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Sober cynics Dara and Kenny tell tales of murder and mystery in West Michigan.

You're Killing Me, Grand Rapids The Rushouse. (Radio)

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    • 4.4, 113 Ratings

Sober cynics Dara and Kenny tell tales of murder and mystery in West Michigan.

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
113 Ratings

113 Ratings

grnative ,

I want to love it

I love love love the locality of these stories. Being a true crime junkie from Grand Rapids, this caught my attention so fast. This podcast, however, is a bit hard to listen to. Her vocal connotations are that of a younger girl clearly not trained for broadcasting. And they both tend to ramble making it seem like their research isn’t on par. The swearing doesn’t bother me like it did others. I want to see them grow as broadcasters and put in better research to improve the listenability of this show..

samsamom ,

Could be fascinating topic but not with these 2.

No preparation, poor story telling and way too much chit chat. Get to the point and stop interrupting each other. Also, please don’t read to us from old news clips. Get organized before recording, don’t search for stuff while you are on air. Love true crime and GR but can’t listen to these 2 fill the podcast with unorganized noise.

lindseethompson ,


I was all about it at first. I was so excited to hear true crime stories from west Michigan. As the episodes go on, there’s more rambling about Dara and Kenny’s lives than there is the cases. And for the love of god Kenny! Put your mouth closer to the mic! I can hear Dara crystal clear but it just sounds like Kenny is mumbling.

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