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    S02E01 DNA website helps solve cold case, HUGE Boehner flipflop, and take back your lettuce!

    S02E01 DNA website helps solve cold case, HUGE Boehner flipflop, and take back your lettuce!

    Power Hour Season Two Kicked Off on April 28th. The guys surprised long time viewers with a new studio, new show structure, and some major upgrades.

    The episode starts with three of the week's top news stories:
    1) Trump finds paralympics "hard to watch"
    2) Ronny "Candyman" Jackson drops out from VA Head appointment
    3) DNAmatch takes down Golden State Killer

    Then the guys run through some old new:
    4) Potentially all lettuce in the US contaminated with E. coli
    5) Bill Cosby convicted of three counts of sexual assault
    6) Paul Ryan, retiring at 48, will get $85K pension, starting at age 50
    7) Tourists are being slaughtered in Cancun
    8) Rick Scott says he will bring term limits to DC Congress

    Next, Steve and Jeff get personal. Jeff shares his rash decision to switch back from organic deodorant. Steve shares his new-found love for sketching. And the guys discuss pissing at urinals and the core differences between porcelain pissers and water pissers.

    When the guys open the phone lines, eccentric Australian billionaire Gill Bates calls in and gives his take on (9) John Boehner joining the board of cannabis company Acreage Holding, which is lobbying Congress to decriminalize marijuana. Gill claims the board seat was originally offered to him, but he turned it down because he does not "want the green goddess legalized".

    The show caps off with Steve and Jeff answering emails (podcastpowerhour@gmail.com). First, Donna needs to know if she should follow her instincts to leave her husband after getting breast augmentation. And lastly, the guys read an email from Big Dick, lead singer for Skin-to-Skin, about playing his music on the show. Enjoy!

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