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Bringing biblical ethics to everyday issues.

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Bringing biblical ethics to everyday issues.

    Podcast episode 040: Religious freedom and the government

    Podcast episode 040: Religious freedom and the government

    Freedom is something easily taken for granted—until it is taken away. COVID-19 has forced government-mandated restrictions on societies all over the globe, and these restrictions lead many of us to question what responsibility government has over us. Is it to protect people or their freedoms?

    As Christians, religious freedom is paramount. But does government have any right to regulate religion? Furthermore, is government the enemy of religion, or is it its enabler?

    In this episode, Chase Kuhn speaks with Akos Balogh, CEO of The Gospel Coalition Australia, about what Bible teaches us about the role of government in relation to religious freedom.

    For show notes and transcript, visit https://ccl.moore.edu.au/resources/podcast-episode-040/

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    Our May event with Michael Kellahan and Chase Kuhn: “Is freedom of religion a human right?”: https://ccl.moore.edu.au/events/2020-05-27/

    The 2019 CCL annual: https://ccl.moore.edu.au/resources/2019-annual/

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    The Gospel Coalition Australia: https://au.thegospelcoalition.org/

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    Podcast episode 039: Are sermons necessary?

    Podcast episode 039: Are sermons necessary?

    For most churches, the sermon has a prominent place in the service. This is met with mixed reception from church goers—reception that is typically based on how engaging the preacher is and how long he preaches!

    But why do we keep the sermon? In different progressive church models, there have been experiments to do away with preaching in the “stand and deliver” model. As this sort of monologue becomes increasingly foreign in our contemporary culture, should we still keep the sermon in our churches? Putting it into our current climate, should we listen to sermons online? If so, can I listen to the best preachers around the world? Do I need to keep listening to my pastor? Furthermore, is church more than a sermon?

    We discuss these questions in this episode of our podcast. Our guest is Nigel Styles, the director of the Cornhill Training Course in London.

    For transcript and show notes, visit https://ccl.moore.edu.au/resources/podcast-episode-039/

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    Podcast episode 038: Mission in a time of global pandemic

    Podcast episode 038: Mission in a time of global pandemic

    Do all Christians have a responsibility for mission? If so, what does mission involve? Must we all tell the gospel, or are acts of mercy appropriately missional? Furthermore, how should we think about mission in a time of global pandemic? Is the mission of Jesus on hiatus? In this episode, Chase Kuhn talks with Simon Gillham, head of the Department of Mission at Moore College and former missionary in Namibia, about how we should think about mission in the Christian life in times such as these.

    For transcript and show notes, visit https://ccl.moore.edu.au/resources/podcast-episode-038/

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    Podcast episode 037: Moral realism in a relativistic age

    Podcast episode 037: Moral realism in a relativistic age

    The onslaught of progressive ideology in Western culture has left many of us Christians cowering in the corner. Despite holding to God’s views on morality, we feel increasingly timid about speaking about biblical morality in the public sphere. We often find ourselves in the minority in political debates and academic dialogue. We may even question whether speaking about morality is actually important. Surely each person is entitled to their own view of morality; who are we to tell someone who doesn’t believe in God that they are wrong because he says so? Can we as Christians be certain about what is right and wrong? And is what we believe anyone else’s business?

    In this episode, our new Director and host, Chase Kuhn, sits down with our former Director and host, Tony Payne, to chat about the difference between moral realism and moral relativism, the problem with moral relativism, and the issues moral relativism raises for Christians in our day and age.

    For a full transcript and show notes, visit https://ccl.moore.edu.au/resources/podcast-episode-037/

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    Podcast episode 036: Last things

    Podcast episode 036: Last things

    An important piece of Christian jargon to master (if you want to appear like you know something) is the word “eschatology”. It simply “the last things”, and usually refers to discussions about the final resurrection and judgement, the return of Christ, the nature of the new creation, and so on.

    But “the last things” are not only about the future; they have a massive bearing on our everyday lives, because the Christian gospel is all about how the “last things” have invaded the present—how Christ has died and risen to make us members of his kingdom, which is to come.

    On this episode, we talk with David Höhne about his new book The Last Things and how understanding God’s plans for the future means everything for our lives now.

    For transcript and show notes, visit https://ccl.moore.edu.au/resources/podcast-episode-036/

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    Podcast episode 035: Lessons from a pastor’s heart

    Podcast episode 035: Lessons from a pastor’s heart

    Over the past two years, Dominic Steele has interviewed around 100 pastors for his regular weekly podcast, The Pastor’s Heart (http://thepastorsheart.net).

    In this episode, we talk to Dominic not only about what he has learned and been challenged by in these conversations, but what we all can learn about the Christian life—whether we’re pastors or not—from the joys, challenges and heartaches of pastoral ministry.

    Transcript and show notes available at https://ccl.moore.edu.au/resources/podcast-episode-035/

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
86 Ratings

86 Ratings

Rebuking donkey ,

Good theology and good practicality

This podcast is hitting the spot. Fantastic theological reflections from some wonderfully thoughtful theologians. Also deeply practical and applicable

Will Vice ,

Too good. Not frequent enough.

The ethics is drawn from the bible is drawn extremely well. Exegetical. It's practical yet biblical without falling into shallow pragmatism. It's profound. Deep and thought provoking. Topics are very timely. Content has prompted and encouraged me to repentance in many areas, to evangelise, to sing God's praises, to read my bible more fervently and more.

My main criticism is that it's not frequent enough. Ideally, there should be at least three episodes a day, maybe even five. Actually, it should be a radio station that runs all day 24/7. I'm a bit tired of our current Christian radio station.

My second criticism is that it's too good. The world is so undeserving of hearing such a great resource for free – that articlates God's word into our context, culture and circumstances.

My third criticism is that it's causing me to sing too many praises to this podcast, when I should be singing praises to God. This podcast is becoming an idol to me. Maybe it needs to be shut down? I am torn. Or perhaps I need to repent.

LCTL58 ,

Great Resource for Christian Living

Topics covered are relevant and practical. Issues are dealt with are clear, biblical, thought provoking and Christ centred. Lawrence (Melbourne)

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