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A manufacturaty of art in wave form.

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A manufacturaty of art in wave form.

    Minimalist 23 : Ingo Sänger

    Minimalist 23 : Ingo Sänger

    DJ/Producer from Cologne makes his way to Minimalist podcast bringing groove and isolation at one whole new level, Ingo together with Henry L makes profound music in accelerating craft that fuses house and sound design complexity.

    TL :

    1. David Sylvian - Let the Happiness In - Virgin
    2. Mfano Da R Deep - During 1989 (Shervaan Bergsteedt Remix) – Just Move Records
    3. Theory of Movement - Global Spirit – Duke´s Distribution
    4. Aera - Ode To An Empty Dancefloor – Bandcamp
    5. Tony Allen - Ole (A Remix by Moritz von Oswald) – Honest Jon´s
    6. Leafar Legov - The Slip – Giegling
    7. Jon Hopkins - 1/2 Singing Bowl (Ascension) (Excerpt) - Domino
    8. Clavis - Art of Duplicity – Isolate
    9. Ripperton - So Much Over Me (Together) – Tamed Musiq
    10. Johannes Albert & Iron Curtis - Nektar feat. Lisa Toh – Frank Music
    11 Henry 3000 – Rain – CDR
    12. LaTique - R.J.C.T.S (Rare Touch) – Atjazz Record Company

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Minimalist 22 : WzrdryAV

    Minimalist 22 : WzrdryAV

    As a child of the 1980s, Vancouver-born producer Kelly Claude Nairn (WzrdryAV) was hypnotized by the results of New York City resourcefulness: raw, sparse, drum machine hip-hop and later, the eclectic sample-based rap of the 1990s. Raised by a new age mom and jazz freak artist dad, pillaging the family record cabinet for inspiration was a natural progression. Two turntables, mixer, and a sampler later, Kelly was soon making deft left-field instrumentals. Concurrent w/ electro-acoustic study under granular synthesis pioneer Barry Truax at Simon Fraser University, field recordings, audio collage, sound object manipulation, and slightly unhinged ambient works were added to his expanding cache. Foundation and technique in place, by the new millennium, the beat maker was putting a revelatory breakthrough into practice, “sample anything.” From big screen cinema and late night VHS sessions to TV sign off music and nature sounds, nothing was off limits. This not only led to the creation of WZRDRY (Kelly’s imprint and artistic umbrella), but a range of productions released internationally on vinyl, cassette tape, and compact disc. Today, Kelly combines his academic background w/ a personal self-taught approach, equally informed by British Columbia’s street meets tree topped mountains and oceanic reflections. Utilizing analog and digital equipment, new tracks aim to create a place/atmosphere/mood via magnetic programming and universal rhythms. While deliberate melodies are uncommon, repeating fragments of tones/chords and foggy loops/drones manifest themselves in the most unexpected ways.[[](http://)](http://) “I'm putting together and playing back sounds for the audience that I find evocative for my own escapism,” states the producer, encouraging listeners to join the trip and interpret, as they will. The music of WzrdryAV goes beyond the increasingly fast-paced cultural landscape, gradually slowing the pace and returning some long forgotten feeling to auditory expression. Touching on the influence of Jamaican dub and Detroit techno in his oeuvre, “It's about facing limitations by looking within to work in different ways and develop one's creativity.” Here’s to the future… Listen, live, and learn!


    • 1 hr 4 min
    Minimalist 21 : Chaal Palil

    Minimalist 21 : Chaal Palil

    Born in Paris, Alexandre Chapellier began mixing at the age of 13, playing Soul, New Jack and Hip Hip. After discovering the first raves, Alexandre is passionate about Electronic Music and began mixing mainly after and Paris Fashion Shows. Collector of drum machines, he is inspired by the warmth of the sound of his machines, evolves in an experimental universe and invites to the musical mental journey.




    • 58 min
    Minimalist 20 : Captain O

    Minimalist 20 : Captain O

    Please help us welcome Oscar Mokome aka Captain O.

    Oscar Mokome aka Captain O from south africa,Pretoria(Mabopane). Captain O started exploring sounds loving the underground scene in 2013. He started a podcast series "Alien&Skeletons" playing his favourite minimal sound & ever since he never looked back.

    Facebook: Oscar Mokome
    WhatsApp: 0605263946
    Contact: 0722882140

    #minimalist #captaino #alienandskeletons #dubmind

    • 1 hr
    Minimalist 19 : Soul'Tek

    Minimalist 19 : Soul'Tek

    Mojalefa Mahunisi better known as Soul'Tek is a Dub Techno/Minimal DJ born and bred in Kagiso (West Rand) and is also the co-founder of Deep Direction Podcast series alongside Der Erzbischof.

    Having started Djing in 2013, Soul'Tek is known for his unique track selection, low tempo vibes and him being one of the few cats keeping the Dub Techno and Minimal sounds alive on the underground streets.

    Soul'Tek draws his inspiration for Djing and his style of sound from the likes of 2sman, 2lani da Warrior, Ady Fleming, Mvelo, Kat La Kat, Shervaan Bergsteedt, Eddvin, just to name a few.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Minimalist 18 : Shervaan Bergsteedt

    Minimalist 18 : Shervaan Bergsteedt

    The last show for the year w/ host Shervaan Bergsteedt.

    the quietness ceased it's purpose and returns in formal style, explore The Aliens journey and sit back and relax :)

    • 1 hr 5 min

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