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Join our 40-day fat loss transformation.

We show you how to balance your hormones, eliminate toxins, accelerate your metabolism, and change your lifestyle with healthy foods and nutrients.

Health For Life Weight Loss and Cellular Healing Dr. Kit Langstroth

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Join our 40-day fat loss transformation.

We show you how to balance your hormones, eliminate toxins, accelerate your metabolism, and change your lifestyle with healthy foods and nutrients.

    Conlin lost 40 lbs. to break the cycle of Obesity in Children

    Conlin lost 40 lbs. to break the cycle of Obesity in Children

    This is a program about losing weight in a healthy way through a state of ketosis. That means we put your body into a state of burning fat. Health For Life does not burn muscle or nutrients.

    Let me tell you about Conlin…

    Conlin is 20 Years Old and He’s Lost 42.6 pounds.

    I don’t see the excitement in a lot of young people to change their lives. The truth is, there is a lot of obesity and weight gain in teenagers these days.

    “When you’re young, most people thin you can eat fattening food and it won’t affect you.” “In fact, you need to be healthy, and to the parents I would say, living healthy when you’re younger does matter.” “It makes a difference.”Dr Kit Langstroth, Founder of the Health For Life Weight Loss and Cellular Healing Program

    Conlin: Before I joined the Health for Life Weight Loss and Celluar Healing program, I couldn’t jog around the block for more than 15 seconds without heavy gasping or being out of breath, and now I can jog.

    More Benefits Conlin Experienced:

    I feel more energy.It’s given me better sleep, for sure, and throughout the night.There are no more headaches.And, I like a much bigger variety of food….  not the same thing every day.That allowed me to open up my diet to some things that I really like.And I went from 258 pounds down to 215.

    It Feels Good to Fight Obesity in Children

    Conlin:I haven’t weighed under 220 pounds since I was just In middle school, I was heavy. I was already in the 200 pounds at 13 years old, and going up from there. So, I haven’t been down to this weight for a long time.

    I was so impressed when Conlin came in because he really wanted to make a change. And that is rare for young people. So, a lot of people I talk to about diets, dieting, and obesity in children say they wouldn’t be able to do it alone. But the truth of the matter is, anybody can do this diet. It just takes a lot of determination, and it takes a lot of work.

    It’s not easy, but if you stick to the Health for Life Weight Loss system, and you do it correctly, you will see results. That’s the truth.

    This Is What I Want To Talk to Parents and Grandparents About…

    – If you have kids and grandkids that are young, and they’re already in the obesity category, we’ve got to change this pattern of obesity.

    – If you love your kids, and they’re very young and already struggling with obesity, this program can change their life.

    Bring them in for a Body Composition Analysis. I can influence your kids for you. I can be an intermediary between you and your child.

    You can Book an Appointment Right on the Website

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    Get your young daughter or your son, or your grandchild on the scale, let them see where their numbers are.

    There has to be some reality. We’ve got to impact them. We’ve got to show them this is not the direction you want to go in.

    Call: 1-855-6-Fat-Loss. Or Dial #250 with the Keyword: Health For Life

    Learn from your Body Composition Analysis. We can determine their Hydration Levels. Also, what is their Percent Body Fat, and their Metabolic Age?

    You would be amazed if they come in at 20 years old their metabolic ages 37 or 40.

    So, let us help eliminate obesity in children and change your child’s life, as we did for Colin.  

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    More Success Stories from Health for Life Sacramento:

    Breaking the Cycle of Obesity in Children, Conlin Lost 40 lbs.
    Lose Weight, Hydrate, and Look Great Just Like Ken did
    Meet Michael; Once Sedentary with Low Metabolism. Now Slim

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    Lose Weight, Hydrate, and Look Great Just Like Ken did

    Lose Weight, Hydrate, and Look Great Just Like Ken did

    Let me tell you about Ken.

    He’s a client who went through the program and it had a pretty BIG impact on him. Before Ken lost 41 pounds on the Health for Life program, He tried a couple of commercial programs. He ate their cardboard food for those six months to only lose 10 pounds.

    We’re at the time of the year where you’re being bombarded with tons of diet programs out there.

    When I asked Ken why he wanted to lose weight, he said it was important because he was diabetic. It was really hard for him to lose weight. Ken went from 230 lbs. up to 255 pounds. So, add a history of Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Intestinal Problems, Shortness of Breath, and a lot of issues going on a lot of Pain and Inflammation, Neck Pain, Arthritis, Low Back Pain, Ken was in trouble.

    Once the Health For Life Weight Loss and Cellular Healing program kicked in, his transformation began. People at work couldn’t believe it. And when Ken would get up in the morning, his stiffness was gone. He could get out of bed and he could move around a lot better. Ken’s attitude is better. His Self Esteem issues are going in the right direction, and now Ken’s excited.

    “I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this program. In fact, I haven’t weighed this little since probably about 1995. I went from a size 42 pants down to size 36.”Ken, Patient of Health For Life Weight Loss & Celluar Healing

    There are a lot of different types of Weight Loss programs available to you. Don’t go through a weight loss program that will harm your metabolism by losing weight the wrong way.

    Lose Weight the Right Way

    With the Health For Life Weight Loss system, you don’t lose muscle or water when you hydrate. You will lose Fat by going into Ketosis. The best part is, you won’t gain your weight back because we reset your body to keep the weight off.

    “All of this is important. I want to give you the tools to be a healthier person. That’s all I care about.”

    – Give us a call: 855-6 FAT-Loss. That’s 855-6 FAT-Loss. – Dial: #250 on your cell phone and say the keyword: Health For Life. – You can go to our website: Health4LifeSacramento.com.

    Here’s How Our Program Works:

    Fill out a health history. Sign up for our Body Composition Analysis. That’s a tool that we use to monitor you throughout the program and to show you how much fat you’re losing. From there we will take a baseline reading. We’ll determine what your percent body fat is, how much actual fat you have on your body, and what your visceral fat rating is. Visceral Fat is the dangerous fat around your heart and your organs. That’s all your diabetes and blood pressure and cholesterol and all the bad stuff. Lastly, we’ll determine what your body hydration is. Body Hydration is so important. Water brings life to every cell in your body. If you don’t hydrate, your cells won’t absorb the water.

    We’re going to teach you how to hydrate. Our process will bring water and nutrients into every cell in your body. All our techniques are designed to feed your metabolism.

    Call: 1-855-6-Fat-Loss. Or Dial #250 with the Keyword: Health For Life

    what’s going to help you become a healthier person.

    The Health
    For Life Weight Loss and Cellular Healing Program is an individualized program
    just for you.

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    Low metabolism and sedentary Lifestyles

    Low metabolism and sedentary Lifestyles

    We are joined by Mike and his girlfriend, Lauren today.

    Mike’s in the middle of the Health for Life Weight Loss and Cellular Healing program. Now, Mike‘s such a unique individual and his condition was so unique. He had literally given up on regaining his weight and speeding up his metabolism.

    “So, Mike, how did you initially gain all this weight?”

    Michael: Basically, I found myself in the hospital in need of routine back surgery. I don’t know exactly what happened, but things went wrong during the surgery. I found myself in the hospital for about a month and a half, just out of nowhere.

    “It was pretty devastating. I was sedentary from that point on. I was given no aftercare, and had no real guidance on how to get through what I was dealing with…”Current patient, Michael

    Micheal: I was immobile for the next two months after that, too. In fact, my back pain led to my sedentary situation.

    Lauren helped fill in the blanks… I’ve known Michael for 10 years and he always has had a beautiful walk. He’s not a lazy person. And so, it was really hard when he came home from the hospital. We didn’t really know how hard to push his body. And that’s how he ended up being in bed most of the time.

    Dr. Kit: Even going back to the fact that you were between 180 and 220 pounds, averaging about 200 pounds before the back surgery, What I’m getting from this, and from you, is you felt that the ordeal shut your entire metabolism down.

    Lauren: We ate well when we were at home. I thought we ate well. There’s always a matter of convenience, right? We live in downtown so it’s easy to go out and get some “little snacks”.

    Snacks, like Sweets? What does that mean?

    Lauren: Oh, Wild Cherry Pepsi was the big one for the longest time.

    Dr. Kit: Well, then if you fast forward from two-and-a-half years ago when Mike was in the hospital. Now you weigh 300 pounds. You go from roughly 200lb. to 220lb. to 300lbs. Why do you think this has been so life-transforming for the two of you? What has this program done for you? And, now that you’re down by 22 pounds, how do you feel Mike?

    “I feel great. For the first time in a long time, and since before my surgeries, I’m not having as much back pain.” “I don’t have that much weight on my body. The reduction in weight is helping, but it’s also helped with breathing.” “It’s amazing. I haven’t felt this well in since I was at least 18. I feel physically better.” Patient, Michael

    Dr. Kit: Mike had gotten himself in such bad shape with his metabolism. He had a very life-changing event. He basically went through a surgery that didn’t go well. And then he was bed-ridden for about a month and a half. It completely shut his metabolism down. It affected him emotionally. So now you’ve been doing the program for about two weeks. And Mike, your story is amazing to me, with all these health benefits. That’s really positive.

    I never felt like I would lose any weight. So, this program has given me much of my life back.

    Dr. Kit: Lauren, essentially your diet was pretty darn bad. Wild cherry Pepsi. Ice cream. In fact, you didn’t eat well.

    What we’re saying on this program is, you’ve got to stop putting this bad stuff in your body. We give you a complete structured diet plan of super healthy food and nutrients while teaching you how to hydrate.

    Get your Body Composition Analysis. It’s an amazing tool.

    Typical Health Problems associated with a Sedentary Lifestyle:

    HeadachesNeck PainPoor sleepArthritisMid Back PainLow Back PainShortness of BreathHigh Blood PressureAnemiaHigh CholesterolHypoglycemiaEpilepsyDepressionAcid RefluxDepression

    “Shall we go on? You’re 37 years

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