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Welcome back to a brand new episode of Mommy and Daddy Talk. New episodes every THURSDAY @ 11 AM PST.

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Welcome back to a brand new episode of Mommy and Daddy Talk. New episodes every THURSDAY @ 11 AM PST.

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    Zach Justice Helps Sara Through her Trauma

    Zach Justice Helps Sara Through her Trauma

    0:00 Intro
    14:16 first impression of brad
    15:22 zach justice intro, Sara fan girl
    16:56 how sara and zach met, dating apps
    18:43 what zach did before his podcast
    19:08 outback steakhouse and the blooming onion
    20:15 how brad and sara met
    23:06 at what point did zach know he could do social media
    26:01 what sara thinks of zach...
    27:00 why zach followed a girl
    27:42 things are way deeper when you're younger
    30:00 caring less or differenlty when you're older
    32:25 why is it hard to find a women that challenges you
    35:09 an empty void of hope for zach and his podcast
    36:07 why do most people quit
    37:19 acting, end goal for zach?
    38:14 what's made zachs podcast popping
    39:07 brad slapped a streamer, and viral streamers
    41:33 who is winning this next UFC fight?
    42:27 sara texted zach late at night...
    44:38 sara bieng a super fan of tari
    46:34 sara and zach both do not drink
    48:07 does zach wing his podcast?
    49:45 david alvarez's videos
    51:38 100 guys tried to date sara
    53:17 Sara likes medium ugly…
    57:11 the boundaries for zach
    57:48 rotan tomatoes
    58:”28 lets go home and watch a movie..."
    1:00:41 sara wants kids
    1:03:00 going on other peoples podcast helps?
    1:04:00 tiktok being what got zach more attraction
    1:04:48 zach hates the gym
    1:06:31 saras eating disorder
    1:07:18 kentucky
    1:08:49 Social media as a job love/hate
    1:10:09 saras ultimate goal and dream
    1:11:02 cats...
    1:12:33 Being alone
    1:13:59 favorite movie and zach never seeing forest gump
    1:19:10 zach went to college for a year
    1:21:50 standup comedy for zach?
    1:23:28 growing up without a father
    1:28:34 the hard part for military living a normal life after retiring
    1:31:04 the white fox event
    1:33:02 what sara asked and told zach
    1:35:59 would you ever let someone pee on you?
    1:36:54 saras and Zach’s attraction for one another
    1:41:28 mr beast getting roasted
    1:42:10 what it takes to be successful on youtube
    1:43:36 zach and sara working out together, trainer
    1:48:42 what does zach eat
    1:50:41 tiktok feeds
    1:51:41 ufc fight coming up

    • 1 hr 40 min


    0:00 Intro
    5:45 brad slapping the kid
    9:02 brad and logan paul
    12:54 back to lacy and reynaldo... the slap
    14:18 brad is going to turkey
    16:24 steroids, and is Logan using?
    18:42 sara went to a white fox event
    21:31 country is coming back, post malone
    23:42 sara went to jail...
    24:39 play boy carti no auto tune
    26:08 sara thinks she can intro sequence for an artist
    27:25 stable reynaldo and sara look alike?
    28:20 why sara was in jail and what happened
    29:31 brad went fishing
    32:32 there is a fly in the studio
    35:39 brad is interviewing ron artest
    36:42 being in a simulation?
    37:29 the interview movie
    41:56 girls are crazy
    43:44 baby reindeer, the women is suing Netflix
    44:31 what happened with ryan garcia
    46:56 selim roasting mike majilak
    49:46 brad going on jeffs barber shop
    51:12 pride month sara wants to celebrate brad
    52:31 reading comments
    54:14 people having thicker skin to say anything on the internet
    55:05 sara and brad playing call of duty
    1:00:12 sara went to brads barber, and her insecurities
    1:02:22 sara got food poisoning
    1:04:20 brad being sick during covid
    1:06:06 being with someone that speaks about it on the internet
    1:07:04 if brad and Sara went to a deserted island with a book and a friend...
    1:08:57 sara used to be in boy scouts, she got a tick
    1:11:20 brad had poison oak and ivy
    1:12:27 ring worm
    1:12:41 brad pod with tana and brooke
    1:13:27 the next m&d guest?

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Bradley & Sara Tell Felipe the Truth.

    Bradley & Sara Tell Felipe the Truth.

    0:00 Intro
    2:14 the clip of sara saying she likes ugly guys
    3:55 do you get naked when taking a poop?
    4:35 getting poop shy? farting infront of your girls
    6:47 zoo culture miami
    12:22 felipe glazing sara
    13:14 sara making cooking videos
    13:50 the time felipe thought sara would never talk to him again
    14:41 brad won't say I love you
    15:10 relating felipes father loving him to pleasuring a women...
    17:06 felipe needs to hear the "I" in front of love you
    20:25 diego and felipe got robbed $23k
    25:51 sara ran into mexican ot
    29:29 the mexican community loving brad
    30:08 Brads work life growing up
    33:54 Telling your mom or parents social media is making you money
    35:54 brad had a problem with working out and eating
    39:30 brad was an abrocrombie model
    41:58 brad couldn't get it up because of his diet
    49:14 the color orange for brad
    50:07 realizing and taking in the moment of being able to do these things and what you have
    52:43 felipe used to work construction then come make content at the gym righ after
    54:47 diego and felipe thanking brad for what they've been able to accomplish
    55:26 brad doing what he liked making social media a thing, changing lives
    1:00:16 What brads content consisted of gaining success on social media
    1:02:15 brad being himself the entire time on the internet
    1:04:10 what life’s about and it's not all about money
    1:05:08 the best thing money gives you...
    1:05:35 felipe had $100 to his name
    1:06:53 everyone can figure it out, believing yourself
    1:13:01 sara graduated
    1:14:07 the next plans for diego and felipe
    1:14:58 felipe has been flying lately

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Going to Couples Therapy…

    Going to Couples Therapy…

    0:00 Intro
    13:34 saras life hack
    14:36 zoo culture miami
    16:48 sara has a lisp...
    17:43 what sara did in miami
    18:38 brad went to Hawaii for his birthday
    22:08 brad is quitting everything
    23:06 what sara is best at
    24:38 brad shot a bit for nelk in DTLA and was an FBI Agent
    26:19 sara went to a strip club
    31:34 brad is interviewing will smith for fullsend pod
    32:42 brad wants to fight Logan Paul
    34:53 Sara and brad brushing their teeth...
    35:56 dollar menu and dollar stores are no longer a thing anymore
    37:03 fighting politicians
    38:50 There is a study for micro plastics in human testicles...
    40:36 brad moving to a farm
    42:51 reading comments
    43:53 brads assistant hops on the podcast
    46:42 the time emory went to a drake and future concert and future smelled
    47:21 kevin hart & Kai cenat collab
    48:01 emory went live on kick saying brad is 260... 260,000 times
    49:53 how is it working for brad
    51:31 every girl is crazy
    54:26 what is too crazy that a girl can do
    56:06 couples therapy and normal therapy
    58:42 mike tysons medical emergency and fight with jake paul
    1:00:20 netflix in other countries
    1:02:21 tiktok of guy calling his girl a b**ch
    1:03:00 Using the word c*nt
    1:06:06 emory suprised brad in hawaii for his 27th birthday
    1:10:05 are women standards way too high for men?
    1:17:20 instagram is broken
    1:18:57 do you sleep with socks on?
    1:21:54 what situation would you pull a karen?

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Brad and Sara go out…

    Brad and Sara go out…

    0:00 Intro
    1:42 What happened with Diddy
    3:34 brads fear of saying “I love you”
    3:56 Sara doesn’t love…
    6:09 back to what happened with diddy
    9:48 people that get rich and famous, then do weird sh*t
    10:23 drake allegations
    16:38 kendrick & drake
    20:47 brad is going to hawaii
    23:24 vanilla gorilla cafe, it's a pick of brad
    24:42 sara is depressed
    25:50 favorite movie as a kid
    26:53 if sara was a cartoon character...
    28:04 brads birthday and what he’s doing
    30:08 sara is having a moment...
    32:25 if your house was on fire question
    37:07 couples therapy
    39:37 brads patience
    43:29 wishing from a crystal ball? It’s where you make it, focusing on the now
    46:33 sara being a mother
    47:59 Brad would get a cat
    49:39 what is a good instagram photo?
    50:33 if someone asked brad what sara was he would say...
    51:27 If someone asked Sara what brad was she would say…
    54:10 What brad would say at saras funeral
    55:44 first impression of sara
    56:45 First impression of brad
    58:40 the feeling of there is more in life
    1:00:28 brads top 3 ideal guest to interview
    1:01:16 saras hate towards elon musk and tesla
    1:02:28 Being afraid of the dark, and nightmares
    1:04:33 if you die on the toilet do you finish peeing?

    • 1 hr 10 min


    0:00 Intro
    28:06 Saras nails
    29:13 what else ads to the look for girls
    36:05 Brad went to New York
    37:50 Don Lemon pod, the vaccine
    40:50 Cars being expensive and have more problems
    41:48 Sara hates elon musk and tesla
    46:08 The dentist
    47:09 Saras incident at forever 21…
    52:22 brad catching pedos with vitaly
    1:01:58 Tao restaurant
    1:04:04 Brads birthday is coming up
    1:04:18 The roast of Bradley Martyn
    1:05:29 Sara asmr gym weed
    1:06:58 if sara and brad could be renamed...
    1:07:20 if sara was a worm
    1:09:00 a conspiracy theory that you actually believe in
    1:09:13 Brad and Saras favorite candy
    1:12:10 zodiac signs and why are girls so obsessed
    1:15:01 most overrated thing that everyone is obsessed with
    1:16:06 does brad have a type?
    1:17:40 Icks for Sara
    1:22:56 How Sara has been gaining weight
    1:24:05 how do you know and how to end a relationship...
    1:28:55 when you start distancing in a relationship

    • 1 hr

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