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Comedian Zack Lyman sits down with creative guests to have a fun and laid back conversation. Bringing the listeners on a fun ride while learning about his guest's from their upbringing to how they feel about Costco hotdogs. This is a light hearted show that is made with passion for comedy, podcasts and every style of art.

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Comedian Zack Lyman sits down with creative guests to have a fun and laid back conversation. Bringing the listeners on a fun ride while learning about his guest's from their upbringing to how they feel about Costco hotdogs. This is a light hearted show that is made with passion for comedy, podcasts and every style of art.

    Brittany Hanrahan Returns

    Brittany Hanrahan Returns

    Brittany Hanrahan returns! Comedian Zack Lyman sits down with Brittany to catch up before her show at Zen Comedy. Brittany was in town for a headlining gig and wow it was a wonderful show!

    We had a great time talking about stand-up comedy and her viral TikTok.

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    Brittany's LA Show

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    • 1 hr 13 min
    Kerri Gallagher Interview

    Kerri Gallagher Interview

    Kerri is an energetic Philadelphian living in Phoenix – she jokes about her husband, fellow white girls, and corporate American. In 2019 she was a Clean Comedy Winner at the San Diego Comedy Festival and Big Pine Comedy Festival’s "Best of Fest". Catch her weekly parody news show “The Wednesday Wire” on YouTube and follow her @kgcomedy for upcoming performances and exciting projects!

    About Zack Lyman

    Zack Lyman has been performing stand up comedy for over 12 years. In that time he has been recognized by magazines and shows across the United States. His live shows are full of energy during his story telling style of Stand Up Comedy. Also known for his Podcast cleverly named the Zack Lyman Podcast.

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    • 31 min
    Jared Coote Interview

    Jared Coote Interview

    Host of Get Jerry On Podcast! Jared Coote!

    Get Jerry On!

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    • 37 min
    Laura Moore - Shay Interview

    Laura Moore - Shay Interview

    In this episode, we have invited Laura Moore - Shay, a Certified Personal Trainer and IFBB Bikini Pro. Today, Laura talks about her podcast Bikini Things, competing and being kind to yourself.
    Laura’s Journey
    Way back in college, Laura always hated how she looked then later, she found weight training. When she started to undergo the weight training, she saw her body change and suddenly, she could eat more and still look good. Over the years, she always wanted to do it and she had a job out of very demanding grad school. There was no way to make a bodybuilding lifestyle work with that.
    Laura’s first competition
    She did her first show in February of 2017. She placed second at that time and Laura felt like she was looking good. After that, she did one show which helped her pick up her confidence and give me some encouragement to keep going and see the potential for herself.
    Always Work hard.
    With anything that you do always give your best shot, you become successful, and that's how you become better at something if You can't expect to have the results if you have big goals.
    Laura starting training other women.
    In 2020, Laura's friend approached her to train for an upcoming competition so that's the starting point of how Laura starts teaching other people. After that, she plans to have more clients and receives many referrals or people who see the transformations.
    Entering the Podcast World
    Laura enjoys talking about fitness and competing and sharing ideas. After starting the podcast, she also met more people in the fitness community and could get fellow IFBB pros on to interview.
    The Bikini Word
    There's so much that goes into fitness. One of those things because it's appearance-oriented and because there's sort of a low bar to entry. A lot of coaches or people online don't necessarily have certificates or any formal knowledge you get. You can get all kinds of stuff.
    Go to https://www.lauramooreshay.com/ to check some workout plans tailored exactly to your goals & physical ability.
    You can also follow Laura on her socials

    • 23 min
    Starting Stand Up Comedy In 2021

    Starting Stand Up Comedy In 2021

    Zack Lyman tells you 10 things he would focus on if he had to start over in stand up comedy in 2021!

    If I was starting comedy 2021

    1. Simple idea, I would try to write one hour a day. Maybe you sit at a coffee shop and write.
    or you work on some other parts of comedy like listening back to any recordings you have and
    being honest with yourself, how was my speed? Did I get the jokes out? Honest but not too harsh
    since you are at just the beginning of this long long journey.

    2. I would find an online list of the open mics and try to adventure to a new one each week.
    finding your favorite open mics can really keep you going when you been having a hard day or month.

    3. Find a writing partner, someone that you feel comfortable with and you feel your styles compliment
    each other. I write with my friend Lou moon who can come up with some out of box ideas. But I also
    love writing with my friend Savannah who really understands joke structure and keeps me from rambling
    too much.

    4. Rest is important, taking a day off from the open mics if you did an open mic everyday for 30 days
    I would not be surprised if you became worse. I mean you can just push too hard and really lose yourself
    taking a step back and living life is important. Living life is where I find a lot humor
    just recently I took a vacation and came back to write 10 new mins about what happened.

    5. Study those who you love! Watch your favorite comedy special again and review what is truly going on.
    How are they moving? Where are they pausing? Why did they change up their timing or slow down? What is
    different at a 10 min mark vs the energy at 45min mark.

    6. Do not worry about finding your voice just yet. You are new! Your voice will come over time.
    I knew I found my voice when I would write jokes and think "wow that doesn't sound like me,
    I am not doing that" Then I slowly stopped writing jokes that didn't sound like me.

    7. Start setting comedy goals. I like simple ones like 5 new jokes this month. Then putting something
    crazy on the list like Audition for Americas got talent this year. Or record and listen to all my sets this
    month. And email a comedy packet to SNL. These goals will help you push through the hard times.

    8. Record all your sets on your phone. Yes every set, I still have recordings from 2011 that I cringe
    at the idea of even listening to. But YES do it, you will thank yourself later.

    9. Video record when you can, I know it is hard to get good footage. When you are new its not recording to
    post content online. I would record when I can so I can watch my nervous ticks and try to get rid of them.
    Sometimes your movements can giveaway the punchline or ruin the set up. You want to seem like you know
    what you are doing up there. Or you might watch the tape and be like "WOW I look bored or upset"

    10. Go to shows. Go to shows you wish you were booked on but sadly you were not! Support local comedy,
    be friendly with your co workers truly. Two reasons I mention this, I often get asked "How do I get booked
    on that thing?" Well have you ever gone to that thing just to support? No? Start there! Also, you should
    be celebrating the fact your friends are doing something cool! You can sit and watch local comedy and there
    is always something to learn.

    • 12 min
    Noey Gnome Interview

    Noey Gnome Interview

    Noey Gnome sits down with Zack Lyman and Lou Moon. They chat about podcasting, youtube and onlyfans.

    About Noey

    Noelle Cook, aka Noey Gnome, was born and raised in Seattle, WA. She grew up a competitive ballerina, a member of the LDS church, and the youngest of 3 siblings. After leaving the church, and becoming a bartender the second she turned 21, Noey decided she had too many stories to share with the world, and launched a YouTube channel called “Noey Knows Nothing", highlighting her nightlife antics, sexual mishaps, and overall just dumb opinions. In 2019, she turned NKN into a comedy podcast and is continuing to entertain listeners alongside co-host, Eric Bernal, with a new episode every Wednesday. You can find the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and YouTube.

    Noey currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her two dogs, Peach and Mota. She’s also still dancing, but with a lot less clothing…

    • 34 min

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4.8 out of 5
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59 Ratings

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Killed her husband? Probably

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great show, good job zack. i saw him live and he told the best joke about smartphones i've ever heard

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