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The Dissonance of Things The Dissonance of Things

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Monthly podcast from thedisorderthings.com

    Decolonising Peace EUPRA-AFK 2017

    Decolonising Peace EUPRA-AFK 2017

    This is a recording of a keynote address given on March 16th 2017 at the AFK-EUPRA Joint Conference by Meera Sabaratnam, entitled 'Decolonising Peace and Conflict Studies'. The text notes are available at The Disorder of Things.

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    Logistics - Violence, Empire And Resistance

    Logistics - Violence, Empire And Resistance

    Logistics - Violence, Empire And Resistance by The Dissonance of Things

    • 49 min
    Decolonising The Academy

    Decolonising The Academy

    In this month's podcast I'm joined Dalia Gebrial from Rhodes Must Fall Oxford and two stalwarts of TDOT, Meera and Robbie, to discuss 'Decolonising the Academy'. We take a look at the Rhodes Must Fall campaign and its implications for understanding the relationship between higher education, coloniality and 'race'. We also ask why is my curriculum white? What can be done change the way in which knowledge is produced and taught in universities? Finally, we explore how decolonising the academy might relate to anti-colonial and anti-racist struggles taking place outside of the university.


    • 55 min
    Leftist Foreign Policy After Corbyn

    Leftist Foreign Policy After Corbyn

    Leftist Foreign Policy After Corbyn by The Dissonance of Things

    • 1 hr
    The Arms Trade And Its Discontents

    The Arms Trade And Its Discontents

    Further resources, including articles discussed in the podcast:

    Stop the Arms Fair
    Lara Montesinos Coleman (2015) 'Ethnography, Commitment, and Critique: Departing from Activist Scholarship', International Political Sociology, 9(3)
    Richard Perkins and Eric Neumayer (2010) 'The Organized Hypocrisy of Ethical Foreign Policy: Human Rights, Democracy and Western Arms Sales', Geoforum, 41(2)
    Susanne Therese Hansen and Nicholas Marsh (2015) 'Normative Power and Organised Hypocrisy: European Union Member States' Arms Exports to Libya', European Security, 24(2)
    Emma Mayhew (2005) 'A Dead Giveaway: A Critical Analysis of New Labour's Rationales for Supporting Military Exports', Contemporary Security Policy, 26(1)
    Anna Stavrianakis (2006) 'Call to Arms: The University as a Site of Militarised Capitalism and a Site of Struggle', Millennium, 35(1)

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    What The Hell Is Going On In Turkey?

    What The Hell Is Going On In Turkey?

    In this month's podcast, I'm joined by Kamran Matin and Fred Weber to discuss recent events in Turkey. We cover the apparent sea change in the AKP's foreign and domestic policy in the aftermath of the 7th June elections. We also unravel the intricacies of Kurdish politics and examine the contradictory interests of NATO. In short, we ask: what the hell is going on in Turkey and what are the implications of Turkey's actions for the geopolitics of the Middle East?

    Glossary of parties, organisations etc discussed in the podcast:

    AKP - Justice and Development Party (caretaker governing party in Turkey, Islamic-conservative)
    CHP - Republican People's Party (largest opposition party in Turkey, secular-nationalist-social democratic)
    HDP - People's Democracy Party (Turkey's pro-Kurdish, left wing party)
    ISIS - Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also known as Islamic State, ISIL and Daesh)
    KDP - Kurdish Democratic Party (Barzani's political party in Iraq, hostile to the PKK/ PYD)
    MHP - Nationalist Movement Party (far-right party in Turkey)
    PKK - Kurdish Worker's Party (Kurdish revolutionary party in Turkey)
    PYD - Democratic Union Party (Syrian affiliate of the PKK)
    YPG - People's Protection Units (military wing of the PYD)
    YPJ - Women's Protection Units (women's wing of the YPG)

    • 50 min

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