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A podcast for youth workers doing ministry that makes the big churches jealous

Youth Ministry: Small Church Youth Ministry: Small Church

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A podcast for youth workers doing ministry that makes the big churches jealous

    Season 2 Promo & NYWC!!!

    Season 2 Promo & NYWC!!!

    Many of us are arriving at NYWC today. It’s a good time for a check-in!Contact me if you’re going to be around, I’d love to say hello! stephen@youthministrysmallchurch.comAnd if you don’t know what NYWC is, check out www.nywc.com It’s the biggest gathering of youth workers in the USA, and it’s almost always encouraging and energizing.And next season? Yeah, we’re talking about growth. It’s nerve-wracking, and it’s often talked about poorly. But we’re going to talk about it well, and give you lots of helpful tools. Keep an eye out!

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    Episode 1.10: Fundraising & Budgeting Systems

    Episode 1.10: Fundraising & Budgeting Systems

    We youth leaders understand frugality, especially in small churches. But how do you know when you're being frugal, and when you're just underfunding your youth program?Further, how do we get our church to help pay for the youth program? Today's guest, Glen Guyton, has GREAT advice on these topics and more. As someone who spent years in youth ministry, he's got lots of experience. As an added bonus, he's currently the Executive Director for the Mennonite Church USA. So he's got lots of perspective to share!We mentioned a bunch of books:Sustainable Youth Ministry, by Mark DeVries
    Smaller(er) Church Youth Ministry, by Brad Fiscus and Stephanie CaroSticky Faith, from the Fuller Youth InstituteGrowing Young, also from the Fuller Youth Institute

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    Episode 1.9: Volunteer Systems

    Episode 1.9: Volunteer Systems

    Recruiting volunteers, and supporting volunteers, are some of the most difficult things we do in youth ministry. This is particularly true in small churches. The dynamics of many small churches can make it hard to recruit. 

    At the same time, volunteer care is one of the most important things we do. Volunteer recruitment is absolutely necessary.

    This episode is a quick survey of concrete systems to recruit and support your volunteers.

    Also: on the Youth Ministry: Small Church website for this post, you'll find a download to a sample volunteer packet Stephen used a year ago.

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    Episode 1.8: Systems for Communication

    Episode 1.8: Systems for Communication

    Do you ever feel like you have to communicate in 16 different ways to be heard by everyone? Or do you feel like people often complain they don't know what's going on in the youth program? Communication takes a lot of time for youth workers, but it's very important. Figuring out what communication your youth group needs is an important part of being an effective youth worker.

    This episode gives some concrete advice on how to do that well. Our interview with Seth Muse helps us think through that strategy in a broader way.

    And finally, we check in with Patricia Cogles at the end of the episode, who we last heard from in Episode 2. She talks about her need for self-care, and the impact Parkland has had in her youth group. 

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    Episode 1.7: Teaching Tips from Middle School Teachers

    Episode 1.7: Teaching Tips from Middle School Teachers

    This is our final episode in our mini-series on teaching well. This first season is dedicated to the basics of youth ministry, and we're doing 3 episodes on teaching well!

    This episode features Jen Jacques, a Middle School teacher with a lot of experience in youth ministry. She brings us a lot of insights into teaching well from real life teachers. As you can imagine, middle school teachers spend a great deal of time learning to teach well. Jen is no different, so she can be helpful to youth workers.

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    Episode 1.6: Curriculum is Your Best Friend

    Episode 1.6: Curriculum is Your Best Friend

    In the second episode of our mini-series on teaching well, Jen Bradbury talks about using curriculum well. She wrote a fantastic series of blog posts, filled with concrete ideas. You've got to read them!

    It takes time to find curriculum that you are comfortable working with. Jen talks about why that is time well spent.

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JWhammy ,


A helpful voice in the many youth ministry podcasts many of which are coming out of larger church contexts. Thanks!

MaryGrace227 ,

User-friendly, do-able tips!

This podcast has helped me (a youth group volunteer) see more clearly how I fit into the big picture of our church’s youth group. It gives advice that meets me where I am and helps me take the next step forward!

Sph Fwd1 ,

Pretty good!

I dig it. It's clear and helpful.

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