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This podcast is about being present. It is also about playful creativity and other things like curiosity, connection, happy colors and dark chocolate. I’m your host Stacy Julian. I am a life enthusiast with a Library of Memories and this is where we talk about people, places, things and solutions—as we do I hope you will find inspiration for living your life and telling your story—because you have exactly enough time!

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This podcast is about being present. It is also about playful creativity and other things like curiosity, connection, happy colors and dark chocolate. I’m your host Stacy Julian. I am a life enthusiast with a Library of Memories and this is where we talk about people, places, things and solutions—as we do I hope you will find inspiration for living your life and telling your story—because you have exactly enough time!

    Story Sharing with Malia Karlinsky

    Story Sharing with Malia Karlinsky

    My guest today is so interesting because she is so interested—in just about anything and everything—except maybe pursuing a career in law (listen to hear that story!) You will immediately feel Malia Karlinsky’s energy for life and people which is exactly what she shares as an Emmy-award winning Lifestyle Reporter and Producer for Seattle Refined. Like me, Malia grew up in Seattle so we begin with a short love fest for the PNC, but then I get to pick her brain and her years of experience and I know you’ll walk away feeling inspired and encouraged in your own storytelling.

    When I asked Malia about a very recent story, she shared with me Uzziah’s—a young man who rather than feeling defeated by Covid-19 or racial unrest decided to start creating candles to bring more calm to the world. His company, which he founded just last spring is Calm & Cure Candle Company and he is already making a difference. Oh yeah, did I mention he is eleven? You can follow Uziah on Instagram at @calmandcure_candles

    Two of the most memorable Seattle Refined segments for Malia have been those of Jordan Nicholson and Danny Bonaduce. There posted below for easy watching, but you’ll want to experience many more amazing stories by visiting Malia’s website: maliakarlinsky.com (click on TV segments).
    I think for me, this episode will be most memorable because of the way Malia described how we all carry stories—a library of stories—with us, some in our heart, some on our backs and some in our hands—and when we want to remember that we are far more alike than different, we just need to encourage story sharing.

    “We can all LOVE and respect each other”

    — Malia Karlinsky

    After you watch this, you’re going to want to follow Jordan on IG, @jordanloves.life
    I think what Malia has really learned about people and life through her work as a journalist is how attractive (in the literal sense) it is to be vulnerable and authentic and to willingly share not just the high points, but also your personal moments of overcoming. These are the stories we can all appreciate and learn from.
    And, you can follow Danny too @dannykzok
    ➡️ AND, I was totally WOWed (and humbled) when Malia praised the work I have done in scrapbooking, especially my Photo Freedom book. What’s COOL is that I just launched (this week) registration for my soon-to-be BRAND NEW Photo Freedom 2021 class. You can learn all about it by clicking HERE.
    Podcast listeners can save $30 off registration with code ENOUGHTIME because I’d LOVE to help you reign in your thousands of photos (prints and digital images) and tell more personal stories.

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    When Your Friend is a Therapist

    When Your Friend is a Therapist

    Diane Smith is one of my dearest friends—for more than 30 years—and she is also a licensed marriage and family therapist. This means that today’s episode is me in a perfectly secure relationship asking the questions I’ve always wanted to ask—of a therapist that is. But first, we’ll get to know Diane a little better. When did she know this was a passion she would pursue and how did she choose the EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) model as the framework for her counseling? What is EFT anyway and why is attachment theory so integral to it.
    Trust me, just listening to Diane will slow your breathing and calm your heart. The only thing that was missing in our conversation was the herbal tea.
    This image is as close as I could find to what Diane described as an illustration of complete and total trust in a situation.

    Photo by Millicent Leandra on Unsplash

    Some of my personal take aways:1. A healthy and high functioning emotional navigation system must be learned and practiced in a safe environment before it can be applied to relationships in our lives. This is why a secure attachment is so important for children and teens.
    2. Change is actually the foundation for emotional resiliency and curiosity is the secret passageway to accessing the tools you need to build on it.
    3. FAIL stands for First Attempt In Learning—Yes! I wish someone would have explained that to me in Jr. High 😜
    4. I am now listening to Dale Carnegie wisdom in the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age because Diane loves it so much!
    Finally, the idea of asking yourself, “Do I have enough of what I want in my life?” Especially as you question whether therapy might be a solution for you—can you create what you need? If not, celebrate the fact that there are therapists, like Diane who are trained to help you.
    What a blessing!Learn more about Diane Smith on Psychology Today.

     Just three weeks ago, my husband and I escaped for a weekend in St. George with the Smiths. While the boys golfed, we sat outside talking and eating our yogurt parfaits. It was perfect!
    I opened the episode with A Walk in The Forest by composer, Brian Crain, from his album, A Simple Life.
    Brian’s music has been my Relax & Unwind playlist for so many years. You can stream it on Amazon.

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    Stupid Easy Mobile Workflow

    Stupid Easy Mobile Workflow

    Today we are talking about how to better manage your pictures on your (smart) mobile devices. There’s a good chance that you’re walking around with tens of thousands of images in your pocket or purse, which is phenomenally cool and amazing, but it can also feel pretty overwhelming—especially if you’re not getting a few of them off those devices and into your life.
    It’s predicted that 1,436,300,000,000 digital images will be taken across the world in 2020. That’s a staggering number, but what are these images worth if we don’t connect a few of them to personal stories. Without this kind of meaning attached, images—even in the trillions—are mere eye candy. Fun for sure, but not super useful—especially to the next generation.
    I use and teach a SUPER easy 3-step workflow with the Photos app on my iPhone that I’ll walk you through in today’s episode. This workflow is SO easy, I’m calling it stupid easy—which simply means ANYONE can do it and doing it will change how you interact with the photos you take.

    Here’s a quick overview …
    Designate some (very few overall) of your images as 🤍 favorites.
    Create albums—one each for the general categories of Us, People, Places and Things and begin curating some of your favorite photos into these categories. These collections will grow over time and will show you patterns of personality and daily life that will enrich your storytelling.
    Set up temporary albums for projects you want to start (and finish). This is such a simple thing to do and yet very few people know to do it. As soon as you conceive of a new project—even a scrapbook page—set up an album and start collecting photos. When you’re ready to sit down and create, your photos will be ready to print and then when your project is complete, delete the album.

    My longtime friend, Ann Johnson is my expert guest today …
    Ann has adapted principles I teach in Finding Photo Freedom for years AND she knows the Android platform as well as Google photos and Adobe Lightroom, so she is able to translate what I do on my iPhone to these tools.
    Of course you’ll get to hear additional insight from Ann and learn more about some of the projects she is working on. You can follow her on Instagram @annacejohnson 📲😀

    Ann, like so many others loves and uses the Project Life app for both iPhone and Android. To learn more, visit beckyhiggins.com.
    NOTE: I will be teaching Finding Photo Freedom early in 2021. Be sure you’re signed up for my email list so you don’t miss out on any of the details. I also have a FREE course that introduces you to my philosophy and approach.
    I started this episode with Jack Johnson’s song, Pictures.

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    Parody Over Perfection

    Parody Over Perfection

    When it comes to anticipating her favorite scrapbooking project. Laura Wonsik knows how to have FUN. She also knows how to share her fun with others—she creates video parodies set to familiar tunes. She recently released her fourth video promoting Ali Edward’s December Daily—and it was when I saw one of these videos pop up in my IG feed that I said out loud, “I have got to get to know this girl better. I think I’ll see if she’ll come on my podcast?!”
    Today is a good day. Laura responded to my DM and now we (YOU and I) get to sit down with her.

    This photo is Laura with her husband, Chad and their two daughters, Ellie (5) and Isla (1).

    Laura is a therapist who works at Miami University and plays with photos and paper in her spare time. She is also a member of Ali Edwards and Studio Calico’s design teams—which we talk about. If you are perceptive, you will hear in our conversation a pattern for finding JOY and purpose in life, even when it doesn’t unfold in ways you might anticipate—sound familiar? Hello 2020 😩
    “If you love photos, memory keeping and pretty products then scrapbooking is a no-brainer hobby. There is no shortage of supplies out there to help you fill album after album and tons of inspiration to be found from talented scrappers around the world…
    But, did you know that scrapbooking is good for you? That’s right, the hobby that you love, loves you right back. Scrapbooking isn’t just fun, it’s good for your soul.”
    NOTE: Laura adds in our conversation, IF you approach it with a healthy mindset determined to shun the potentially discouraging trifecta of perfectionism, comparison and competition. Wiggle your way past these and your set to enjoy ALL the benefits.
    Scrapbooking is cathartic.
    Scrapbooking increases self-awareness and gratitude.
    Scrapbooking builds self-worth and celebrates your love for others.
    Scrapbooking fosters connection and builds community.
    Scrapbooking is your chance to play!  
    Scrapbooking is a space that’s just for you.
    Ok, here’s where you get to ENJOY Laura’s mad skills in video production and singing! First up the Covid-19 edition of the December Daily Parody Video …
    … set to Taylor Swift’s I Forgot That You Existed. So clever! Want to see videos from 2019 and 2018? Click on the years—can you guess which one I start the episode with?
    AND, then there’s this beautiful 1st birthday tribute video to Isla.
    More like these available on Laura’s YouTube channel.

    Other places you can find Laura are on her Facebook page where she often creates and shares digital designs … for FREE.
    And her blog, where you’ll find her post that inspired much of our conversation today.
    Laura is contributing to Ali Edward’s December Daily Product Play class, Triangles, Transparency and Texture. Check it out!
    AND, finally, she recommended the Candadian sitcom Corner Gas as a ready companion for your creative endeavors this weekend!

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    Family Connections Experiment

    Family Connections Experiment

    Something exciting is just around the corner. October! And not just because of pumpkins and candy but also because October is Family History Month—yes, it’s official—and my guests today have created a brilliant experiment all about family history and forging family connections. This very FUN and interactive effort takes just 21 days and can have you focusing on several different aspect of family connection—culture, food, stories and pictures—just to name a few. And Gen Z? Turns out with a little nudge they are all in, so trust me when I say this is NOT your grandma’s genealogy.

    THIS is powerful insight and energy for life.
    Home base for this experience is HERE (connections-experiment.com). This is where you’ll want to go to get started. Once you’re in, you can meet up virtually with others on Facebook and Instagram. And you can report your efforts and results on any social media, using hashtags:
    #21dayexperiment and #familyconnections Taralyn Parker and Olivia Jewel are two of the founders of the 21-Day Family Connections Experiment and they are full of enthusiasm and a desire to see you succeed. Both of these women are busy mothers, but also educated and so excited to help others take advantage of easy opportunity to create family memories and connections—during a time that can otherwise be overwhelming, discouraging, confusing and exhausting. This isn’t just one more thing to do, this is an effort that will center you and help you discover JOY in your closest relationships.

    So, how does this work?
    We’ll talk about that in our conversation, but the process of getting involved couldn’t be easier. There are 3 primary goals, 1. JOIN 2. CONNECT and 3. REPORT and there are so many great, specific plans to help you take confident action.
    If you want to learn more ABOUT my two guests and the other team members behind this experiment, go HERE.
    I opened this episode with the audio that accompanies this video. FamilySearch is a FREE and fantastic resource that allows you to dive into your past—and to become the voice of your personal pictures and stories.
    Connect with me: Instagram @stacyjulianFacebook Stacy Julian LLC

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    Survey Said.

    Survey Said.

    Do you know why Richard Dawson, long time host of the American game show, Family Feud, kissed all those women? Do you know why he ultimately stopped? In today’s episode I’m sharing some of the results from a survey I initiated at the beginning of this year, for my 20in20 online course. I’m also sharing two productivity hacks that will go a long way in addressing some of the very common themes that arise from this survey (and I’m certain) others around memory keeping trends.

    Three questions I’ll share with a few actual results are …
    Why did you sign up for this course?
    What do you most want to accomplish?
    What will be your biggest challenge?
    I’m definitely not a professional statistician, but with some basic analysis, I can see there are some nearly universal aspirations and obstacles captured in my survey and so I’m going to share two productivity hacks that I believe can change someone’s ability to spend time doing what they love. The first has to do with getting super specific and the second with making yourself unavailable—to everyone and everything else—when it’s time to work. Definitely not new ideas, but ones for which I can personally witness as effective.

    “Time not set aside on your calendar will always be negotiable.”

    — Todd Henry

    And finally—for Richard Dawson—some thoughts on simplifying with a “KISS”— the keep it super simple kind. Make sure you’re having the mental conversations (with yourself) that encourage positive results. With almost everything else in life, mindset matters in a big way. You are NOT a survey result. You are a living, breathing human being full of potential and highly prone to derailment, but YOU get to set and pursue any goal important to you.
    I hope today’s episode gives you some gas for that journey.

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4.8 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

cdnwithlittleaussies ,

Love this podcast

This podcast is always bright and cheerful and full of information for my whole life. I have especially enjoyed the interviews with Theron. So much valuable information. Thank you Stacy!

Claire Ed ,

Pure Joy😊

I love this podcast & look forward to listening each week. I discovered the gorgeous Stacy Julian through scrapbooking & love her Story by Stacy concept. I was keen to hear her podcasts related to storytelling.These episodes, of course were great & I have kept tuning in, so there has been the added bonus of listening to her share her thoughts on a variety of other topics. Stacy’s enthusiasm & fun delivery of her podcast is engaging. Listening to her makes me smile & brings an extra dose of joy to my day.

Pottswl ,

Everything Stacy ❤️❤️❤️

Unlike many thousands I didn’t know you much at all from Big Picture Classes. The name was familiar but your content not so much because I was sheltered in another Scrapbooking world for so long. And Boy! Do I feel deprived of all that you must have been sharing.

And now, I feel like you connect with me as a Scrapbooker and Storyteller (and Entrepreneur) in so many ways. You have something for everyone in these episodes and I hang off your every word. Your voice is so easy to listen to and your passion for everything you share is so REAL.

Thank you for coming back to the Storytelling world to fulfil your mission... so that so many more of us, can fulfil ours ❤️❤️❤️

I can’t wait to see what you come up with for episode 111 - YES... one hundred and eleven.

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