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Small Podcast lessons (less than 9 minutes) with big value to help you plan, launch, and grow your podcast from Hall of Fame Podcaster Dave Jackson

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Small Podcast lessons (less than 9 minutes) with big value to help you plan, launch, and grow your podcast from Hall of Fame Podcaster Dave Jackson

    When Is Your Podcast Good Enough to Publish?

    When Is Your Podcast Good Enough to Publish?

    With a Thanksgiving Turkey, they now have that little red peg that pops up to let you know the turkey is ready. How does that work in podcasting? You've worked for HOURS on this first episode. IS it ready?  Don't Publish The First Thing You Record
    If you think about it there are rough drafts, dress rehearsals, and, well, practice laps.
    I just watch Get Back on Disney+ and you see where the Beatles were getting ready for one of their first public appearances in a long time. So what did they do? They practiced - a lot.  In one scene you see that they have done the song "The Long and Winding Road" 18 times. 
    Only if the first 17 times didn't get the results you're looking for do you need to record your episode 18 times. 
    There are all sorts of mistakes that have been captured in time (the squeak in the drum's at the beginning of Steve Wonder's Superstition), so it doesn't have to be perfect, but you also want to make sure you've done all you can to ensure a good recording, and organized delivery, and content that is going to resonate with your audience. 
    When you have someone whom you didn't grow up with or are related to telling you they'd like to hear more - you've got it. 
    Creating a podcast is not hard. Creating a GOOD Podcast can take some time and effort.

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    Creating a Focus Group For Your Online Course For Free

    Creating a Focus Group For Your Online Course For Free

    The most profitable way to make money with your podcast is by selling your own products and services. Today I share a strategy on how you can do a focus group for your online course without spending any money. 
    Profit From Your Podcast Book

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    How To Sell Your Services Without Feeling Salesy

    How To Sell Your Services Without Feeling Salesy

    Selling is 90% mental. I used to teach sales many moons ago. When I work with clients who have products and services to sell, when I listen to their podcast their pitch sounds like this:

    "Hey, like if you need, I mean you don't have to, but, like, if you kinda want to, you can maybe, like, go to, you know, my website (then said so fast you can't understand it)."
    When I ask people why they did that they said they felt "Salesy." This typically is based on a bad stereotype of some sleazy used car salesman from the 1970s who is selling you a bucket of bolts that is going to barely make it off the car lot.

    To this, I ask, "Is your product or service a bucket of bolts?" Then switch from selling your product or service to informing your potential customer how your products and services can help them."
    I had a friend who was bummed she wasn't getting any speaking gigs. She never mentioned it once in her podcast. 
    It doesn't have to be a giant pitch. It could be as simple as, "I was speaking at a high school and one of the students came up and asked me a question and I thought, "That would be a great topic for a podcast episode." With just that one sentence, your audience now knows you speak to high school kids. 
    If you are looking to make money with your podcast check out my book, "Profit from your podcast." I also have a companion podcast.

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    When Do I Mark My Podcast As Explicit?

    When Do I Mark My Podcast As Explicit?

    I get this question on a fairly regular basis. And that is, Hey, we said this, should I mark my podcast as explicit? One time I was thoroughly confused because they were mentioning the F word. And I'm not going to say any of these words today, I'm going to keep mine clean, but it was the F word. It's the one that rhymes with fire truck. And they said, Can I use this (the F Word) Because I'm using it as an adjective, not a verb. And the fun part of this, especially when it comes to Apple, is they've never really defined exactly what is explicit. So consequently, you can't go right up to the line because well, the line isn't very well designed. 
    Which leads everybody going well, is it okay to talk about this if it's .........? So here's my answer to that. Number one, there is no answer. It's really up to you. I'm going to talk about what the consequences are here in a second. But most of the time, if you have to ask, Is this explicit? The answer is, Yeah, probably.
    Would you listen to this episode with a three year old in the car? That's another way of thinking about it. 
    So let me tell you what happens when you mark a single episode as explicit. Even though it's just an episode, your entire show will be banned in a bunch of countries. And I want to thank Daniel J. Lewis, he's the guy behind mypodcastreviews.com If you mark a single episode, your show will be pulled from Apple's directory in the following countries:
    Brunei Darussalam
    Burkina Faso
    Saudi Arabia
    United Arab Emirates
    So kiss that goodbye. 
    Now the other thing that can happen is if you leave it labeled clean, and somebody goes to Apple and says I would like to report this episode, there is a chance they will pull your entire show.
    The third option is okay, I don't want to mark it explicit because I want to be available everywhere. Then you can bleep out the naughty words. 
    Free 15 Minute Strategy Session
    Click HERE to Apply for a Free Strategy session
     I'm Dave Jackson from the School of podcasting comm thanks for joining me on my mission to rid the world of boring podcasts and I look forward to being your podcast consultant.

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    Is the Curse of Knowledge Ruining Your Podcast Interview?

    Is the Curse of Knowledge Ruining Your Podcast Interview?

    You’ve probably heard the phrase knowledge is power. I always say knowledge is power when you act on it. Today I’m going to explain when knowledge is a curse.
    When you do an interview, picture yourself sitting at a table with your guest across from you and your listener sitting to the left of you. This is often where the curse of knowledge comes into play. You bring up that time at the weidapit and how much fun it was with Lisa. Your audience doesn’t know what a weidapit is, and who the heck is Lisa?
    This can lead to them feeling like they don't belong and this podcast is not for them. 
    Need Help?
    Check out my free 15-minute coaching call.

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    5 Tool to Make It Easy to Connect With Your Audience

    5 Tool to Make It Easy to Connect With Your Audience

    The more honest feedback (from people you aren't related to grew up with) you get from your audience the better your show will be.
    It's a little scary to ask people for feedback, but in the end without feedback, you are at risk of wasting your time creating content that doesn't resonate with your audience.
    Today I have some tools to make it easy. 
    Podcast Voicemail
    podcastvoicemail.com is exactly what it sounds like. You get a toll-free number for your audience to call into. The good news is everyone knows how to dial a phone number and it can be as low as 7 cents a minute. The bad news is the audio is not great so if you're looking to use these calls in .your show, it's not a great choice. 
    Podpage is a great tool where you can create a great-looking website for your podcast and it has a voicemail tool built-in. 
    Speakpipe is the original tool for getting feedback from your audience. It's $15/month and recently went through a very nice upgrade. 
    Telbee is a bit like Speakpipe on steroids and a little more flexible for $18/month
    Video Ask
    Video ask is a way to get feedback via video. They have a free version, and then monthly plans start at $30
    Voice Form
    As I write this in September of 2021 Voice Form is on Sale for a lifetime price of $69. Not only does it make it easy to get feedback, but it also has built-in tools for surveys. I am currently testing this for my free call application.
    Apply today for a free consulting call.

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5.0 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Business Value Added ,

Dave Jackson provides wealth of Podcast info

I’ve been listening to Dave Jackson’s multiple podcast shows for about a year. If you want to learn to podcast, he is the real deal.

Weight Lifter Dani ,

Little nuggets of wisdom

Dave Jackson is a witty guy who can get a point across quickly. If you’re a podcaster, you need this show. At only 5-minutes an episode, it’s very bingeable. Plus... that voice!

Kim Newlove ,

After episode #1, I binge-listened to the rest!

Episode one includes several “because of my podcast” stories. Once I heard how life-changing and career-changing podcasting can be, I wanted to hear more. The episodes are short and to the point. The topics covered are very helpful. For example, in episode #8, Dave talked about media hosts. I didn’t know how podcasts were published before that episode. Now, I believe I could start my own podcast. I also checked out and love Dave Jackson’s other podcast: School of Podcasting. Love, love love BOTH podcasts!

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