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Conversations with business leaders on branding, marketing, digital and design. People who think differently and have commercialised their creativity to do something remarkable.

DSR Branding Presents Dan Rowell

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Conversations with business leaders on branding, marketing, digital and design. People who think differently and have commercialised their creativity to do something remarkable.

    Make it Fun with Jonny Shannon.

    Make it Fun with Jonny Shannon.

    This episode is on making brands fun, finding your unique value, and the importance of great marketing with Tech Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker, Jonny Shannon.

    Jonny’s the CEO of Gamify, a marketing company that develop video games for some of the world's biggest brands. He’s also Australia’s most requested speaker for schools, with talks on cybersafety, anti-bullying and mental health.

    Jonny has presented over 3,000 times to over 370 schools and was recently awarded Australian Motivational Speaker of the Year 2020 by Corporate Vision Magazine.

    In this epic 2hr episode we cover: 

    Jonny’s favourite brand

    What makes Elon Musk the most interesting person in the world 

    Appearing on Shark Tank

    Jonny’s background in sales and making 100 calls a day

    Building a billion dollar company

    Surprising and delighting clients

    Dealing with bullying 

    Overcoming objections in the sales process 

    Why marketing is so important 


    Jonny’s Bio

    Jonny Shannon is an International Tech entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker based in Sydney, Australia. He grew up in South Auckland, New Zealand and found school extremely difficult, having undiagnosed dyslexia and other disabilities which led him to failing all his subjects and being bullied. After overreacting too many times, Jonny was finally expelled for fighting too much and not showing up to school. It wasn’t until his last school that a counsellor took him aside to work through some of the key issues he was facing. The difference for Jonny was from “night to day”. He quickly turned his academic performance around and focused on his emotional wellbeing. Surprised in the difference seeing a counsellor made, he committed to doing youth work to help other students like him in the future. 

    After a short time in the New Zealand Army, Jonny moved to Australia to become a qualified youth-worker. He later took some time off and co-started multiple companies including being a pioneer of ‘Pushpay’, an app that helps people give to charities, now on the ASX and one of the fastest growing SasS companies in Australian history, worth over $1 Billion. He took this success and resources to re-dedicate his life to full-time youth work, this time focusing on interviewing youth psychologists and speaking at schools on various health topics.

    • 2 hrs 5 min
    The Death of SEO with Ben Hirons.

    The Death of SEO with Ben Hirons.

    This episode is on Search Marketing and the Death of SEO with Ben Hirons.

    Over the past 20 years, Ben has started and grown three successful businesses, researched over 1000 small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and studied the great marketers of our generation. 

    He is the founder of Due North, a boutique digital marketing agency specialising in search marketing. 

    Ben has a refreshing take on SEO and shares great advice on what you can do to win on Google.

    This episode is perfect for marketers and business owners looking to get more sales from their website. If you’re currently spending money outsourcing your SEO this episode is well worth your time. 


    Ben’s Bio:

    Ben Hirons is a Serial Entrepreneur, Rocket Scientist and explorer wannabe.

    He is the founder of Due North, a team of marketing engineers collaborating with SMEs to drive revenue growth in the digital channels. He brings a unique and super-effective approach that combines his aerospace engineering skills with latest marketing techniques to design and build great marketing assets that stand the test of time.  

    Over the past 20 years, Ben has started and grown three successful businesses, researched over 1000 SMEs and studied the great marketeers of our generation. He is considered to be one of the leading marketing minds in Australian business, not to mention he has quite an interesting superpower.


    Episode Contents:

    Ben’s favourite brand

    His background, studying Aeronautical Engineering

    Building and selling payments business - Merchantlink

    Winning on Google

    Launching Due North

    Lessons learned in rebuilding a search company 

    Due North’s methodology to search

    Describing your ideal clients

    Killing SEO

    The difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

    Developing a content strategy

    Ben’s favourite book — Essentialism 

    • 56 min
    Building Extraordinary Brands with Dan Rowell.

    Building Extraordinary Brands with Dan Rowell.

    Hosted by former show guest Zoe Green, this episode has Dan Rowell discuss his focus on Building Extraordinary Brands. 

    As well as being the regular host of this podcast, Dan is a Brand Strategist and the Founder of DSR Branding. He’s also the Co-Founder of Brill Coffee, a premium freeze-dried specialty coffee business.

    Episode Contents:

    Dan’s favourite brands 

    Influential people 

    Lessons learned from guests on the podcast

    DSR Branding’s approach to branding

    Brill Coffee

    Common myths about branding

    Favourite books

    How Dan disconnects from work

    Listen to episode 17 with Zoe Green. 

    Dan's Bio

    Dan Rowell is a Brand Strategist and the Founder of DSR Branding, an award-winning branding and design firm, specialising in rebrands for B2B companies. 

    Dan started DSR Branding in 2015 so that he could focus on his true passion; working closely with company founders to focus and articulate their business vision and build remarkable brands.

    With over a decade of experience in the advertising and marketing industry, Dan has worked across household brands including national retailers, Australia’s biggest universities, fashion labels, and beloved sporting teams.

    Guest Host: Zoe Green, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Co-Partnership

    Since 1998, Zoe has worked on some of the world’s most iconic brands with some of the industry’s most inspiring creatives, including Harry Pearce of Pentagram, Mary Lewis of Lewis Moberly, and Max Harkness with whom she founded Co-Partnership with in 2011.

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Conferences, Community & Personal Growth with Matthew Haynes.

    Conferences, Community & Personal Growth with Matthew Haynes.

    Matthew Haynes is an Experience Designer and the driving force behind The Design Conference, an epic two-day event featuring critically acclaimed strategists, designers and some of the world’s most renowned commercial artists. With notable past speakers including Chris Do, Tea Uglow, Dean Poole and Christopher Doyle, as well as previous guests on this podcast — Ben Johnston and Craig Black.

    Matt discusses the motivation behind starting The Design Conference 10 years ago, building it beyond an in person event and the expansion of their ecosystem.

    We discuss brands like Louis Vuitton and Nike, Matt’s early career as a professional baseball player, meeting your idols and his quest to live a spectacular life.

    Follow Matt on Instagram. 


    “Matthew brings enormous positive energy and enthusiasm to everything he does and is passionate and genuine about promoting the strength of the Australian Creative and Design industry.”

    Andy Sargent

    Co Founder / Creative Director



    Episode Contents

    Matt’s favourite brand

    The fear of failure

    Matt’s introduction to creativity

    Ayahuasca and the journey into the unknown 

    Playing professional baseball in America

    Starting The Design Conference 10 years ago 

    The desire to improve

    Living a spectacular life 

    The evolution of the design conference

    What makes a great speaker

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Creating a Fitter Planet with Clive Ormerod

    Creating a Fitter Planet with Clive Ormerod

    Clive Ormerod is the CEO of Les Mills, a global fitness brand famous for their group fitness classes like BODYPUMP™, BODYCOMBAT™ and BODYATTACK™. 

    Their workouts are licensed in 20,000 clubs worldwide, with a team of 140,000 instructors delivering group fitness classes to over six million people a week.

    Before joining Les Mills, Clive ran his own retail business, worked across Europe with Nike, and with one of New Zealand’s largest companies, Spark.  

    Clive shares his favourite brand, his personal purpose and how it aligns with the work he does, stepping up from CMO to CEO, and leading and adapting through COVID19.

    Plus, we discuss the future of fitness, LES MILLS On Demand — their at-home workout app, and strategic partnerships.

    Connect with Clive on LinkedIn. 


    Clive’s bio:

    Clive’s love for building and developing teams comes through in the conversation we had. He is an experienced business leader, with a proven track record in delivering results across international businesses and building high-performing teams. Bringing his high energy and leadership expertise to the role of CEO, Clive is committed to shaping a world-leading team and strengthening Les Mills’ position as a top global fitness brand. Before joining Les Mills, Clive went from running his own business, working across Europe with Nike, to accepting a role with Spark, one of NZ’s largest businesses, which enabled his family to settle back into life in New Zealand.


    Episode Contents:

    Clive’s favourite brand — Nike

    His background in retail

    Working with Nike in the UK & Europe

    Clive’s personal purpose: A plan on a page 

    Working with Spark 

    Joining Les Mills

    Stepping up from CMO to CEO

    How a background in marketing and brand helps CEOs

    Leading through COVID19

    Growing LES MILLS On Demand, their at-home Workout App

    Building your audience whilst also nurturing your base

    Strategic partnerships

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Improving Productivity & Leading Remote Teams with Matthew Barram

    Improving Productivity & Leading Remote Teams with Matthew Barram

    Matthew Barram is CEO of Enspara, a technology company that develops energy efficiency software and hardware for enterprises. 

    He’s led software projects for global brands like Rio Tinto and Chevron, and coaches people on how to develop their soft skills through experiential learning.

    Leading a fully distributed workforce across three continents, Matthew shares great advice on how he keeps his team engaged, motivated and productive. 

    We discuss:

    Building trust remotely

    What's wrong typical meetings and how to fix them

    How to better assess new candidates 

    Teamwork building exercises

    Employee engagement 

    Matthew is passionate about productivity and continuous learning, he shares some great tools, apps and advice on how we can achieve more. 

    Plus, we dive into what he does outside of work, zen, geocaching and rites of passage programs.

    Follow Matthew on Twitter. 

    Matthew’s Bio:

    Hi 👋, I'm Matthew.

    Me in 10 seconds:  

    I've been exploring self expression through zen, psychodrama/sociodrama, rites of passage programs for the past 15 years. 

    Spontaneous, enthusiastic, direct, and love exploring deep questions.

    I am Australian and (used to) travel often for work.


    Episode Contents:

    Matthew’s favourite brands — Patagonia & David Smith Apps

    How he got started in software development

    A background to Enspara

    Managing distributed teams

    How to build trust remotely 

    The differences between remote and local teams

    Matthew's team’s technology setup 

    Hiring software developers

    Teamwork building 

    What’s wrong with typical meetings and how to improve them

    How to get more productivity and engagement from your workforce 

    Personal productivity apps and tips

    What Matthew does outside of work: Zen & Geocaching 

    Rites of passage programs for boys and young men

    • 1 hr 34 min

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4.9 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Kiwi_yoga_fan ,

Great range of inspiring guests

Every episode has some take-home gems for me to store. Thanks for the inspirations from your range of guests 😊

Benne cricket ,


Really enjoy Dan’s work. Interviews really interesting people that share some great nuggets of gold.

BeeElTee1 ,

Strongly recommend.

Inspiring chats with interesting people. Really insightful for someone outside the marketing/branding industry.

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