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Devotionals don’t have to be boring … we make them fun, applicable and powerful each and every day. Pamela will get you fired up for life and lather the love of Jesus on you … and make you giggle. Download a new episode of the Big Life Devotional podcast each weekday.

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Devotionals don’t have to be boring … we make them fun, applicable and powerful each and every day. Pamela will get you fired up for life and lather the love of Jesus on you … and make you giggle. Download a new episode of the Big Life Devotional podcast each weekday.

    633 Plans For You

    633 Plans For You

    There’s a difference between a wish and a plan. A wish is a thought without action. A plan puts that wish into motion with a path to make it possible.

    God has more than just good wishes for you. He has good PLANS for you. This means he doesn’t just wish goodness for you, he has it in the works. He has it arranged. He has the way made. It’s in store.

    You know if you order something today on Amazon Prime and it shows in stock, it’s on it’s way. You expect delivery.

    God’s plans for you are in stock and on their way. You can expect delivery my sister.

    “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you, not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

    And whatever God plans, HE CAN MAKE HAPPEN. Who can stop the Lord? Who can out power him? Who could possibly get in his way, delay him, detour him, or defeat him? NO ONE.

    Isaiah 14:27 “The LORD of Heaven’s Armies has spoken— who can change his plans? When his hand is raised, who can stop him?”

    So imagine this, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, the one who has angels following his command, the one who controls all of heaven and Earth, has good plans for YOU and his hand is raised over you.

    Tell me again why you’re stressed. Tell me again why you are worried. Tell me again why you are overwhelmed. You have a good future ahead of you. There are not plans to harm you honey, there are plans to prosper you.

    I have good wishes towards you. I truly wish nothing by the best for you. But honestly, my wishes don’t change your life, do they? I don’t have the power or influence to change your future.

    But imagine the president of your company calling you today and saying, “I’ve noticed your work, and I have good plans for you.”

    Wow, would you get excited? Immediately you would envision promotion and window office. A total breakthrough in your career. All because the boss has good plans for you.

    Imagine Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon and wealthiest man alive at a worth of 116 billion dollars sending you an email today and saying, “Your name came across my desk, and I have a good future for you.”

    You would probably pee a little! Oh my goodness, what could this mean? The house on the hill without a single worry again. All because the rich man has good plans for you.

    So how is it you’ve read the words of the creator of the Universe, the owner of all that ever existed, the one who holds the whole world in the palm of his hands, the one who makes the sun to rise and the earth to spin, the one who gives you the very breath in your lungs, and you’re not phased?


    How has your entire world not been shaken with this word from God? He has good plans for you!

    God is the boss. He is the richest of all. Anything he wants to be done, can be done. If he tells a mountain to move, it moves. If he wants the ocean to stand on it’s end, those waters will part. If he wants water to turn to wine, you should get your cup ready. If he wants little to become more, it will be so. If he wants donkeys to talk, their lips start moving. It’s all in scripture. The proof is there.

    And he is the one who has good plans for you!

    How has the darkness not lifted? How has your anxiousness not eased? How has your mind still been stuck in the state of worry?

    Someone who can TRULY make a radical difference in EVERY way, knows your name, knows exactly where you are, knows every detail of your life and he has good plans for you.

    Shouldn’t that give you hope for your future?

    Yes, it should.

    So why didn’t you wake up this morning absolutely moved by his plans of prosperity and goodness for you?

    The only possible reason is because you’ve dismissed yourself.

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    632 God’s Girl

    632 God’s Girl

    You are God’s girl. He created you on purpose, with a purpose. He crafted you perfectly as he wanted you, then gave you a life to live here and now as only you can live.

    Proverbs 31 gives us much of an outline of the woman we were each created to be. You want to know what his intentions were … you want to know what exactly he put down deep within you? Let’s start right here:

    Proverbs 31: 17 & 25

    She is energetic and strong,

    a hard worker.

    She is clothed with strength and dignity,

    and she laughs without fear of the future.

    In both of these verses, our strength is referenced. Let me tell you something, you are a STRONG woman. You are fully capable with the power of God in you. Whatever it is you are facing, YOU CAN DO THIS.

    You need to hear that, understand that, and get that down in you as truth. Stop going back and forth questioning if you can. Yes girl, YOU CAN DO THIS. You can do this because the Almighty God gives you strength. You can do this because you’re not in this fight alone, the Lord fights your battles for you. You can do this because he has already gone before you and made a way. Maybe you don’t currently see the way, you don’t understand the way, or you feel like you don’t like the way, but the way is being made you just have to keep stepping in it. YOU CAN DO THIS.

    The enemy wants you to believe you are weak. He strips you of your confidence and tells you that you can’t. And if you believe him, he’s right. All that God put within you will go untapped and you’ll never taste the life he intended for you if you believe you can’t.

    The evil one tells you that you will fail. Misery loves company. He is miserable in his defeated pits of hell and he desires your company. Deny the invitation. When he tells you failure is in your future, remind him you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. He’s the loser here, not you.

    He tells you there’s something broken in you that needs to be fixed, but remember, you don’t need to be fixed, you need to be filled. Everything you’re lacking is nothing more than space for Jesus to fill.

    That slimy sucker Satan tells you you’re not good enough, but gosh that sure wasn’t the message Jesus sent when he laid down his very life for you. Hasn’t your worth and value been proven here?

    The attacker of your soul tells you that you’ll never change and you will always struggle. He tells you what you did will never be forgiven. He tells you it’s too late. But the devil is a liar. I challenge you to choose carefully who you believe today. Who is the author of the thoughts you allow to dwell in your mind today?

    God says you CAN because it is his power dwelling within you, so sister the bottom line is YOU CAN BECAUSE YOU ARE GOD’S GIRL.

    “She is energetic and strong …”

    You. You are energetic and strong. You do have energy. Energy to do exactly what you need to do today. Strength to show up and live well today. God has supplied it, now it’s up to you to use it.

    Energy multiplies only when it is used. Laying around in your ‘giving up on life pants’, requires no energy. What goes unused today is considered unneeded for the next day. The supply diminishes as it is unused. The supply increases as it is proven necessary. If you used every ounce of energy you had yesterday to do all you needed to do, you went to bed empty, however today you are filled with a fresh supply and given even MORE energy because you proved you needed it. Energy goes where energy is used. Want more energy? Use all you’ve got today then even more will be given tomorrow.

    Strength is much the same. It is a muscle. We only grow stronger under stress. Plain and simple, you don’t get stronger in the easy times, you get stronger in the hard times.

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    631 Put Me In the Game

    631 Put Me In the Game

    Happy New Year 2020, part 2! All things have been made new here today as we wake up to a clean slate and fresh start. The old has passed away, what has happened has happened, we’re here to receive what God has prepared for us now.

    The first half of 2020 has taught us life can change in an instant. We now personally understand how fragile and precious goodness is and we must enjoy the moments we have without taking a single thing for granted. No day is guaranteed, no thing is guaranteed, and no one is guaranteed. We know that because real life has touched us and taught us and ya’ll we’ve been in the school of life!

    So we come out of this better. We rise up from the ashes of the first half, we dust ourselves off and declare to God we’re ready to live up to our potential in this second half. We’re ready to partner with him in using all things together for good now. Yes, we will be active partners in making 2020 part 2 better.

    Here we are on day one, stepping back onto the field after taking a beating in the first half and we have one thing to say … COACH, PUT ME IN THE GAME!

    I don’t want to sit this thing out. I don’t want to watch this pass me by. I want the opportunity to show what I’m made of and what you put inside of me. I’m ready to do this!

    Put me in the game.

    God has given you an opportunity to live now, not everyone received that opportunity. You did, now what will you do with it?

    Job 11:13-18 is a playbook for our 2nd half of this year.

    “So commit yourself to God completely. Reach out your hands to him for help.

    Get rid of all of the sin you have. Don’t let anything that is evil stay in your tent.

    Then you can face others without feeling any shame. You can stand firm without being afraid.

    You can be sure you will forget your troubles. They will be like water that has flowed on by.

    Life will be brighter than the sun at noon. And darkness will become like morning.

    You will be secure, because there is hope.”

    Now, after the troubles of the past 6 months, THERE IS HOPE! The darkness is now morning. We’ve learned how to let life flow like water. It comes and it goes, and God’s power flows through us as we refuse to hang on to past problems and hurts. Like water, it flows and we receive a fresh supply of God’s provision today. A fresh supply of strength. A fresh supply of hope.

    Here, we are renewed as we recommit ourselves to God completely.

    God, I’m ready to show up with the best you put in me. I’m ready to receive your help. I’m ready to overcome any sin and banish any evil that has been present in my life. I’m ready to stand firm without being afraid. And God, I’m ready to forget my troubles and let them flow on by like water. With you, life will be bright again and the darkness will flee. While things are still uncertain and I know I’m not in control of what may come, I know this … YOU HAVE GIVEN ME HOPE.

    Receive your fresh start today. Renew your commitment to the life you said you were going to live this year by becoming the person you were created to be.

    The first half of this year has been strength training to help you become that person. You’ve been pushed and you’ve been pulled. You’ve been stretched and you’ve been strengthened. Heck, you’ve survived a pandemic. Put that on your list and check it off! We’re still surviving a pandemic.

    Now second half, we can do better because we know better. We know what’s truly important because it was threatened. Our priorities are finally back in line and we will no longer act like entitled, spoiled brats complaining about all we have to do on any given day. Nope, now we realize we don’t have to, darn it WE GET TO! We take the lessons we have learned and we face the future wi...

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    630 Invitation Into the Unknown

    630 Invitation Into the Unknown

    We are inherently afraid of not knowing what comes next. That fear drives us to a desire to make our lives predictable. We want to know what’s coming and what to expect. We want a sense of control.

    You were not created for a predictable life. Your design is not for settling into pattern and routine with guaranteed outcomes and known timelines. Why do you think God gave you the ability to create and change? Why do you think he placed unattainable dreams within your soul? Why do you think he made scrapes and bruises to heal? So you would get up and keep going. So you would have a pull towards something more. So you would dare to believe you can be part of something bigger than just yourself.

    Jesus walked up to 2 brothers fishing at the Sea of Galilee and he simply said “Come, follow me.” An invitation into the unknown. An offering of adventures in uncharted territories. An opportunity to taste their destiny. Matthew 4:20 says “At once they left their nets and followed him.”

    Their nets represented the predictable pattern and routine of their life. They knew how to fish. Their identity was as fishermen. It was certain if they continued to throw out the nets, eventually they would bring in a catch. Their lives were predictable as fishermen. Leaving their nets to follow Jesus represented the unknown. It represented the unpredictable. It represented a sacrifice of the certain for a chance at destiny.

    They left their nets at once and followed Jesus. These 2 brothers were Simon and Peter and their worlds radically changed in that moment. They walked with Jesus everywhere he went and took part in life changing miracles we still talk about today.

    What about all the stories we don’t know? How many others received the invitation to “follow me”, but just couldn’t let go of a predictable life to accept the offer?

    Where in your life has Jesus said “follow me” and you totally missed the opportunity because of your busy calendar, your important job, your rigid routine, or the finely constructed walls of your comfort zone? You want predictable and Jesus doesn’t offer predictable, he offers purpose.

    We talk a lot about purpose, but here’s something you need to know … purpose is totally unpredictable. You may think you know the path of your purpose, but God may have some twists and turns you didn’t see coming. Purpose is always unfolding and revealing itself along the way. It’s a lifelong journey into the unknown following the one who knows.

    The 2 fishermen had no idea where they were going, but Jesus did. They couldn’t take their nets with them, and you can’t take your security with you either. Whatever you’re clinging to is a total sense of false security. That job could end tomorrow. The house could be gone in an instant. That life is fragile, days are numbered, and you don’t know the count. You’ve been working to make your life predictable, but the truth is life is totally unpredictable and you’re right in the middle of it.

    Both faith and fear demand you believe in something you cannot see. Think about that. Fear is dwelling on a potential negative that is still unseen. Faith is dwelling on a potential positive that is still unseen. God repeatedly tells us in his word DO NOT FEAR.

    Why? Because this dwelling on a potential negative and imagining what is still unseen to be something bad is hindering you from the life he has available to you.

    Why would you assume this is going to be bad for you? Why would you imagine negative outcomes? Why would you dwell in worst case scenario? You can’t obediently follow when fear rules your mind.

    You can’t see the future, so why fear the future? You can’t see it, so imagine it different. That’s faith. It’s still unseen, but it’s trusted.

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    629 The Gap Filler

    629 The Gap Filler

    Wherever you feel a “not enough” in your life, God is working to show you HE IS. He is enough of anything and everything you’re lacking. The gap exists for his power to dwell. Jesus is our gap filler.

    Where is your gap? Where are you struggling? Have you asked Jesus to fill that gap with his power and make you more than enough?

    Paul had a conversation with Jesus where he was assured his perfection was not needed. Jesus told him his grace is all that was needed. He reminded Paul that actually his power works best in weakness. Remembering these words of Jesus, Paul then said “So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

    My guess is as we come to the close of this month of life you haven’t been perfect. Your efforts and your follow through may have been lacking at times. Your attitude may have fallen short. Your faithfulness may have wavered. Your pace may have slowed when you needed to move forward, or you may have rushed when you needed to pause.

    In response to all of this Jesus says PERFECT, I CAN WORK WITH THIS! Your lack of perfection is an open invitation for God’s power to inhabit your life and do what only he can do. Your part is to recognize your weaknesses as Paul did and invite Jesus to work through you. Remember, this is where his power works best.

    There are times in my life where I clearly see the hand of God. Times I know without a doubt my eyes behold his power on display working in every detail. Those times are laden with hardship, struggle and uncertainty. Times when I am not enough and God shows up and says “I am.”

    Because HE IS ENOUGH and his power works in me, he makes me more than enough. He turns whatever I’m lacking into an ample supply to overcome and rise up.

    Moses was a man who continually felt he wasn’t enough. But God chose him. He chose someone who stuttered to speak boldly. He chose someone who felt inadequate to do a great work. That’s exactly how our God works. He choses someone with a gap so he can fill it. Filled with his power.

    Isn’t that all you need? Maybe you don’t need God to fix you, you need him to fill you! The gap is there for the purpose of filling, not fixing. You’re not broken honey, you’re perfectly designed to need the power of the Almighty.

    God spoke to Moses and gave him instructions to free his people from captivity in Egypt and lead them to the Promised Land. Moses responded to God by arguing. No God, I’m not your man. I am not good enough. I am not a good communicator. I am not a good leader. I am not strong enough.

    While Moses is arguing with God, disqualifying himself of his appointed position and mission, he throws out the excuse he doesn’t even know what to tell the people. Who should he even say chose him and sent him? What Moses is saying here is I am a nobody with nothing and everyone will think I’m crazy.

    God’s response to Moses in Exodus 3:14 is epic. God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ”

    I AM.

    Everything that Moses felt he wasn’t, God just told him I AM.

    You’re not good enough. I am.

    You’re not a good leader. I am.

    You’re not a good communicator. I am.

    You’re not strong enough. I am.

    Moses had a gap and the power of God was about to fill that gap.

    So here we are on this Monday morning, totally flawed women with gaps. Gaps defining the distance between where we are and where we want to be. Gaps of inadequacy. Gaps of failure. Gaps of disappointment. Gaps of guilt or shame. Gaps of continued struggle when darn it, we thought we would be beyond this by now, but here we are still struggling.

    And God’s response to every single one of your gaps is I ...

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    628 Let Life Flow

    628 Let Life Flow

    All the days of your life have brought you precisely to this day. It’s no accident you’re right here, right now. Your good, good Father knew this day would come before your first breath. You have a purpose here today. An intentional path with a divine destiny. Your wisdom of the path is not necessary, your willingness to walk it is.

    At this very moment, your heart is beating. Ba boom, ba boom, ba boom. You are alive for a reason. Oh my goodness, what have you been spared from to just be alive today? God has moved heaven and earth to bring you here. The beating of your heart is your drum, guiding you in the beat of your purpose. An intentional rhythm of life. This is your beat. Follow it to your purpose.

    Ba boom, ba boom, ba boom. In that rhythm. I-am-here-for-a-purpose. Follow-the-beat. Baboom-baboom.

    And if you’re like the majority of people, instead of feeling confidence and confirmation, you were just consumed by feelings of concern and condemnation. You just started stressing out about why you’re alive, and what’s your purpose here.

    Why am I alive? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing? Oh my gosh, what if I’m too late? What if I’ve missed it? What if I’m screwing it up? What if I wouldn’t even like it if I found it? What if I’m on the wrong path?

    You’re not alone. That’s the way most people feel when we talk about purpose. But Philippians 4:6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

    You see, we don’t need to be all stressed and overwhelmed about why God put us on this earth and what our purpose is in life, God is telling us, “Hey, don’t be so anxious about this. Be grateful for this gift that I’ve given you. Just come to me with your requests and let my peace fill you. I will guard your heart and I will guard your mind.”

    Maybe that’s exactly what you need today? You don’t need to go on some huge quest for your purpose, you need to decide not to be anxious about it and that you’re going to trust God with it.

    We all know part of the serenity prayer; “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Awesome stuff written many years ago. But there’s another part very few of us have even heard. It says:

    Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time, accepting hardships as the pathway to peace.

    Taking as he did, the sinful world as it is, not as I would have it, trusting that he will make all things right if I surrender to his will.

    That I may be reasonably happy in this life and extremely happy with him forever in the next.

    This is the key to living well, following the beat of our own drum, and stepping in the rhythm of our purpose. It’s living this day, today. Not worrying about tomorrow, but enjoying this moment.

    The way that I have found God’s greatest purposes for my life isn’t by stressing over them. It’s not even by reading a ton of books, listening to certain people, but it’s quite simply letting life flow through me.

    Yes, honey, just let life flow through you. Breathe. Trust. Keep your eyes open to opportunities. Step. Keep the rhythm. Enjoy the ride and see what unfolds.

    As you let life flow through you, it’s then that you begin to hear the beat of your own drum.

    May you have serenity today.

    May you not be anxious about anything.

    And may you remember Proverbs 16:9, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”

    You can have a million and one plans, but trust that it is God who establishes your steps.

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