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House, Techno, Progressive, Trance, DnB & Chillout from the Regenerate Residents / Phoenix 6. www.regeneratemusic.net

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House, Techno, Progressive, Trance, DnB & Chillout from the Regenerate Residents / Phoenix 6. www.regeneratemusic.net

    RGR-POD-094: Vicious Rabbit Balloons – Mixed by The VRB Project

    RGR-POD-094: Vicious Rabbit Balloons – Mixed by The VRB Project

    Hello hello, and welcome to episode 94 of the regenerate podcast with me, Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. Today i am super excited to bring to you the return of the creamy cream of phoenix 6, missing in action sicne episode 59, and making a very welcome comeback...it's the VRB project! These guys were a cornerstone of regenerate for a long time, back when we really majored on progressive sounds, and honestly this mix is full of new stuff but sounds like it picks up right where they left off. Whenever we do Phoenix 6 mixes, you can always hear a bit of that progressive sound sneak in, and this month it became obvious that these guys needed a full set of their own, so here they are with 120 minutes of ear candy that sounds equally good on the dancefloor and on the sofa. To find out more about them, make sure you check out the website, and also the 10 years of regenerate mixes they did back around episode 50 to 60, because honestly they will not disappoint. So with that said, VRB project... let's get to it!

    1. BRONSON (ODESZA + Golden Features) - FOUNDATION (Original Mix)

    2. BRONSON (ODESZA + Golden Features) - BLINE (Original Mix)

    3. Abstraxion - Blackout (Original Mix)

    4. Convergence System, Pontias - Go Bro (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix)

    5. Kurtz - Mind Trap (Original Mix)

    6. The Guesser - Human Like You (Original Mix)

    7. Tilt - Sinai (Holy Mountain Mix)

    8. Alex Aguayo - Incorrect Energy (Original Mix)

    9. Ryad - Universe (Original Mix)

    10. Colorblind - On The Other Side (Original Mix)

    11. Scarlet Supernova - Domino (Original Mix)

    12. Scolario, Basstakil - Kalla (Original Mix)

    13. Hidden Adventures - Orion (Original Mix)

    14. SevenEver, Coffee Face - Siberia (feat. SevenEver) (QDream Remix)

    15. Miqayel Voskanyan, Armat, Masha Mnjoyan - Hov Areq (feat. Miqayel Voskanyan & Masha Mnjoyan) (Domased Electronica Remix)

    16. P.R.O.S.T. - Weekdays (Original Mix)

    17. D-Formation, GRAZZE - Howth (Original Mix)

    18. Hrag Mikkel, Pambouk - Renaissance

    19. Cee Project - Snam (Houzy Mix)

    20. GAR - The Day After The Apocalpyse (Original mix)

    21. UNICK (Gr) - Insurrection (Original Mix)

    22. Myriad Suns - Flower (Esoku Remix)

    23. A.Germanova, BroCan - Roses (Vtecha Remix)

    24. Daniel Richards - Voices In My Head (Niko De Angelis Dub Mix)

    25. Fluida - Indian Kicks (Extended Mix)

    • 2 hrs 5 min
    RGR-POD-093: August 2020 Tech House Promo – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

    RGR-POD-093: August 2020 Tech House Promo – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

    Hello and welcome to episode 93 of the regenerate podcast. Today i'm in sunny oxfordshire, and it's back to my turn on the knobs and faders - I'm bringing you a selection of my favourite tech house from he last couple of months. To find out more, for tracklists, and more mixes, don't forget to head to www.regeneratemusic.net. Until next month, let's get to it.

    1. Jazzam, Cesar Green - Sun Tribe (Piano Intro)

    2. M.F.S: Observatory - Want Me (Space Jump Salute Remix)

    3. Helen Brown - Bubble Gum (Original Mix)

    4. Thayana Valle, Girla - Time Traveler (LAC)

    5. Yanus Hamy - Jumps Around the World (Bass'O Groove's Sequential Mix)

    6. Diego Lima, Space Jump Salute - Addicted (Extended Mix)

    7. Mark Fiorre - Dry effect (Original Mix)

    8. Nanna Osé - A Way Of Life (Original Mix)

    9. Kryptomaniacs - Tease (Original Mix)

    10. DJ Pavel S - Pursuit (Original Mix)

    11. Jon Rich - Extasy (Original Mix)

    12. Helen Brown - One Love (Giuseppe Russo Remix)

    13. Adam Holiday - Feel It (Original Mix)

    14. Nami, Taspin, Diaz (RU) - No No No feat. Nami (Original Mix)

    15. Sovax - Digital Dj (Original Mix)

    16. Space Jump Salute - Run To Me (Extended Mix)

    17. Macrolev - Dancing Under Starry Sky (Original Mix)

    18. Mikie Format - Late Night Drop (Original Mix)

    19. Joe Red - Ocean (Original Mix)

    20. Robbie Rivera, Georgia Train - Change - The Remixes (Eduke Extended Remix)

    21. Mark Knight, Mr. V, Chenai - Tonight feat. Chenai feat. Mr. V (Extended Mix)

    22. Boris Dlugosch, Roisin Murphy - Never Enough feat. Roisin Murphy (Chocolate Puma 2011 Remix)

    • 1 hr 39 min
    RGR-POD-092: The Deep Lights – Mixed by The Deep Lights

    RGR-POD-092: The Deep Lights – Mixed by The Deep Lights

    Welcome everyone from all of us at Regenerate to Episode 92 of this, the Regenerate Podcast. If you're a long time listener, you'll know that Regenerate started out as a night playing all kinds of dance music in loughborough, 17 years ago. Because of that foundation, our podcast always showcases an eclectic mix of different genres, from our many different residents and guests. This means you, the listener, get to try out lots of different sounds on rotation each month, but it also means that if you really enjoyed last month's music, then you have absolutely no hope of getting the same thing this month of next month. In the last few months we've had uplifting house, breaks, hard tech house, blissed out deep house. If any of those aren't for you, head to our website (www.regeneratemusic.net), where you can filter the podcasts by genre and DJ, and you'll find the sound you love again - but make sure you stick around. you never know what you might discover! Like this month we've got a trio who played for us before, but are brand new to the podcast. this is "The Deep Lights", and they'll be bringing us the latest and great from the world of very deep house. So let's get to it.

    1. Soul Groove - Last Night At Jazz Colossus (Breakbeat Jazz Mix)

    2. Fer Marino - Predecction (Original Mix)

    3. tronicsoul - The Sunset (Original Mix)

    4. NODO - Eniwetok (Original Mix)

    5. Big Al - Reaction (Original Mix)

    6. V. Arlandiss - Frontier World (Original Mix)

    7. Marcos Dermi - Appearance (Original Mix)

    8. Tidy Daps - Something Brewing (BiGZ & Soire Remix)

    9. Legit Trip - Sentezia (Original mix)

    10. Vooz Brothers - What You Need (Original Mix)

    11. Lennart Paul - As the Night Began (Original Mix)

    12. fran&co - Lydia (Sascha Kloeber 2020 Re-Master Remix)

    13. Valentín Huedo - Koala (Original Mix)

    14. Buff - Feel That (Original Mix)

    15. Nolek - Spaceships (Original Mix)

    16. Mastercris, Siri Svegler - Always Believe (Fallou Remix)

    17. Markus Lestelle - Janay (Deep Mix)

    18. Chillind - Chieuti (Hand Chill Mix)

    19. Offshore and Coen - Yearning (Fred Everything Remix)

    20. Mark Deepson - Meditation (Original Mix)

    21. Rauf - All Along (Original Mix)

    22. Kage, Artwork, n.W.n - Sunny Days (Original Mix)

    23. Mike Newman, N.W.N. - Re-Chords (Original Mix)

    24. Diva, Andrey Exx, Troitski - Touch Me (feat. Diva) (Rui Da Silva Original)

    25. Vinicius Nape, James Koba - Tecnology (Original mix)

    • 2 hrs 4 min
    RGR-POD-091: Drums from brighter days – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

    RGR-POD-091: Drums from brighter days – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

    Hello again, from me, Phil Wilshaw of Phoenix 6. I'm here today with episode 91 of the regenerate podcast, coming to you from sunny London. At the moment, i think we all need a little exra reason to smile, so this month i've tried to put together some unashamedly happy music - new and old. No matter what you are going through right now, we're sending you big love, and we really hope all you guys and your families out there are safe happy and well. To find out more about regenerate, head to regeneratemusic.net, but for now, let's get to it.

    1. York - On The Beach - Sandhoppers Remix V1

    2. Zo! feat. Erro & Phonte - We Are On The Move (Joey Negro Revival Mix)

    3. Alex Inc, Piekart - Just Gonna (Original Mix)

    4. Spilt Milk - Your Love (Original Mix)

    5. Mart - Overseas Samba (Original Mix)

    6. Rio Dela Duna, El Chino, VASSA - La Banda (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix)

    7. Maurizio Basilotta, DiscoVer. - Gypsy Woman (Original Mix)

    8. Blaze, Uda - Most Precious Love (DF Future 3000 Mix)

    9. E'voke - Arms of Loren (Steinway Mix)

    10. Spencer & Hill - World In Love (Club Mix) - 8A

    11. Duke Dumont - I got U

    12. Michael Calfan - Treasured Soul (Original Mix)

    13. 02 House Party Sampler - House Party Sampler - Track 02

    14. Chameleon - The Way It Is (Brothers in Rhythm 12" Mix)

    15. Earth, Wind & Fire - September (Original Mix)

    16. mohito feat. howard jones - slip away (steve angello dub)

    17. Yojo Working - Hold On (12 Inch)

    18. Bizarre Inc. - Playing with Knives

    19. Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)

    20. Armin van Buuren, James Newman - Therapy feat. James Newman (Throttle Extended Remix)

    21. Ashley Benjamin - Heartbreak & Rain (Extended Mix)

    22. Duke Dumont - Won't Look Back (Radio Edit)

    23. Block & Crown - Thinkin' Of You Feat. Nola Berg (Original Mix)

    24. Misha Klein - Never (Original Club Mix)

    25. LuvBug - Best Is Yet to Come

    26. Brand New Heavies - You are the Universe

    • 1 hr 47 min
    RGR-POD-090: Untitled Promo Mix – Mixed by Gigantic Techno Cats from Saturn

    RGR-POD-090: Untitled Promo Mix – Mixed by Gigantic Techno Cats from Saturn


    Well hello London, and hello world. It's episode 90 for the regenerate podcast, with me Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. We're finally starting to see episode 100 on the radar. It's only taken us 17 years. Not sure if it's impressive or tragic that I'm still here doing my thing! With such a long lineage under our belt you might think that we'd have given up on new talent, but you'd be wrong. Joining us this month, are the Gigantic Techno Cats from Saturn in their first outing for regenerate. We're really excited to have them here, and they'llbe bringing with them a slightly harder techno sound that i've been wanting to get a mix down for for ages. As usual, you can find out more about them and everything regenerate by going to our website regenerate.live, so please head there now, have a poke around and smash that subscribe button. and while your doing it, Enjoy the gigantic techno cats from Saturn!

    1. Mr. Snooze - Electrocution (Original Mix)

    2. Xyhon - Bactivity (Original Mix)

    3. SALZKE, Connor Leahy - Body (Original Mix)

    4. Hitboxx - In the Mud (Original Mix)

    5. The Martinez Brothers - Jam Joint (Original Mix)

    6. Dario Caruson - Hardy (Original Mix)

    7. Dorbachov - Jazom (Original Mix)

    8. Cyd - t051337 (Original Mix)

    9. JSPR - Dancin' Class (Original Mix)

    10. KFK - Empty Pockets (Original Mix)

    11. Max Foley - Collapsing (Original Mix)

    12. Momec - Rampagne (Original Mix)

    13. Kill Ref - Mammouth (Original Mix)

    14. Michael Lasch, Jonathan Ranzinger - PX2 (Intro Tool)

    15. Spiros Kaloumenos - The Wall (Original Mix)

    16. Charlie Sparks (UK) - Keep Hope Alive (Original Mix)

    17. i_o - This Is Rave (Original Mix)

    • 1 hr 19 min
    RGR-POD-089: Breaks – Mixed by Burns

    RGR-POD-089: Breaks – Mixed by Burns


    Hello hello, it’s me Phil Wilshaw, back once for the renegade master, d4 damager with another episode of the regenerate podcast. Power to the people!

    What throwback intro for a throwback episode. i mentioned last month that we had pulled an old friend out of retirement to come and bash the buttons and disgrace the dials, and here he is, the man that left us all the way back in episode 11. gone but not forgotten, this is…burns.

    Back in the day burns played a classic blend of warmup house and progressive, usually quite sunkissed, and he is absolutely not doing that today.

    I asked him to describe his sound, but all he said was ""breaks"". having listened to it, i would say this is a mashup of some rude two step and garage style modern breaks transforming on later in the mix to if future house had a baby with nu skool breaks. All my breaks knowledge is about 15 years out of date, so if that made any sense whatsoever then i'm doing well. I can also confirm that there's a few cheeky classics thrown in there too. So a huge welcome back and lets get to it - it's burns

    1. QY - Maurice (Original Mix)

    2. Under Break - Tormenta (Original Mix)

    3. Bowser - Steakhouse (Original Mix)

    4. Rhades - Fresh Smoke (Original Mix)

    5. Basstyler - Non Stop (Original Mix)

    6. g;uk - What's That All About? (unreleased) (Vendetta Original Mix)

    7. Paket - Smell of Funky (Original Mix)

    8. Shade K - Punched (Original Mix)

    9. Killer Kush - Bad Dance (Original Mix)

    10. Ondamike, Tone Abstract - Kick Tha Flow (Original Mix)

    11. Haedvoice, Oleg Vorslav - Wild (Original Mix)

    12. 7 Electronics - Hurricane (Original Mix)

    13. Tone Abstract - Where Ya @! (Original Mix)

    14. JDOUBLE - Check It Out (Original Mix)

    15. SevenG, Basstyler, Bad Legs - (TRIPLE-D) Funktasty (Original Mix)

    16. SevenG - Fire (Original Mix)

    17. V.Aparicio - Diez Cuatro (Original Mix)

    18. Rhades - Come around (original mix)

    19. Omech - Reality (Original Mix)

    20. BT - Knowledge Of Self

    21. Tony G - Off One (Original Mix)

    22. Scuba - Ne1butu

    • 1 hr 22 min

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