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A super organic podcast, delving into the connection Adventists have with the Holy Spirt, what Adventists think of each other and what the outside world thinks of Adventist! Welcome and thanks for following the CONNECTED family!

CONNECTED Adventist Catalina Arevalo

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A super organic podcast, delving into the connection Adventists have with the Holy Spirt, what Adventists think of each other and what the outside world thinks of Adventist! Welcome and thanks for following the CONNECTED family!

    Save Yourself

    Save Yourself

    Stop saving people! Wait up, I'll explain. Often, the natural response of many people is to save others before ourselves, and although that is honourable, I have seen too many people, marriages, families and churches crash and burn (symbolically) because they neglected to invest time in saving themselves first. Taking time to invest in our walk with God can strengthen us to do an even greater job at what we're already doing with God. If we put our oxygen mask on first, we'll be able to help MORE people put their mask on too.

    • 28 min
    Is Google ever Wrong?

    Is Google ever Wrong?

    We're starting to Google EVERYTHING. Symptoms, people, factchecking, science and everything else that we need to get answers about! But that scares me! What if Google gets it wrong? We seem to be blindly making Google the Canon- for life and faith. So what's the alternative? I know what's worked for me, and I'm very confident it will be helpful to you. But to be honest, I'm still googling a lot of things, because I don't know a lot about a lot of things, I just don't Google things relating to my faith.

    • 37 min
    Beholding Glory

    Beholding Glory

    The second coming can be super abstract to some, and even a little fictional to others. As Christians, we live our lives holding on to this day, when everything will come together and finally, we'll go to heaven and live in a perfect world. All our hopes will be fulfilled. And all our struggles will disappear and it will 'all be worth it'. But one thing that was made very clear to me this morning, was that the presence of God's glory at the second coming will be revealed to us in a way that we've never experienced before. It will bring an overwhelming feeling of excitement, joy and to some of us, the second coming will give us a much needed sense of peace and relief knowing that all suffering is finished and that God- remained true to His promises. This point about God's glory and the overwhelming sense awe at seeing our Saviour, was revealed to me after I watched Aus Table Talk's latest video, yep I know- random, but you have to listen to the episode for it to all make sense, i hope!

    • 33 min
    Shedding the Old

    Shedding the Old

    Spiders shed their exoskeleton in oder to grow! I know, some fo you didn't know that, neither did I until last night. An encounter with a spider last night gave me some solemn thoughts about growth. Its hard work, its painful (I didn't ask the spider but it looked like it was in pain lol), its draining and it makes us extremely vulnerable to predators. Personal growth is the same. It's not an easy stage of existence, but it's crucial nonetheless

    • 29 min
    Tarantulas, Eating Disorders and Body Image

    Tarantulas, Eating Disorders and Body Image

    Our physical appearance can impact much of what we believe about ourselves. The hard thing is though, that what others think about us can become what we believe about ourselves. Society, media and our peer groups can determine whether we value and accept our appearance or whether we criticise our appearance and live life trying to change how we look. Some of us carry the scars of childhood teasing, bullying and discontentment all the way into adulthood, without finding any more acceptance for who we are outwardly than when we were a child.

    • 56 min
    The Fairytale of Christianity

    The Fairytale of Christianity

    Everyone knows what a fairytale ending is like, the main characters run away and get married, the evil villain dies or goes to prison for the rest of their life, the sick person gets better and those who were lost are found and reunited with their loved ones. Why does humanity long for happy endings? And more importantly, is that the only reason that Christianity is so popular? Do Christians base their life on a fictional story that has no truth in it but simply makes them 'feel good' about life?

    • 38 min

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Erkotl ,

Refreshing and dynamic!

I like the Connected Adventist for its refreshing and dynamic content.

The sincerity shown in this podcast is unmatchable, and the balance in brings to Christianity is much needed today.

I recommend this for the Christian and non-Christian alike to have a birds view of the life of a committed adventist Christian.

Please, keep’em coming!! 😊

Levi the spunk ,

Homosexuality is not a choice

I dislike the language and rhetoric used in the episode on Dan & Jo’s episode.

I am not offended by it but find it to be reflective of the general misconception and attitude Adventist’s hold towards gay people.

There is no such thing as ‘the homosexual lifestyle’... like- what does that even mean?
Does that mean that when I go for a run, I run in a homosexual way because that’s the lifestyle?
Like most people: I pay my taxes, I buy groceries, I work, I get stressed and tired, I drink far too much coffee. Are these part of the homosexual lifestyle?

Homosexuality is not a choice, homosexuality is not an affliction like alcoholism, you cannot choose to live the homosexual lifestyle, you cannot choose to be straight, you cannot choose to pray the gay away.

You cannot be cured ... because there is nothing to cure.
You cannot ask God to make you whole, because you already are.

hoppy_bounce ,

Authentic and inspirational

Catalina is a very authentic and genuine podcaster who provides inspiration for Christian’s dealing with life as a young parent in rural Australia. Thank you for the effort and the difference you make.

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