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Interview, information, current events about any bands - concert, brass or pipe!

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Interview, information, current events about any bands - concert, brass or pipe!

    Episode 9: Dominic Longhurst

    Episode 9: Dominic Longhurst

    Hello loyal listeners? Did you miss us? Did anyone actually believe we would release episodes on a regular weekly basis?? 
    But here we are with a fresh ep with the amazing "doesn't like being called a child prodigy" Dominic Longhurst!
    Dive into the world of music with our esteemed guest, Dominic Longhurst, as he shares captivating stories of passion, success, and resilience on the Brassbannedcast episode. From enchanting toddler memories around cornet tunes to his illustrious journey through the ranks of music, his tales are a testament to the power of a positive mindset. Listen to his riveting narration about his experience under the guidance of Professor David King and his role as the conductor of Willoughby Brass Band. A must-listen for all music enthusiasts!
    Immerse yourself in the world of English bands with our jovial chats, musical history trivia, favourite instrument banter, and never-to-be-forgotten stage blunders. Don't miss the chance to sing along and enjoy this lighter side of music. Enjoy the Brassbannedcast with us!

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    Episode 8 - Adrian Loone

    Episode 8 - Adrian Loone

    Explore the musical world and memorable banding experiences with Adrian Loone, Vice President of the National Bands Council of Australia. In this episode of The BrassBannedcast, Adrian takes us through his fascinating 40-year journey, from playing a euphonium with holes as a schoolboy to spearheading the NBCA. Listen to the significant milestones of his life, both humorous and struggling. This episode promises a delightful exploration filled with stories about brass bands, band competitions, instrument transitions, and unique challenges.
    With Adrian's entertaining narrative, dive deeper into the energy-packed realm of band competitions, the adrenaline, camarity, challenges, and unmatched experiences. From the highs of solo performances to the amalgamation of deep bondings within the band communities, this episode has it all. Hear the intriguing stories around the unique trophies of band competitions and gain insights into the exciting preparation for trophy presentations. This episode is a treasure trove of anecdotes, learnings, and behind-the-scene activities related to banding.
    This episode is a treat for everyone who shares a passion for music, especially band enthusiasts. Dive into this melodic journey with Adrian as they narrate their experiences marked by enthusiasm, dedication, joy, and an undying love for music. Get ready to be entertained, informed, and inspired by the vibrant world of brass banding.

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    Re: Nationals Re-cap

    Re: Nationals Re-cap

    Guys, my free trial of the AI ran out so I have to make up my own description.
    In this episode Tim and Robyn chit chat about our experiences at the 2024 Australian National Band Championships in Adelaide. The highs, the high-heels and the naughty possum.
    We hope you had as much fun at Nationals as us!

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    Episode 6 - Jade McEvoy

    Episode 6 - Jade McEvoy

    Welcome to another fun episode. 2 weeks out from Nationals, we chat with Jade, who plays flute with Unley Concert Band, an A grade wind band. Enjoy!!
    Jump right into 'Brass Bandcast' episode, a harmonious encounter with the music world. Engage in a captivating conversation on rehearsals, banding, and the unassuming joy of music. This session stars Robin, Tim, and their special guest, Jade, a flute player from Unley Concert Band, South Australia. Dig deep into Jade's musical journey, challenges of performing on stage, and the unique aspects of playing a woodwind instrument.
    Get an insider's perspective on adjusting tunes, managing a diverse team, and confronting the unique challenges faced by visually impaired musicians. Enjoy anecdotes about section leadership, hardships and joys of playing the flute and piccolo, coupled with the interesting dilemmas associated with varying weather conditions while performing.
    Delve into the South Australian tradition of the Christmas pageant, amusing band marching stories, and explore the fascinating moments of being part of a band. Listen to tales of memorable performances, rapid music learning, a feathered cello performance, stolen band belongings, and more.
    This episode is a rollercoaster ride of laughter, strange finds and invokes the raw love for music. A must-listen for band lovers, music buffs or anyone seeking a behind-the-scenes glance at the life of a musician.

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    Episode 5: Halen Newman

    Episode 5: Halen Newman

    Reviews are in....not one person out of 6 has voted us less than 5 stars on apple podcast! 
    Words used to describe this podcast include FUN, INTERESTING, PROFESSIONAL! The AI description has outdone itself this week!
    Welcome to another stimulating episode of Brassbannedcast. This episode is all about cherishing the vibrant world of brass bands and the colourful personalities that bring them to life. We meet Haylen, a skilled musician known widely in the band community for his enchanting euphonium prowess. From mischievous backstage tales to a chat about the charm and eccentricity of the band's uniforms, this episode is as much a journey through Haylen's memorable experiences as it is about the beautiful chaos of music itself.
    Prepare to be enthralled as Haylen shares the adrenaline-filled narrative of his unexpected role as a drum major. From the electric anticipation caused by his ambitious mace throw to his notable performances on the national stage, his amusing tales unfurl against the backdrop of enthusiastic in-band camaraderie. The episode unfolds further, bringing forth Haylen's impressions on various roles within a band and amusing incidents which punctuate the band's performances, creating a vivid picture of the sector.
    The episode continues to enthral with captivating reminiscence of past adventures. The rollercoaster that is national band performances, the thrill of an unexpected double tube play to the hilarious tale of a euphonium solo, this episode is filled with humor and a rich tapestry of experience that paints a broad and lively picture of the world of brass bands. The episode culminates with quick-fire questions focusing on our guests' favourite brass band pieces, enlightening the audience about the depth and breadth of their musical interests.
    Unfold the complexities of a musician's life in this engaging episode that beautifully encapsulates the trials, excitement, and triumphs of band practices and performances. With fascinating real-life stories from concerts, auditions, and rehearsals, we take you backstage into a perfectly harmonious chaos. Join us as we delve into tales of bandmate camaraderie, cheerful contests, and the binding sense of family that inevitably forms in every band.
    This enthralling episode concludes with heartwarming stories of balancing personal life with music, the joys of adopting 'extra babies' during lockdowns, and an impish dream of becoming a drum major. In an exciting, inspiring, and utterly entertaining ride filled with pure love for all things brass, this is one musical journey you wouldn't want to miss.

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    Episode 4: Jamie Willson

    Episode 4: Jamie Willson

    Welcome to 'The Art of Percussion: Lessons from My Car Trunk to the Stage'
    In this latest episode, we are thrilled to present our special guest, Jamie - a charming percussionist with a wealth of experiences. Jamie enthralls us with his tales of playing in numerous bands, moving to Melbourne in search of opportunities, as well as the challenges he faced, and much more. His inspiring story is an amalgamation of comedic narratives, insightful reflections and personal victories.
    Besides Jamie's captivating journey, the episode also delves into detailed discussions about the impending Australian National Band Championships and notable composers. There's much to learn and enjoy in this musical odyssey that goes beyond just numbers and tunes.
    So, whether you're a fellow percussionist, an avid listener, or someone curious about the world of music, this episode is sure to pique your interest. Tune in for laughter, inspiration and the raw power of music in its most organic form.
    Tune in now and catch 'The Art of Percussion: Lessons from My Car Trunk to the Stage'

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8 Ratings

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