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Rabbi Ben is a teacher of esoteric Wisdom, kabbalistic and musical.

Zohar Ammud Yomi Rabbi Ben Newman

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Rabbi Ben is a teacher of esoteric Wisdom, kabbalistic and musical.

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4.3 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Mightymouse100 ,


Zohar Ammud Yomi is a daily podcast that covers an ammud, that is, a single side of an Aramaic page of Zohar, the text(s) at the heart of Jewish mysticism.
Rabbi Ben Newman chants and reads both the lyrical Aramaic and the corresponding English translation delivering beautiful bite-sized chunks of the rich text making it simpler to absorb.
This podcast is an excellent resource for people interested in reading The Zohar: Prizker Edition in Aramaic and English, and anyone who has the desire to study Zohar.

Kaphtziel ,

Wonderful resource

The previous reviewer clearly has no idea of the intent of this podcast. It is Rabbi Ben Newman's own personal daily reading which is in conjunction with a group of people reading and commenting online on the Ammud Yomi Facebook page. If you look, there are classes here as well, in addition to some hevruta sessions. But yes, most of the recordings are a simple straight reading of the Aramaic with Professor Daniel Matt's English translation. Rabbi Newman is an ordained rabbi and has a Masters in Jewish Studies, having studied at the Jewish Theological seminary, The Reconstructionist Rabbinical college, Yeshivah University, and The Academy for Jewish Religion. It's fine if this isn't for you for whatever reason, don't listen. But there are many who find this free resource quite useful. To call it a shame is itself a shame. The previous reviewer obviously has some personal problem with the public dissemination of kabbalistic texts. If you are interested in simply hearing a page of Zohar in the original Aramaic and in the beautiful English translation from Professor Matt, this podcast is for you! If you would like to hear a class in Zohar, there are 5 or 6 classes available on this podcast as well.

IsaacBenShevach ,

Unworthy of serious consideration

This podcast is a joke right? The "Rabbi" must know that discussing the Zohar specifically and Kabbalah in general takes more than simply reading a text. It takes a deep understanding of both the written text and the supporting biblical/Talmudic texts as well.

Further, the "Rabbi" has a voice that is borderline excruciating. Monotone and dull, almost illiterate hebrew in addition to horrible production values. I am astonished that there is so little self-awareness from the facilitator of this podcast. I can only assume that it's an act of self indulgence on the part of the "Rabbi".

There are many resources available via Podcasts concerning Jewish spirituality and mysticism that are worthy of subscribing to it. This podcast is not. Try again "Rabbi", it takes much more than a below average ability to read Hebrew and ownership of a couple of books concerning the Zohar to begin to consider yourself a Kabbalist or even a poor man's Rav.

Shame on you.

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