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Five guys exploring their faith in conversation, Bible study and Interviews.

Aus Table Talk | Conversations you wish you could have at church Aus Table Talk

    • Religion & Spirituality
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Five guys exploring their faith in conversation, Bible study and Interviews.

    What if We Treat Creation as Mythology?

    What if We Treat Creation as Mythology?

    There's geology, there's astronomy - but do they prove Creation to be mythology??

    Tune in, because this is a special episode! With the help of Luke's Christian-Evolutionist friend (shoutout to you - thanks!), the boys at the table tackle this tricky topic.
    Can death pre-date sin? What's the relationship between theology and saving faith? And how can we look the same facts, yet have different ideas?
    Join us on episode 257 of ATT - enjoy! 🧡🎧

    (Spoiler: we'll continue on this topic veeery soon (and hopefully with your input! Stay alert))

    And hey - we want to humanise ALL sides of the topic. Question-asking is healthy, so we stay 100% intellectual + 100% respectful. We hope you do, too ;)

    • 1 hr 4 min
    How NOT to Use the Bible

    How NOT to Use the Bible

    Join the ATT crew as they dive into the hilarious and often misguided ways people misuse the Bible. From dubious doctrines to creative interpretations, this episode promises a fun (yet always insightful) exploration of what the Good Book really says. Tune in for a lively discussion that'll have you both laughing AND reflecting on how to handle Scripture with care!

    • 48 min
    Does the Bible Have All the Answers?

    Does the Bible Have All the Answers?

    Over the Bible in three weeks??
    What happens when the answers don't seem to be there? Do we look in other places?
    Today's table discussion covers just that. Grab a seat, as we delve into God's voice, Christian community, and Adventures in Odyssey(?)
    This has been an ATT episode. Enjoy! 🧡🎧

    • 39 min
    Are Cliques Really That Bad?

    Are Cliques Really That Bad?

    Ever felt like a main character? Specifically in a Mean Girl’s movie? 🤔

    Cliques can hurt. But - maybe it’s more complex than we think.

    Join our conversation as we explore this new topic – we yarn about connections, experiences, and Biblical outlook (is God a clique?? What does homeschooling have to do with this? Looking at you, Luke)

    A curious topic for curious minds – tune in to ATT’s latest episode! Happy listening 🎧🧡

    • 41 min
    Biblical Masculinity

    Biblical Masculinity

    MUSCLES!!! No.
    If we're not careful, too much of our identity can be caught up in ideas - worldly ideas of what we're TOLD we are/should be.
    Far from being Mr Macho, the Bible has lots to say on what it means to be a man.
    This ep, we're talking about "masculinity"
    Why don't you give it a listen? Welcome to the Table! (specially made by today's guest, too)

    • 50 min
    Humility & Confidence - Leadership FINALE

    Humility & Confidence - Leadership FINALE

    How's your balance? And before you fall over, I meant as a leader.

    Confidence and humility are BOTH qualities of a good leader, and might not be as dichotomous as you think.
    In our series finale, we tackle this tricky topic - so come with us as we boil down these concepts, and build up each other!
    With a lot of laughs and rabbit holes, because it wouldn't be us if it wasn't.

    This is episode 6 of ATT’s Leadership Series. Happy listening! 🎧 🧡

    • 52 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

stereotypical_username ,

Awesome discussions and team

These guys are down-to-earth, funny, open-minded, God-seekers. I highly recommend listening to their podcasts! ‘Listen and hear that the podcast is good.’ 😉

lankye ,

Humble and honest answers

I have really appreciated hearing a panel of Christian men discuss with humility and encouragement such important topics that the church has long avoided due to being steeped in its own experiential traumas. Grateful for their perspectives but most of all the way they carry out their discussions.

CarinaMitch ,

Spiritual Nourishment Combined with Humour

I have been listening to this podcast for 12mths or so and really enjoy it. Interesting topics and lots of laughs. Well with a listen!

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