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Harry Mack, multi-talented artist and rapper known for his electrifying freestyle rap videos, explores the many facets of creativity and artistic flow states. Through conversations with notable artists, musicians, and thought leaders, and casual explorations of Harry’s own process, Flow State seeks to inspire the creative spark within.

Flow State with Harry Mack Harry Mack

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Harry Mack, multi-talented artist and rapper known for his electrifying freestyle rap videos, explores the many facets of creativity and artistic flow states. Through conversations with notable artists, musicians, and thought leaders, and casual explorations of Harry’s own process, Flow State seeks to inspire the creative spark within.

    Coast Contra: Evolved Nostalgia

    Coast Contra: Evolved Nostalgia

    The tenth installment of Flow State Podcast is here and this time Harry is joined in the studio by rising stars in the hip-hop world, Coast Contra. Comprised of rappers Rio Loz, Eric Jamal, Ras Austin, and Taj Austin, Coast Contra is best known for their viral video Never Freestyle. Gaining notoriety for their debut album, Apt. 505, and The Old Way Mixtape, Coast Contra has opened for Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl, appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and traveled through North America on their own headlining tour. In this episode they talk to Harry about their journey as a brotherhood, the methods they use to create, and why staying independent means so much to them. After discussing the nuances of freestyle and off-top rapping, Coast Contra and Harry close the episode out with a cypher session.

    Coast Contra -AYO (Official Video)


    Never Freestyle


    Apt. 505


    The Old Way


    Method Man - All I Need ft. Mary J Blige


    Alan Jones




    Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


    The Magic of Thinking Big


    Harry Mack - Napoleon Hill


    The Colture Playbook by Ty Baisden


    Show Notes

    00:00:00 Introduction

    00:01:20 Who is Coast Contra?

    00:03:15 Evolved Nostalgia

    00:04:52 First Influences in Music

    00:07:48 Choosing a Career in Music

    00:13:18 Rio Loz’s Colombian Origins and Bilingual Rapping

    00:17:24 Apt. 505

    00:31:29 Never Freestyle

    00:40:42 Freestyling and Off The Top

    00:47:11 Staying Independent

    00:55:12 Striking A Balance

    01:00:22 Closing Rap

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Start With What You Love

    Start With What You Love

    It’s time for a brand new installment of Flow State with Harry Mack! In this solo episode, Harry talks about his goals for musical growth through more collaborations with other artists. He answers questions about getting started in music and how to push past the difficulties of a low energy audience. He also addresses the difference between copying from your favorite musicians’ style and using them as an influence to help you grow. After reacting to a freestyle submission and a classic clip — Prom Night in DC — Harry recaps this episode’s journey in freestyle.

    Show Notes:

    Search by Lyric with Genius


    Atomic Habits by James Clear


    Kind of Blue by Miles Davis


    Prom Night in DC (Guerrilla Bars 25)

    00:00:00 Introduction

    00:01:53 Creative Collaboration for Musical Growth

    00:12:34 Question 1: How do you navigate the fear of unintentionally copying someone?

    00:25:11 Question 2: How do you get started making beats and music?

    00:34:21 Question 3: How do you keep the energy flowing when people are closed off?

    00:41:28 Question 4: What catches your ear in a beat for a freestyle or written?

    00:47:01 Freestyle Submission

    00:53:29 Reacting to Prom Night in DC

    01:09:19 Closing Freestyle

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Daru Jones: In The Pocket, Crafting An Identity

    Daru Jones: In The Pocket, Crafting An Identity

    In this episode of Flow State, Harry welcomes two-time Grammy winner Daru Jones to the podcast. Best known for his genre-bending drumming and unique drum setup, Daru has performed, recorded, and toured with legendary musicians including Jack White, Pete Rock, Gloria Gaynor, Slum Village, Talib Kweli, Black Milk, and more. Daru tells stories about coming up in gospel music and discovering jazz and hip-hop through drumming. They discuss creating your own style in music, forging a path that transcends genre, and becoming anointed by the flow state. Bookended by studio jam sessions, this episode of Flow State is not to be missed.


    Show Notes



    Daru Jones with Jack White - Ball and Biscuit/Don’t Hurt Yourself/Jesus Is Coming Soon (Live on SNL)


    Daru Jones with Jack White - Lazaretto (Live on SNL)


    0:00:00 Intro Jam Session

    0:03:31 Harry Introduces Daru Jones

    0:08:53 Daru’s Origins with the Drums

    0:12:59 Musical Memory

    0:15:39 First Listening to Hip-Hop

    0:21:29 Touring with Slum Village and the J Dilla influence

    0:31:15 Playing Different Styles of Music

    0:35:20 Daru’s Drum Setup

    0:45:47 Flow State and Being Anointed

    0:52:53 When Harry and Daru First Met

    0:56:48 Closing Jam Session

    • 1 hr
    This Is Non-Negotiable

    This Is Non-Negotiable

    In this episode, Harry explores some of the lessons he’s learned about sticking to goals, staying on track, and addressing what - if anything - he would change about his freestyle career. Harry also dives into his roots as a jazz musician with stories about coming up as a young jazz improviser, learning about how to really listen to the musical conversation, and offering recommendations for some of his favorite classic jazz musicians and albums. After fresh reactions to a multi-lingual freestyle submission and a classic Guerrilla Bars moment, Harry closes out the episode in his traditional way — through freestyle.


    Show Notes:
    Relaxin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet

    Art Blakey

    John Coltrane

    Sounding Well Writ (Guerrilla Bars 7)

    Prove it to Myself

    Get Away From Everything


    00:00:00 Introduction

    00:01:09 Kobe Bryant and the Non-Negotiable Contract

    00:09:49 Self-Compassion and Getting Back On Track

    00:23:06 Question #1: If I could start over…

    00:29:18 Question #2: Jazz Artist Recommendations

    00:39:26 Question #3: The Jazz - Freestyle Connection

    00:45:25 Freestyle Submission

    01:00:01 Reacting to Guerrilla Bars 7

    01:10:42 Closing Freestyle

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Rick Glassman: Pushing Boundaries, Letting The Audience In

    Rick Glassman: Pushing Boundaries, Letting The Audience In

    Alright y’all— after 2 exhilarating improvisational explorations on his acclaimed podcast Take Your Shoes Off, it was time to bring the incomparable Rick Glassman into Flow State I knew it’d be a great pod, but I had no idea I’d get to reap the benefits of Rick’s PCS (Podcast Consulting Service) free of charge! I just genuinely love hanging out with this guy so much. It was awesome to hear about the parallels between my approach to doing improvised concerts and Rick’s approach to editing and animating his podcast. Also the narrative freestyle toward the end of this ep had my adrenaline soaring!!!! I think y’all are gonna dig this one— thanks so much for being here and enjoy

    Sur Jazz’s Portra 400

    Harry Mack on TYSO - #195

    Harry Mack & Lamorne Morris on TYSO - #243

    I Am Phenomenal

    Rick Glassman’s Will Smith Monologue on TYSO

    Jim Kwik

    Hypest Prom Ever (Guerrilla Bars 25)

    New Music OUT NOW:

    00:00:00 Introduction
    00:00:47 Podcasting Advice From Rick
    00:11:03 Take Your Shoes Off
    00:18:49 Struggles with Watching Yourself
    00:21:16 Being Cool
    00:28:08 Being Willing to Fail
    00:31:03 Performance as Play
    00:37:53 Focusing on Image vs Being Present (Smile and Be Ugly, Dude)
    00:46:20 Visual Contextualization
    01:03:34 Pee Break Freestyle
    01:07:47 Long Form Freestyling
    01:08:52 Three Girls At the Guggenheim Freestyle
    01:18:00 Visualizing the Scene
    01:22:59 Closing Conversation

    • 1 hr 24 min
    The Magic Of Guerrilla Bars

    The Magic Of Guerrilla Bars

    What's going on, y'all? Welcome to another episode of Flow State. In this episode, I express my love for David Copperfield, we react to episode one of my Guerrilla Bars series, I answer some questions from the community, talk about my morning routine, react to a dope freestyle submitted from one of y'all, and close it out with the bars like we always do- Let's go!

    *Hypest Prom Ever (Guerrilla Bars 25)*

    *Guerrilla Bars Episode 1*

    *Di3sel Optics on Omegle Bars 18*

    *Limitless* by Jim Kwik

    *The Artist’s Way* by Julia Cameron

    *Atomic Habits* by James Clear

    0:00 Intro
    2:31 Shooting Guerrilla Bars
    7:17 The Busking Experience
    12:43 Seeing David Copperfield
    24:47 Reacting to Guerrilla Bars 1
    34:10 Q1: Unforgettable Content Moments
    41:07 Q2: Is Flow State Contagious?
    48:37 Q3: Dealing With Stress
    1:02:26 Freestyle Submission
    1:09:20 Closing Freestyle

    • 1 hr 14 min

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