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A podcast about travelling to Greece & making the most of your Greek Odyssey

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A podcast about travelling to Greece & making the most of your Greek Odyssey

    The Peloponnese

    The Peloponnese

    Find out all about the amazing Peloponnese region of Greece!This huge peninsula on the Mainland is home to some of the most beautiful, incredible and interesting places in the country. Learn about fascinating sites such as the Corinth Canal, Monemvasia and Olympia as well as beautiful beaches, gorgeous towns and villages and so much more.
    For further reading check out:The Peloponnese - a complete guide
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    A complete guide to visiting Nafplio

    • 38 min
    Paros vs Naxos

    Paros vs Naxos

    In our last episode, I talked about the differences and similarities between Santorini and Mykonos, the two most popular Greek Islands.
    In this episode, I do a similar comparison between Paros and Naxos - islands nearby in the same Cyclades Group that are also popular and that travellers often have trouble choosing between.
    Articles mentioned in Paros vs Naxos include:
    A complete guide to Naxos
    A complete guide to Paros

    • 24 min
    Santorini vs Mykonos

    Santorini vs Mykonos

    Santorini and Mykonos are the most famous and iconic of the Greek Islands.
    But what sets them apart from each other?
    Both incredible, both similar in many ways but quite different in others. If you can only choose one for your trip to Greece, are visiting both and want to understand them better or are just curious about what makes these two islands so special then listen in as I explain the differences between the two islands, the types of people they attract and things to consider when trying to work out which one might be for you.
    For more information, there is a summary of this topic on the website. The most-read article on the site!https://greecetravelsecrets.com/santorini-vs-mykonos/

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    Visiting Athens

    Visiting Athens

    Athens is the capital of Greece and the largest city in the country. It is often referred to as the cradle of Western Civilization and the Birthplace of Democracy as well and offers much for visitors to do and see.
    In this episode, I talk about the history of Athens and how it was established and how it came to play a vital role in history and helped to shape the world as we know it. I then talk about many of the highlights of the city ranging from ancient ruins and archeological sites to rooftop bars and street art.
    I also cover some of the best day trips to do from Athens and explain, overall, why it is worth at least a few days on your agenda if not more!
    For further reading and resources see:

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    Paros island with guest, John Papas

    Paros island with guest, John Papas

    Learn all about the beautiful island of Paros in Greece.
    For many, this is the perfect Greek Island that really ticks every box and our special guest, John Papas, explains why this island is his favourite of all.
    Hear about highlights of the island, things to see and do, where to stay, which are the best beaches and restaurants on Paros and more.
    Further reading at :

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    How to experience Greece from home

    How to experience Greece from home

    Has your much longed-for trip to Greece been cancelled or postponed?
    Don't despair, there are a number of ways you can still enjoy many of the experiences that define Greece and make it the unique and incredible destination that it is, without leaving home.
    Let me take you through some great activities you can do. Read some amazing books and watch movies set in Greece, brush up on the Greek language, cook Greek food and explore museums and archeological sites online. Learn Greek dances and listen to the latest music and old classics. And, of course, you can still order you favourite Greek products and labels as well as continuing to plan, research and map out your next visit!
    All of this is covered in detail in this article:
    Virtual Greece : How to visit Greece from home

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