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A monthly show that reviews one film director per episode with the occasional bonus episode. Episodes #123-172 were hosted by Brad & Al. Visit the website, subscribe via iTunes, find us on Letterboxd at NowPlayingJim or PatrickRipoll.

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A monthly show that reviews one film director per episode with the occasional bonus episode. Episodes #123-172 were hosted by Brad & Al. Visit the website, subscribe via iTunes, find us on Letterboxd at NowPlayingJim or PatrickRipoll.

    Episode 184: Top Ten Films Of The Obama Era

    Episode 184: Top Ten Films Of The Obama Era

    Episode 184 (technically episode 276 if you count bonus episodes) consists of something special - something we’ve never done before in the history of this show. A collaborative top ten list curated by the two individuals that started this show a decade ago. Normally, we fight and bicker but there’s just a little bit of that this time. Patrick Ripoll and I decided to happily piece together our very favorite films from the Obama Era which is essentially when we hosted this show together, on and off. These particular selections were released between 2009-2016 and a lot of familiar favorites do come up, but there are also surprises along the way. For the first four hours everything went smoothly, but as you’ll hear, there’s a bit of a change at the four-hour mark as we concluded due to technical difficulties.
    No worries, you’ll get to hear most of our decisions, justifications and opinions on what the ten best films are from the years 2009-2016, back when things were a bit brighter in the world. We did this to cheer ourselves up and it worked! No time tracks this time since it’s all about the master list and getting it down to ten titles. Happy 10th anniversary to this show and thank you all for listening to me and Patrick ramble on for over four hours about some of our favorite films. 
    The Master List:

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    Episode 183: Fifty Favorite Films (10th Anniversary Special)

    Episode 183: Fifty Favorite Films (10th Anniversary Special)

    For the first 10th anniversary special of Director’s Club, you get 6 hours and 45 minutes of me and Bill Ackerman talking about our 50 favorite films of all time. Granted, we did end up spending a little time before that revealing our favorites from 2020 as well, but for the most part you get to learn about what each of us think are all-timers when it comes to movies we love. Some have changed for me including my #1.

    Towards the end of the month, you’ll get a second anniversary special featuring Patrick Ripoll, original co-host for a surprise edition that should be quite different than anything we’ve done before. (Which means you’re likely to at least get a total of ten hours of content for January). My full of 100 favorites is available at Letterboxd but don’t spoil the fun, listen to the episode first to see what has changed these past five years since I last revised the list. Be sure to subscribe to Bill’s spectacular show, Supporting Characters. Catch up with all the episodes from the past and stay tuned for more in the future! Thank you so much for supporting Director’s Club this past decade and looking forward to at least another year’s worth of new episodes. See you in a couple of weeks for one more anniversary special - Jim

    00:00 - 06:28 - Intro

    06:29 - 51:59 - Favorites From 2020

    52:00 - 03:13:07 - Favorite Films #50-#26

    03:13:08 - 05:21:24 - Favorite Films #25-#11

    05:21:25 - 06:44:30 - Favorite Films #10-#1

    06:44:31 - 06:47:31 - Outro

    Episode 182: James L. Brooks

    Episode 182: James L. Brooks

    BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE VERY END FOR A SURPRISE CAMEO!  For the last official episode of 2020, I brought on two very special guests from one of my new favorite podcasts, Screen Drafts to talk about one of my favorite writer/directors, James L. Brooks. The great Clay Keller and Ryan Marker join me to discuss his entire filmography since it’s relatively small (unless you count his work in TV) and focus mainly on our love for his first two films. One of which is not only my favorite screenplay of all time but Clay’s favorite movie of all time. Early on, we also provide quick reviews on TIME, PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN and WILD MOUNTAIN THYME! What a great way to end the year and be sure to stay subscribed for two very special anniversary episodes in January! Obviously, I expect all of you to subscribe to Screen Drafts if you haven’t yet.
    00:00 - 15:30 - Introduction
    15:31 - 37:03 - What We Watched This Week
    37:04 - 38:07 - Director Song
    38:08 - 01:33:11 - Terms of Endearment + Broadcast News
    01:33:12 - 01:57:34 - The Rest Of His Films
    01:57:35 - 02:10:02 - Top Three / Outro / Surprise!
    Screen Drafts:

    • 2 hrs 10 min
    Bonus Episode: The Last Starfighter Commentary

    Bonus Episode: The Last Starfighter Commentary

    After being inspired by Patrick’s foray into commentary tracks with his great show as well as Mike White of The Projection Booth’s version of this on the new Arrow Blu-Ray, I decided it was time to give this a try with a little help from a friend. Erik Childress (of Movie Madness) joins me to talk about one of the great science fiction films of the 1980s, The Last Starfighter. Definitely one of those titles I watched repeatedly that still holds up and has a special place in my heart.

    Cue up your Blu-Ray or streaming platform and join us! We certainly bring up interesting facts along the way but also share personal stories too. I recommend watching along with us but you can also listen to this as a separate podcast. This episode will be in the regular feed as a sample of things to come over on the Director’s Club Patreon which I’m finally going to be updating on a regular basis. So if you want future commentary tracks and supplemental material you’ll have to join the family over there please. Really excited for you to hear this because The Last Starfighter meant so much to me as a kid as you’ll hear and huge gratitude to Erik for joining me on this adventure to Rylos and beyond!

    00:00 - 03:07 - Introduction
    03:08 - 01:51:13 - Commentary Track
    01:51:14 - 01:55:06 - Outro

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    Episode 181: Celine Sciamma

    Episode 181: Celine Sciamma

    In contrast to the last episode, this time we cover the work of someone more recent and with a much smaller filmography. Since all four films touch upon similar themes, culminating in what's now considered a masterpiece, we chronologically cover the work of French filmmaker Celine Sciamma starting with Water Lillies and ending with Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Joining me on the journey are returning guests Ryan McNeil of the Matinee Cast as well as friend and film writer Kate Blair. In addition, the what we watched segment covers a lot of ground as well ranging from Basket Case to The Offence and much more!
    00:00 - 11:10 - Introduction
    11:11 - 11:59 - What We Watched Song
    12:00 - 40:36 - What We Watched This Week
    40:37 - 41:24 - Director Song
    41:25 - 02:16:50 - Director Discussion (all 4 films)
    02:16:51 - 02:33:21 - Outro
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    Episode 180: Lucio Fulci

    Episode 180: Lucio Fulci

    Every October, we try to go above and beyond the call of duty. For one of the most insane years in recent history, it only made sense to finally tackle another Italian horror master by the name of Lucio Fulci. I needed help with some very special returning guests by the names of Patrick Ripoll and Gabe Powers, both host their own shows on the Now Playing Network as well. It was difficult to narrow down our discussion to the main essentials but we do start out talking about his Giallo work with A LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN followed by what most consider to be his masterwork, THE BEYOND. Lots of other titles are of course mentioned along the way due to his extensive filmography. We also cover a few titles during the what we watched segment including THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW, DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE, and WITCHTRAP.
    00:00 - 06:19 - Introduction
    06:20 - 07:02 - What We Watched Song
    07:03 - 01:02:45 - What We Watched This Week
    01:02:46 - 01:04:01 - Director Song
    01:04:02 - 02:02:51 - A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin
    02:02:52 - 02:43:46 - The Beyond
    02:43:47 - 03:09:09 - Other Titles
    03:09:10 - 03:18:41 - Top 3 Fulci / Outro

    Patrick Bromley Ranks 21 Fulci Horror Films:
    Screen Drafts Picks The Top 7 Fulci Films:

    Supporting Characters Interviews Stephen Thrower:
    Genre Grinder Hosted By Gabe:

    Tracks Of The Damned Hosted By Patrick:

    • 3 hrs 18 min

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4.3 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Ryansoldout ,

Great podcast that delves into the films of iconic directors

Even if they like a director, they're not afraid to analyse their faults, often arriving at new insights and in the end, I think we all learn a little something about... Life.

Milage may vary on the song interludes, but hey they're having fun.

Guns1inger ,

Looking for a solid film podcast ? This ain't it

I tried to give this ago, but the boring, often uninformed and poorly researched content mean't I didn't last long. Still looking for a new "Watching the Directors" or "Hollywood Saloon". When you take at face value the ravings of a conspiracy film you haven't even seen, you lose me (Cronenberg episode)

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