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This podcast is meant to set the stage for your future self, creating the tone of your yoga practice and your meditations with the goal of re-aligning your chakras to fully take in yourself, your surroundings and the universe.

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This podcast is meant to set the stage for your future self, creating the tone of your yoga practice and your meditations with the goal of re-aligning your chakras to fully take in yourself, your surroundings and the universe.

    Deeper Still

    Deeper Still

    Deeper Still - A mix by Chakra Science | Opals - Catching Flies | Chasm - Calibre | Ghosts - Catching Flies | Kite Hill Theme - Catching Flies | Tongue - Edamame | Walking In Circles - Calibre | Stay Here (Rohne Remix) - Henry Green | Curiosity - Pablo Nouvelle | Defeat - Hiatus | Sheven - Calibre | Free - Kidswaste | Purity - Laxcity | Error - Calibre | The Long Journey Home - Catching Flies | Eratik - Calibre | Realign - Henry Green | This mix is intended for promotional use only. We claim no copyright to the music contained with it. For more information visit https://chakrascience.net

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Kundalini Rhythmic

    Kundalini Rhythmic

    This edition of The Chakra Science Podcast is a slight deviation from our usual show. We've compiled and mixed over an hour's worth of music from some of the artists that inspire us. If you're enjoying what you're hearing, please support the artists by purchasing their music. Chakra Science claims no copyright to these recordings and this mix is purely from promotional use only.

    Rhythmic Kundalini
    Runtime: 1:08:40

    Song Title - Artist

    Gray Horizon - Rahikka
    Apparat 06 - Ruslan Khodzhamov
    Minimal Music Study 2011 G - Rutger Muller
    Apparat 06 - Ruslan Khodzhamov
    The Giant In The Tiny Room - Almanacs
    Curiosity - Pablo Nouvelle
    Who I Was Before - Rahikka
    Glass Army - Almanacs
    Freeze (Pablo Nouvelle Remix) - Manu Delago
    Tree Synthesisers - Jonny Greenwood
    René - Eelke Kleijn
    Stuck In Time [past] - Oscpllex
    Fospheron Intro - Approach - Leniad
    Paredes Fantasmas - Almanacs
    Glass Waves - Eelke Kleijn
    Dark Space Low - Angelo Badalamenti
    Windswept (Reprise) - Johnny Jewel
    Image of Haida - Rahikka
    1,000 Lights - Eelke Kleijn
    Weak Interaction - Oscpllex
    Outro - Substak
    Stuck In Time - Oscpllex
    Engine&Data - BSLC
    Bayuda - Tunnelvisions
    We're Back - M P
    Curiosity - Pablo Nouvelle

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Pushing Upward

    Pushing Upward

    Pushing Upward

    This is a tribute to the spirit of perseverance, courage and grit in the face of difficult times. In this world of chaos there are challenges around every corner. During times of great adversity, we must find the strength to rise to the occasion; just like a flower sprouting up through pavement we must push through the darkness toward the light in order to bloom.

    Please enjoy Pushing Upward by Chakra Science

    This mix consists of all original soundscapes produced by Chakra Science, with the exception of the end of the recording wherein the following tracks were played:

    Image of Haida – Rahikka
    Who I Was Born – Rahikka
    Throwback – Ponkie
    Overnight – Ponkie

    Pushing Upward was recorded live on August 31st 2019

    • 1 hr


    Here is the latest all-original music from the Chakra Science collective. This podcast features ambient and chill-out soundscapes created for deep contemplation. We hope you enjoy listening.

    Track list:
    1. Portal
    2. Following
    3. Passing Clouds
    4. Enduring
    5. The South Wind
    6. Reprisal

    © 2019 Chakra Science

    • 1 hr
    Sounds For Astral Projection

    Sounds For Astral Projection

    It was a magical day in the early 90’s; I wandered into a metaphysical book store just after moving to Lawrence, Kansas. The smell of Nag Champa blended with old paperback books as the sunlight refracted from the crystals on the shelf behind the counter. I recall seeing a beautiful woman meditating in a large wireframe pyramid made from wood. I felt like an outsider as I asked the store clerk if they had a copy of Temporary Autonomous Zones by Hakim Bay. She looked at me with a subtle smile and informed me that book was out of print. I purchased my copy of The Invisible Landscape by Terrence and Dennis McKenna and went on my journey. Those were magical times in an enchanted place. The sounds of that bookstore still resonate with me, like a siren’s call to the mysterious world of ambient music. It is with that spirit of magic and wonder I present to you my first collection of ambient works, Soundscapes for Astral Projection. Created with love, from FSTZ

    • 48 min
    Live at City Hall

    Live at City Hall

    This episode is a recording of Chakra Science live at City Hall in Lee's Summit, MO. The first 40 minutes is a mellow meditative session. The second is a rhythmic journey through space and time.

    Enjoy - Guru BB

    • 1 hr 46 min

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