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A podcast about rom coms, for rom com lovers and haters everywhere. With Tess Morris and Billy Mernit.

You Had Us At Hello Tess Morris

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A podcast about rom coms, for rom com lovers and haters everywhere. With Tess Morris and Billy Mernit.

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4.7 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

isabellagrcia ,

You Had Me at RomCom

For awhile, it seemed like romcom lovers were few and far between. I had to grasp onto whatever I could find. But now, with a summer resurgence, this podcast emerged among my social media.
I’ve read Billy’s book and watched/read Tess’ Man Up. I feel like a bad fan that I didn’t know about this podcast sooner, but now I can’t stop recommending it to other romcom lovers. It’s definitely helping me figure out a current romcom idea I have.

BrownieSamson ,

An endearing, but infrequent podcast.

In their last podcast, December 2018, Tess and Billy jokingly take credit for the romcom revival, then they never podcast again. I guess their work was done here.

Scott R Gibson ,

A new fave

I was led to this podcast by the esteemed screenwriting pod, Scriptnotes. I love You Had Us At Hello for a lot of the same reasons. As someone who is not a writer but simply a film buff, hearing folks who work on scripts for a living discuss and analyze them has enhanced my own ability to appreciate the nuance and craft behind the writing. As for the hosts, Tess Morris is exceptionally charming and British with an almost manic enthusiasm for romcoms, while Billy Mernit provides a great foil by being no less passionate about the topic but perhaps a bit more even keel and focused on the planned talking points. However, my favorite moments, much like Scriptnotes, occur when the hosts allow the conversation to drift hither and thither, like old friends just chatting. Those who appreciate rigid, lecture-like structure may be a little disappointed, but for those like me who simply want to hear knowledgeable and entertaining people discuss an interest we share with them, this podcast goes down real easy. Cheers Tess and Billy!

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