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You Time is a weekly podcast hosted by self-care coach and author of Boundaries with Soul™, Carley Schweet. You Time shares stories of transformational self-care in hopes to inspire listeners to create life-changing self-care practices of their own.

You Time | Self-Care for the Modern Mama Carley Schweet

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You Time is a weekly podcast hosted by self-care coach and author of Boundaries with Soul™, Carley Schweet. You Time shares stories of transformational self-care in hopes to inspire listeners to create life-changing self-care practices of their own.

    062 | Examining Self-Care Strategies for the Busy Mom with Jess Durando of Happy Belly Coaching

    062 | Examining Self-Care Strategies for the Busy Mom with Jess Durando of Happy Belly Coaching

    In our busy pandemic world, there are so many barriers to moms creating time for themselves. But, that doesn’t make self-care any less important, in fact, it’s more essential now than ever before. In this week’s episode, self-care strategist and certified therapist, Jess Durando, and I examine self-care and the strategies surrounding it.

    If you’ve ever felt like self-care is impossible to create and you’re not sure where to start, this episode is eye-opening and an absolute must-listen.

    About Jess Durando
    Jess is a licensed clinical therapist, certified nutrition coach and certified pre-& postnatal coach, and takes a mind-body approach to helping moms in every phase of motherhood look and feel their best. While moms often push the pause button on their own lives once they have children, Jess passionately believes that moms are able to better manage motherhood and show up as their best selves once they start taking care of themselves
    Moms are better able to show up for others once they start showing up for
    ourselves. This is why Jess specializes in helping moms create custom self-care strategies that help them feel more confident and connected, while ditching the mom guilt, all or nothing thinking and comparison.
    Jess is a mama of 2 little ones, Owen and Blakely. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, kids and 2 pups. She is a lover of dogs, desserts and adventure. Sarcasm and profanity are her love languages.
    Topics Covered Feeling two feelings at once | 3:26
    Toxic positivity | 5:12
    Jess' story | 11:13
    Tips on how to stay connected to yourself | 15:26
    Hierarchy of self-care activities | 22: 28
    Asking for help & letting go of control | 32:12
    Always reacting | 38:50
    Final questions | 47:39
    Additional Resources Are you looking for additional resources for this week’s episode? Check them out below!
    Here’s the book Jess mentioned, Essentialism.
    You can read more about Jess’ hierarchy of self-care here and here.
    Connect with Jess on Instagram and learn more about her coaching work on her website.


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    061 | Life as a Recovering People-Pleaser

    061 | Life as a Recovering People-Pleaser

    For many years I lived my life for others. I was constantly trying to “be a good person” and “do the right thing,” all at my own expense. I became burned out, exhausted, and overwhelmed by the lack of support in my life. With a few major ah-ha moments and steady application of a few personal development tools, I began on my path as a recovering people pleaser. Listen in to learn more about what my life looks like today.

    Topics Covered:
    What is a people pleaser? | 1:02

    How do you become a people pleaser? | 7:56

    My life as a people pleaser | 11:05

    Common signs of people pleasing | 15:29

    Things that are my, yours and the universes business | 18:21

    Life now as a recovering people pleaser | 20:33

    The rules changed with pregnancy | 24:04

    Taking your power back; your tool kit | 27:58

    Additional Resources:
    Curious to learn more about people-pleasing and the path to recovery? Check out the below resources!

    Blog: What Are People-Pleasers? Your Definitive Guide Blog: How to Stop Being a People Pleaser Blog: My Recovering People-Pleaser Story Podcast: People Pleasing with Therapist Stephanie Essenfeld
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    060 | The Importance of Self-Advocacy with your OB-Gyn

    060 | The Importance of Self-Advocacy with your OB-Gyn

    On this week’s episode of You Time, I sat down with Dr. King to talk all about the importance of advocating for yourself as a patient, especially if you’re pregnant. Dr. King shares helpful tips about advocating for yourself as a first-time mom, how to say No, and answers some important questions about postpartum.
    A special note: this episode originally aired as a video interview on our sister site Hello Postpartum, a free expert-created resource library for new moms.
    Here’s more about Dr. King:
    Dr. Kiarra King is a board certified obstetrician gynecologist that always “delivers” with a dose of style!
    In addition to being a skilled physician and surgeon, Dr. King has a lifelong passion for fashion, beauty, and healthy living. On the job, she seeks to make women whole and empower them to live their best lives.
    She desires to live a life that inspires those around her to embrace their given beauty and walk in their purpose. Blogging has enabled her to share not only her love of fashion and beauty but also the keys to healthy living via a variety of vegetarian and plant-based recipes.
    Topics Covered:
    The journey to OB/GYN | 00:26
    Conversations with moms | 7:12
    Self-advocating as a first-time mom | 12:06
    Patriarchal medicine is changing | 19:23
    You can say “No” | 23:26
    Trusting your doctor | 32:22
    Questions for postpartum | 36:15
    Realizing you’re not alone | 44:48
    Being specific with what you need | 48:28
    Additional Resources

    • 56 min
    059 | How to Self-Care as a Mom + Strategy Tips

    059 | How to Self-Care as a Mom + Strategy Tips

    Episode 59 | September 22, 2020
    What's New this Week
    Finding time for yourself as a busy mom can sometimes feel overwhelming and next to impossible. There are so many demands placed on the modern mama, and often that precious alone time is hard to find.

    In this episode, I walk you through three of the five common roadblocks to creating self-care to help you (hopefully!) reprioritize your health and wellness with confidence. And yes, we will dive into the dreaded ‘self-care guilt’ and I’ll share some practical tips to help you become more at peace with feeling guilty.

    Topics Covered:
    What is holistic self-care | 4:51

    3 types of self-care | 7:43

    I feel guilty | 9:25

    Not enough time | 14:36

    Where do I start with my self-care? | 18:28

    Are you worthy enough? | 21:28

    Additional Resources
    If you’re serious about learning how to care for yourself as a busy and tired mama, check out the new self-care digital bundle, Tired as a Mother. It contains helpful information and tools to help you overcome the five common self-care roadblocks that hold you back from caring for you. You’ll also find an assortment of free self-care worksheets and guides!

    • 23 min
    Opening Up: My Postpartum Anxiety Story

    Opening Up: My Postpartum Anxiety Story

    As someone who has lived with anxiety for as long as I can remember, I didn't think much about how my life would be affected after birth. Here's my postpartum anxiety story.

    • 29 min
    057 | What is Body Neutrality and the Power Behind It with Helen Phelan

    057 | What is Body Neutrality and the Power Behind It with Helen Phelan

    What does it mean to approach yourself in a ‘body neutral’ way and how does that apply to how you move your body? Helen Phelan shares her insight and knowledge on the topic in this week’s episode.

    In addition to examining what body neutrality is, Helen and I chat about struggles during quarantine, pre-and postpartum strength and fitness, and more specifically about diastasis recti.

    Helen Phelan is body neutral pilates instructor, intuitive eating coach, reiki practitioner, prenatal/postpartum corrective exercise specialist, eating disorder survivor and creator of Helen Phelan Studio, a virtual pilates studio and community for womxn craving movement that feels amazing, minus the body shaming.  She’s been featured in/contributed to Well+ Good, Huffington Post, Bustle, InStyle, and more on the topics of body neutrality and body shaming in the fitness world. 

    Topics Covered
    Body Neutrality vs Body Positivity | 2:18

    Body Neutral Way of Thinking | 5:49

    Body App | 10:45

    Body Neutral Workout | 14:07

    DR/Mom Belly | 22:38

    Are You Experiencing DR? | 29:50

    The Importance of Touch | 38:21

    Final Questions | 41:41

    Additional Resources
    Free 5 Step Guide to Stop Using Exercise as Punishment and Learn To Love Your Movement Practice

    Discount code for You Time listeners info:

    Go to:https://tv.helenphelanstudio.com Click start trial button Choose monthly membership Enter code: YOUTIME for a free month (in addition to the standard 10 day free trial) Be kind to yourself!

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4.7 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

cnhart7 ,

Speaking to My Soul

I’m already addicted to this podcast and I’ve only heard the first couple of episodes! It’s like Carley’s speaking to my soul in all she talks about and advises on. I can relate so much to where she was and I’m working through a lot of the same things. I love her explanation of Boundaries With Soul. They feel so much more “doable” than traditional boundaries, that for a recovering people-pleaser, feel harsh and tough to implement. I can’t wait to keep listening and implementing! I’m so grateful for Carley’s great content that she shares through this podcast and beyond! It’s helping me really honor myself while remaining true to myself/my soul and my character! 🙏🏼🥰🙌🏼💖✨

smittenforhealth ,


podcast uses obscenity constantly , contradictory statements, and valley girl talk.

rhea word ,

Boundaries with Soul

Carly is a super clear and linear communicator. Her description of boundaries with soul versus regular boundaries is a game changer.

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