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Personal Branding: Podcast with the author Bernard Kelvin Clive, bringing you expert interviews and insights into Personal Branding, Personal Development, and Publishing. This is your simplified Business Branding and Career podcast.

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Personal Branding: Podcast with the author Bernard Kelvin Clive, bringing you expert interviews and insights into Personal Branding, Personal Development, and Publishing. This is your simplified Business Branding and Career podcast.

    Personal Brands: 20 Things to Dare in 2020

    Personal Brands: 20 Things to Dare in 2020

    Personal Brands: 20 Things to Dare in 2020

    Now is the time to spice up and step up your personal brand!

    “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.” ― Helen Keller.

    The opening quote by a woman who defied odds to reach for greatness should trigger you into action, by daring greatly.

    I have listed things anyone can dare to do this year and at any point in life. You can add or subtract, just make it your own. Pick and do what you can, challenge yourself.

    This might not be for everyone, however, everyone can find something worth daring.

    1. Write a book

    This may be the best time to write that book in you. Your story needs to be heard. Just start writing.

    2. Go on a date

    Yeah either married or single, you can just pick a location to go spend some quality time with yourself, your spouse, fiancée or family. It makes a lot of difference.

    3. Travel/ go on a tour

    Perhaps, you have never traveled outside your village, town, city or country. This may be the time to do so. Plan for that trip today.

    4. Learn a language

    Language is a very powerful communication tool, if you are at least multilingual the better. Learning a new language can be empowering, just add one more to your list.

    5. Go back to school

    You may think it’s too late but hey no! You can still take that course. If it's necessary, make it happen this year. Make enquires and pick a form.

    6. Start a business (side hustle)

    You may need an extra income or may have plans for a startup business. Just begin, get the needed resources and launch out.

    7. Adopt a child

    If this is the best option for you, go for it. Your adoption may just be to cater for the needs of someone's child. Do it!

    8. Start a family

    If you've been planning to settling down and the right time is up, go ahead don't keep postponing it. Prepare for. a wonderful family life.

    9. Plant trees

    Contribute to a greener world and save lives by simply planting a tree. We need fresher air and a better environment. Be a tree planter.

    10. Run a Marathon

    You may just decide to do this for the fun of it not necessarily for a medal. Experience it!

    11. Go on a retreat

    Go out of town, find a serene place to meditate, have deeper soul searching, pray and commune with God.

    12. Start a farm

    A backyard farm would be an ideal starting point if you have space for it. Be it plant or animal farming, cultivate this as a hobby or business. The returns are worth the effort.

    13. Acquire a land

    If you have land, you can have more. If you have none, now it's a great time to secure one. Invest in lands, it always appreciates.

    14. Volunteer

    Service to others is service to God. Offer to serve freely in any capacity that you can. Be of help to others.

    15. Compose a song

    Yeah! You don't need to be a musician or songwriter to write a song, you just need to appreciate life and nature to begin. Do it in your way. Sing your song.

    16. Start a personal library

    You need not be a lover of books to start a library. For posterity sake, have a resource of books that can help generations after you. It could be a great way to transfer knowledge and impact lives.

    17. Grow your assets (invest)

    It is a good practice to have multiple streams of income. It makes life worth living and lightens the pressures of life.

    18. Read more books

    And one more book to your reading list, then another, then another. Read as much as you can. Get enlightened.


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    Myths about Goal Setting

    Myths about Goal Setting

    Myths about Goal Settings

    1. A goal must be in writing. Not entirely, you can have unwritten goals.

    2. A goal must be time-bound. Setting timelines for your goals helps but not all goals need deadlines.

    3. A goal must be specific. The truth is that sometimes a goal only gets more apparent when you start working towards it.

    4. A goal must be attainable. Sometimes you just don't have proof that a goal would be achieved. You can only hope and act on your faith.

    5. A goal would make you happy. Happiness is a decision. If you tie your happiness on the realization of a goal, you will live life unhappy. You can reach your goals and still feel empty and unfulfilled.

    Regardless of these myths, research has proven that people who set goals are largely happier, and are more successful than those who don't.

    So, now let's get started with our goals.

    Recommended book: Goals Are Dead! Simple Strategies for Achieving your Goals while Enjoying Life

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    Making 2020 Your Best Year Ever

    Making 2020 Your Best Year Ever

    20 Twenty20 Tips for a Great Year

    How to Make It Your Best Year Ever

    Bernard Kelvin Clive

    How different would you live your life if there was no calendar?

    At the end and beginning of every year, there is an increase in goal setting activities, people set goals and resolutions with the hope of achieving them. The question is, what if these activities were a lifestyle, done throughout the year and not tied to a particular ending or beginning?

    What if, we simply decide to enjoy our daily lives while pursuing or set goals and dreams? Well, today I present to you tips to make the best of your daily life, hence your year.

    Let’s get started!

    Tip #1

    Define your Success

    Success means different things to different people. To begin with, define what success (a great year), means to you. In your terms, don't let society determine that for you. Once you've done that, you set yourself free from the pressures of society by not leaving to impress others and ready to succeed.

    Tip #2

    Be Decisive

    Decide to make it great. Once you define what success and a great year or life mean to you, the next thing to do is decide to make it so. You are a decision away from your life's breakthrough. You hold the keys to your life's happiness. Decide this day, to make the rest of your life the best you can ever have.

    Tip #3

    Your big idea!

    You must have an intriguing idea, a dream; something you are so passionate about, a problem to solve, a need to meet, a mark to make. That is your Dream, Your Vision, Your Goal: Be specific! See the big picture. How will it be like, when you finally get it? What will success mean to you? Set crystal clear goals; goals that will set your heart on fire. Make it important to you.

    Tip #4


    (Follow One Course Until Successful). Master One thing. Don’t dissipate your energy. Ask yourself, what one thing do I want to be noted for this year? Then channel all your energy and resources to make it happen. Become so good at what you do that you can’t be ignored. So, become the best in your chosen field.

    Tip #5

    Raise the bar on yourself!

    Think Big! Expand your vision and expect more from yourself than anyone, then, go make it happen. Compete against yourself and challenge yourself daily. Use your creative imagination. Think win, win, in all the time. Ask: How can I help someone win today? How can I be a miracle to someone?

    Tip #6

    Build a team

    Carefully select your dream team. Remember: you are the average of your 5 closest friends you spend the most time with. Evaluate your circles in the previous year, did they help or hamper your progress? Then revise where necessary, it matters! TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

    Tip #7

    A better approach

    Ask yourself, how can I do this better? Innovate! Permit yourself to succeed in those areas. By working in the area of your strengths, your talents, and gifts you can master your craft with ease.

    Tip #8

    Fail fast!

    Hey! Don’t be afraid to fail. Feel the fear and do it! Face your fears. Things may not turn out as you planned but don’t give up, learn from them. Get up anytime you fall and fight on! It’s all part of the growth process.

    Tip #9

    Stretch yourself!

    Don’t just do the easy and fun things to just get by, leave your comfort zone, exceed your limits, and break that barrier. Do the difficult task. Discipline yourself to succeed.

    Tip #10

    Write things down!

    Write your goals down and read them often. Revise them as when necessary. You must stay current; be updated on current trends around the world especially in your field. Read great materials, books, articles, etc.

    Tip #11


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    Branding Predictions 2020+

    Branding Predictions 2020+

    Personal Branding Predictions for 2020+

    “We’re the generation. We

    can’t afford to wait. The future started yesterday and we’re already

    late”- John Legend

    The question is, what do

    brands have for the future and not what does the future hold for brands. For

    brands that are determined to stay top of mind in business today, will require

    more than what worked yesterday. They must be willing to go the extra mile and

    pay attention to the following pillars/predictions. Have a prepared mind to

    harness future possibilities.

    The truth is that the digital

    landscape is predictably unpredictable. However, with the right data, one can

    prepare ahead, stay abreast and take advantage of the ever-changing tides of


    Here are what to do and expect

    in the coming year(s).

    1. Brand reinvestment:

    To reap a bounty harvest in

    any field of endeavour requires sowing good, seeds in a good soils and

    nurturing it to grow. Right environment and timing are critical success

    factors. In the same way, any brand that desires to make the most of the coming

    times must begin planting (preparing) and pruning (strategizing). Great brands

    don’t just show up overnight, they are deliberately built. In effect

    corporations must educate their staff and equip them appropriately by investing

    in them (seed sowing and nurturing) if they desire to thrive.

    In the coming years, Companies

    will begin empowering their employees to build strong and influential personal

    brand, so they can leverage it. Corporate employee brand advocacy programs will

    be on the rise. That will be the game-changer. Personal branding for corporate

    gains. It’s going to be a win-win for the employer and the employee.

    Additionally, brands must

    always reinvest in plans and strategies that are working and never to settle.

    Invest in research and development and invest in employers as brand


    2. Jobs and Hiring:

    Companies will be hiring

    candidates with established personal brands/ influencers aside from their

    expertise and qualifications. Candidates with strong Personal brand, social

    media presence will be the preferred ones.

    It’s time to pay attention to

    your ‘Personal Brand. If you are a job seeker, begin building your online brand

    today. Note that every piece of content you churn will either help you or hurt

    you. You’ve got the power to build that strong brand now.

    3. Content Building:

    It’s not about ‘content being

    king’. The truth is that, there is and will always be lots of content on this

    age. What’s needed most is, relevant, timely and accurate content. Providing relevant

    and usable data that can scale brands and businesses.

    In the coming years, Brands

    will start creating and curating original content for promotion. Creating their

    data banks. Media and data will be the tool to be used as a driver for growth

    and dominance. Video content demands will still be on top.

    What are you to do?

    Pay attention to every video

    publishing platform and invest in quality content production, not the hype.

    So, it’s your time and turn to

    act now.

    “The Future belongs to those who are building Brands now, for they will

    be sought-after” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

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    Branding and Intellectual Property in a Social Media Driven Era

    Branding and Intellectual Property in a Social Media Driven Era

    Have you ever had your social media post stolen before? Someone claiming ownership of your creative work? What do you so?

    In this episode my guest Audrey Dauvet, an International Intellectual property expert throws more light on that.

    Download, Listen, Learn and Share.

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    Branding: How to Use Data to Drive Business Growth

    Branding: How to Use Data to Drive Business Growth

    In a data-driven economy, the more and accurate data you have the more powerful and profitable you become.

    In this episode I interviewed the founders of Praxis, AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell, who shared on how to effectively use data to drive business growth exponentially.

    You will learn how to Track, Analyze and Visualize data effectively.

    Listen. learn, download and share.

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