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Developing NCO's when your leader's can't or won't.

Your Army NCO Career Steven Foust

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Developing NCO's when your leader's can't or won't.

    Build a Powerhouse Team With a Simple 5-Step Framework!

    Build a Powerhouse Team With a Simple 5-Step Framework!

    Today's episode is all about Team Building and how you can use a specific 5-step framework to build your team into a powerhouse!

    I'm joined by my good friend and retired Army SFC (RET) Stephen Morris, from Renowned Leadership.

    Stephen is a true leadership expert and had the privilege of teaching leadership to Army leaders while recovering from being seriously wounded in combat. He did this for more than 5-years while assigned to the Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADDOC)

    He shares his amazing and inspirational story, then dives straight in to his signature 5-step framework for building highly effective teams!

    You don't want to miss this one as it's sure to be a reference for years to come!

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    Military Family Budgeting Tips

    Military Family Budgeting Tips

    In this episode, I speak with my good friend, Jennifer Trinidad of Budget Divas.

    Jennifer drops tons of knowledge bombs that are sure to help military families take control of their finances.

    She shares a 3-pronged approach that helps you get started with just one simple task that is super-simple to do while revealing so much about your current situation.

    From there, Jen shows you a couple things you can do today to make your situation better and put you on a road to long-term success!

    • 34 min
    ACFT Impact to Promotion Points

    ACFT Impact to Promotion Points

    I discuss the impact that the ACFT has on the broader changes to promotion points and how the Army is preparing to implement this going forward.

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    Soldier Cries Wolf and Demands an Award, Now What?

    Soldier Cries Wolf and Demands an Award, Now What?

    In this episode, we discuss a specific situation about a Soldier who attended BLC and upon return to their unit, demanded an Award as a result of their BLC performance.

    Situations like this can be a common problem for Army NCO Leader's to deal with and overcome.

    How would you handle this situation?

    Hear my thoughts, strategy, and recommendations for resolving this specific Soldier issue.

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    Don't Be a Dumb Ass!

    Don't Be a Dumb Ass!

    In this episode I talk with my good friend, Michael Tanner, of the Credible Leadership Group.
    As a former Marine Corp NCO, Michael knows a thing or two about leadership and shares some knowledge bombs during our discussion.
    I encourage you to check out Michael's Website and Podcast Here.
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    Let's Raise Your ASVAB (AFCT) Scores!

    Let's Raise Your ASVAB (AFCT) Scores!

    In this episode, I discuss improving your ASVAB (AFCT) scores with Mickey Gamonal of ASVAB Domination.
    Mickey is a ASVAB (AFCT) expert, tutor and coach that helps Soldiers prepare for and successfully retake the test, so you can raise your scores and open up a new world of Army career possibilities.
    We discuss the benefits, obstacles, and strategies you should follow to maximize your test scores.

    • 46 min

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4.9 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

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Good Idea!

Please keep this podcast going. It could be a very source to send my NCOs to listen to!

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