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You Can If You Will Kip Kint

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    Marketing Strategy with Jeff Sherman

    Marketing Strategy with Jeff Sherman

    Special guest Jeff Sherman joins Kip Kint to discuss the power of Advertising.

    Key Points:

    ~ Key Components of a Strong Marketing Strategy
    ~ Advertising Without Breaking the Bank
    ~ Networking
    ~ What Business Owners Commonly Over Look
    ~ Establishing a Culture
    ~ How to be a Marketing Leader
    ~ Play to Your Strengths
    ~ Homework Assignment - Sit Down and Write out Your Vision For Your Company's Culture.

    • 25 min
    Get Clients Now! with CJ Hayden

    Get Clients Now! with CJ Hayden

    Guest: CJ Hayden, Author of Get Clients Now

    Kip welcomes special guest CJ Hayden; Author of Get Clients Now and Get Hired Now. Together they discuss how to effective strategies of marketing.

    Key Points

    ~ The Most Common Mistakes Make in Marketing Your Business
    ~ There is No Silver Bullet - Get a Plan!
    ~ How to Focus Your Efforts - Filling the Pipeline, Following up, etc.
    ~ Universal Marketing Cycle - Page 32 - GetClientsNow.com/marketing_cycle.htm
    ~ The Fortune is in the Follow Up
    ~ The Most Effective Way to Market
    ~ Your Comfort vs Courage Zone of Marketing
    ~ What is Getting in the Way of Your Marketing
    ~ Focus on Your Niche
    ~ Start with the Simple Stuff First

    ~ Homework Assignment - Read Get Clients Now

    Remember: You Can If You Will!

    • 38 min
    The Platinum Rule with Dr. Tony Alessandra

    The Platinum Rule with Dr. Tony Alessandra

    Guest: Dr. Tony Alessandra - Communication Expert

    Key Points

    ~ Where It All Got Started
    ~ Assessments - How These Can Help You
    ~ Creating Excitement
    ~ Knowing Your Customer and Doing Your Research
    ~ The Golden vs Platinum Rule
    ~ Personality Types
    ~ Directors vs Socializers
    ~ Homework Assignment

    • 31 min
    The Myth of Multitasking with Dave Crenshaw

    The Myth of Multitasking with Dave Crenshaw

    Guest: Dave Crenshaw

    Kip sits down with Dave Crenshaw, CEO, Coach, Speaker, and Author of The Myth of Multitasking; How Doing it All Gets Nothing Done and his latest book, Invaluable; The Secret of Becoming Irreplaceable.

    Key Points:

    ~ Dave's new book: "The Focused Business"
    ~ About Dave and his Passion for Entrepreneurship
    ~ The Myth of Multitasking
    ~ Switch Tasking vs Background Tasking
    ~ Getting Things Done
    ~ The Technology Surrounding us and How They Influence "Multitasking"
    ~ Multitasking: Men vs Women
    ~ How Multitasking Can Make You Lose Money
    ~ Multitasking and Communication: Killing Relationships
    ~ Reduce your "Distractions"

    ~ Homework Assignment: DaveCrenshaw.Com - Free Action Plan - Chaos Assesment

    • 37 min
    Teamwork with Mark Eaton

    Teamwork with Mark Eaton

    Guest: Mark Eaton, NBA All-Star

    Kip welcomes Mark Eaton, the 7'4" business leader and speaker, known for his NBA career with the Utah Jazz. Kip and Mark discuss what he has been up to since he left the Jazz.

    Key Points:

    ~ Mark and His Accomplishments
    ~ Marks Message: Getting Rid of Internal Competition
    ~ The Four Commitments of a Winning Team
    ~ The Importance of Knowing Your Job
    ~ The Importance of Execution - Doing What You Have Been Asked to Do
    ~ People do Business with People They Like and Who Make Them Look Good
    ~ Protecting Each Other - Helping the Business Succeed
    ~ What it Means to be a Championship Team in the Workplace
    ~ The Book: Four Commitments of a Winning Team - Coming Soon
    ~ The Homework Assignment

    You Can If You Will

    • 35 min
    Customer Service with Kirt Manecke

    Customer Service with Kirt Manecke

    Guest: Kirt Manecke, Author

    Kip Kint sits down with Kirt Manecke, an award winning author and sales, marketing, fundraising, and business development specialist. Kip and Kirt discuss Kirt's new book: "Smile - Sell More with Amazing Customer Service." Promoting that "Good Service is Good Business." A book you can read in 60 minutes or less.

    Key Topics:

    ~Kirt's Book and Why He Wrote It.
    ~People Do Business with People They Like - The Key to Customer Service
    ~Things Change with Time - Why Customer Service has Gotten So Poor
    ~Hire for Personality and Train for Skill
    ~The Biggest Surprise in Writing and Selling "Smile"
    ~How Business's and Organizations Can Use "Smile" to Train Employee's
    ~Success Story's from Business's Using "Smile"
    ~A 60 Minute Read - Time Well Invested
    ~Kirt's Quick Tip to Instantly Improve Your Business Today
    ~Examples of Great Customer Service
    ~What is Next for Kirt Manecke?
    ~Homework Assignment
    ~How to Purchase "Smile"

    • 22 min

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2 Ratings


Kip is great

I met Kip recently. He is a very impressive person. I look forward to future podcasts!

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