle Liivand is a national Estonian competitive swimmer, Model, aquapreneur, SWIMERA CEO, AMBASSADOR, Triathlete, International Spokesperson and open water swimmer from Tallinn, Estonia. She is known mostly as an MODERN DAY LIFE MERMAID and ICE Princess who never stops exploring a life and passion towards to WATER WORLD. She works with many successful brands like FINIS, DERMASPORT, TRISWIM, and FOGGIES. She has featured in many Swimming technical videos like Goswim.tv, Swimspire and Usa Swimming.

    From On early age she loved to be active and sportive. Her mum Jaana put her to Modelling, Talent and Dance school SEMOLEN even before she finished kindergarten. There Merle had a chance to Dance as a cheerleader to the famous basketball team KALEV and take part in many filming, theatre and art classes. Many famous Estonian actors like Hendrik Norman, Mait Malmsten, Merle Palmiste were one of the first teachers who taught and guided Merle at her early age. On the age 11 she was spotted at TOP Olympic Centre by her coach Heidi Kaasik who invited Merle to join a swim lesson. After one year under coach Kaasik she made it to top 3 on Estonian Youth Nationals on breaststroke events.

    During her career she has taken many hits and successes that she loves to share with kids and adults on the TALKs around the schools, events and podcasts. On her spread time she enjoys teaching and advocating Mermaid Swimming. In 2015 she was First Estonian who made it to the tv show “Good Morning America” together with World of Swimming Mermaid School.

    In 2014 she took part in the 100x 100 yards record swim on “Swim with MIKE” event. Liivand has won many International Medals during her career. She´s a 3 time Baltic Champion, 2 time Silver medallist in WORLD Ice Swimming, 2 times Florida Winter Champion, 10 km Open Water Worlds Qualifier and Rio Marathon Swimming Olympic Trial swimmer. She is a delighted philanthropist who has been leading many Ocean Clean Ups, health charity and drowning prevention events around the world.

    MerleLiivand  broke her own world record by completing a 30 km Mermaid Swim in 9 hours 19 minutes on April 17th in the choppy waters of Miami Beach, Florida. It was her third consecutive record-setting swim after her initial 10 km Mermaid Swim in Redondo Beach, California in 2 hours 54 minutes in 2019 and her 6 hour 8 minute 20.6 km Mermaid Swim in South Point Park Pier in Miami in 2020.

    With her passion to Sport and Swimming Mayor Dan Gelber proclaimed Merle Liivand Day on April 17th !

    Past couple years Merle lives and trains in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale/ Miami .


    Facebook link     https://www.facebook.com/merle.liivand

    Instagram link    https://www.instagram.com/aquamjerle/?hl=en

    Website: https://merleliivand.com/

    Here is a link to her ZenWtr campaign : https://www.instagram.com/p/CP2w5_eJ1cs

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