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No topic is off limits as Heston embraces authentic and vulnerable conversations the way they should be. Away from the media and public persuasion.

Heston Russell - Voice Of A Veteran Podcast Heston Russell

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No topic is off limits as Heston embraces authentic and vulnerable conversations the way they should be. Away from the media and public persuasion.

    Unlocking Sustainable Performance and Mental Wellness through Nootropics with Mark Curry from SAVVY

    Unlocking Sustainable Performance and Mental Wellness through Nootropics with Mark Curry from SAVVY

    In this episode Heston sits down with Mark Curry, the founder of SAVVY, for a deep dive into the world of sustainable performance and mental wellness. Mark's journey from a commercial lawyer to a passionate advocate for nootropics and adaptogens forms the backdrop for a conversation that touches on crucial aspects of mental and physical health.
    Mark introduces us to the realm of nootropics and adaptogens, substances that naturally enhance mental performance and resilience to stress. His personal transformation in a high-stress legal environment led him to explore these ingredients, eventually becoming the "nootropic guy" at his firm. He explains how this journey led to the creation of SAVVY, a brain-boosting drink designed as a healthier alternative to caffeine.
    Key discussion points within this episode: 
    Mark Curry, founder of SAVVY, shares his transformation from a commercial lawyer to a passionate advocate for nootropics and adaptogens.
    Nootropics and adaptogens, substances that enhance mental performance and resilience to stress, are introduced as key elements in the conversation.
    The discussion emphasises the importance of sustainable performance over short-term performance boosts.
    Mark emphasises the interconnectedness of mental and physical health, challenging the idea of separating the two.
    SAVVY, a brain-boosting drink, is introduced as a healthier alternative to caffeine for mental performance and mental health.
    The conversation addresses the normalisation of stress and anxiety, particularly in relation to military experiences, and highlights the importance of education on these topics.
    Tune in to this conversation where Mark has Heston fully captivated for 2 hours. It’s full of facts, laughs and ways to unlock sustainable performance, mental well-being and productive life.

    Action Items: 
    Subscribe to this Podcast and follow/share your favourite takeaways on IG - @hestonrussell
    Check out and give SAVVY a try - head to savvybeverage.com.au     Use the code HESTON
    Follow @savvybeverages on IG and let Mark know what you think of SAVVY when you try it.

    Chapter 1: Introduction to the Podcast
    Timestamp: 00:00-01:06
    Description: The host welcomes the audience back to the Heston Russell Voice of a Veteran podcast and introduces the guest, Mark.
    Chapter 2: Background and Conversation with Mark
    Timestamp: 01:06-02:52
    Description: The host and Mark discuss their previous conversation and the duration of their conversation. Mark mentions having a long story to share.
    Chapter 3: Mark's Story
    Timestamp: 02:52-05:21
    Description: Mark begins sharing his story, mentioning court appearances and a new textbook.
    Chapter 4: Nootropics and Experiences
    Timestamp: 05:21-12:35
    Description: Mark talks about his experience with nootropics and how they have impacted his life. He mentions receiving positive feedback from others.
    Chapter 5: Body Awareness
    Timestamp: 12:35-18:55
    Description: Stress, Nervous System, emotional Vs physical impact, getting rid of the separation around health and reprogramming our own understandings.
    Chapter 6: Purpose Realisations
    Timestamp: 18:55-27:59
    Description: Realisation of needing to be the one who makes nootropics available for everyone.
    Chapter 7: Living with Parents 
    Timestamp: 27:59-40:52
    Description: The privilege that comes with that as an option when you are going to start a business, a safety net that made the world of difference.
    Chapter 8: Distractions
    Timestamp: 40:52-49:25
    Description: Your body seeks distraction when you want to get to know yourself, introducing discipline and self reflection to understand who you are and what you want to do.
    Chapter 9: Reality of Business
    Timestamp: 49:25-01:26:28

    • 2 hrs 6 min
    From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Exploring Mental Health and Spirituality

    From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Exploring Mental Health and Spirituality

    Join us for a deep and introspective journey in this special episode of The Heston Russell Voice of a Veteran Podcast. In "From Breakdown to Breakthrough”.
    - Heston Russell, Scotty Evennett, Sam Asser, and Will Burnett explore the intricate connections between mental health and spirituality while Heston opens up about his personal mental health crash.
    In this episode, you'll delve into:
    The profound impact of trauma on the body and mind.
    Navigating life's rock bottoms through authenticity and self-reflection.
    Transformational experiences with therapies like MDMA and psilocybin.
    Elevated emotional states leading to reactive decisions and behaviours.
    Cultivating unity and fostering open dialogues in society.
    Embracing self-care and personal growth.
    This candid discussion promises Heston’s most vulnerable conversation yet, but an important conversation to have.
    Don’t forget: 
    Subscribe to this Podcast and follow/share your favourite takeaways on IG - @hestonrussell
    Action Items: 
    The Mind Mechanic - Explore The Mind Mechanic website and Instagram (@themind.mechanic) to learn more about Will and the breathwork sessions he offers. If you are interested in working with Will, reach out for a chat.
    Scotty - Connect with him through Instagram (@scottevennett) - Check out the My Next Op Community to find out more about the community and the courses he offers.
    Stay connected with the Veteran Games and follow the progress - www.VeteranGames.com & (@veterangames_)
    Stay updated on Heston Russell's journey and the ABC court case. Follow his social media accounts and website for updates and information on how to support his cause - HestonRussell.com/ABC
    Incorporate daily grounding rituals and healthy habits into your routine. This can include walking on the beach, practising breathwork, and maintaining social connections.
    Keep an open mind and be willing to explore new perspectives and approaches to healing and personal growth. Consider the potential benefits of practices like breathwork, mindfulness & self reflection.
    Develop a sense of accountability and commitment to personal growth and well-being. Recognise the importance of asking for help and seeking support when needed.
     Embrace the power of community and connection. Look for opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals and be part of a supportive network. Recognise the importance of community and connection in the healing process. 
    Time Stamps:
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Timestamp: 00:06 - 00:52
    Description: The host welcomes everyone to the Heston Russell Voice of a Veteran podcast.
    Chapter 2: Mental Health Journey
    Timestamp: 01:00 - 02:38
    Description: Heston discusses his recent mental crash and the journey of self-discovery he has been on.
    Chapter 3: Perspectives and Experiences
    Timestamp: 05:30 - 07:49
    Description: Heston seeks to understand the perspectives of others and mentions having experts present for a discussion.
    Chapter 4: Therapy and Healing
    Timestamp: 12:41 - 14:40
    Description: Heston talks about the therapy process and how it helps bring unresolved issues to light.
    Chapter 5: Present-Moment Awareness
    Timestamp: 16:14 - 18:58
    Description: Heston reflects on the importance of being present in the moment and the need for feedback and connection.
    Chapter 6: Trauma and Processing
    Timestamp: 24:29 - 27:23
    Description: The conversation delves into the concept of trauma and its psychological and physical effects.
    Chapter 7: Sharing Stories and Collaboration
    Timestamp: 34:42 - 38:56
    Description: Heston emphasises the need for veterans to share their stories and collaborate with others.
    Chapter 8: Blueprint and Slow Progress
    Timestamp: 41:24 - 44:16
    Description: The conversation touches on the challenges of following a blueprint and Heston’s personal journey of discovery.
    Chapter 9: Global Connections and Censorship
    Timestamp: 50:31 - 52:53
    Description: Heston discusses the potential for global collaboration and the importance of open con

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Origins of the Veteran Games with Normie Rowe

    Origins of the Veteran Games with Normie Rowe

    Here's what happens when Normie Rowe - King of Pop & Vietnam Veteran & Heston Russell - Veteran Games Founder & Special Forces Veteran get together... Veteran Games was born. Have a listen to this 'cheeky' chat about the Origins of the Veteran Games - where the idea originated from and why it's important no matter when, where or why you served.
    Follow us on Instagram: @VeteranGames_
    And Facebook: @Veteran.Games.Vsf
    Or watch this interview on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFsNAfX9mFw&t=1s
    Ready to get involved with Veteran Games - www.VeteranGames.com

    • 23 min
    Mentors Making Moves

    Mentors Making Moves

    April 22nd 2023 was the official launch of Heston's latest proactive health initiative for Veterans, Veteran Games - check it out: https://veterangames.com/
    During the launch Heston speaks with fellow Veteran Nathan Tolman from the Veteran Mentors who were the first team to register for the games and have already commenced training. In this episode they speak to why the Veteran Games is a fantastic initiatives for Veterans to get around, how it has helped with community, connection and motivation.
    Have a listen to this short episode and if you are ready to take up the challenge or if you would like to become a sponsor head to - VeteranGames.com

    • 10 min
    Special Forces, Suicide & Sexuality

    Special Forces, Suicide & Sexuality

    Heston was interviewed on the Roll of the Punches Podcast with Tiffanee Cook. In this episode they discuss the challenges with identity and purpose post the military, sexuality, suicide, Special Forces and more. 
    Enjoy this episode.

    • 53 min
    Life After War

    Life After War

    A throwback episode from The YOU project podcast with Craig Harper.
    I was interviewed on Craig's podcast and wanted to share the episode with you here. We chatted about mindset, motivation, morality and ethics in war, performing under the ultimate pressure, workout routines and more.
    I really enjoyed this chat and Craig & Tiff's sense of humour and lightness they bring to important conversations.
    Enjoy the episode. 

    • 49 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
59 Ratings

59 Ratings

greenflyblue two ,

Heston: The truth sayer.

I am 78 years old, a veteran of the Vietnam war.
Through my life I have had a number of job’s especially while serving in the military. After medivac from Vietnam I joined the Provost Corp and after training became a member of S.I.D which caused me at times to come into close contact with high ranking government officials as part of , or as their security body guard. People such as the Governor General, high ranking military officers and yes, even Whitlam.
During these times I learnt a great deal about how this country of ours is run. This is by every one in power covering their backside by ensuring that anyone but themselves could be blamed for what ever went wrong, but the thing that re ally stuck with me is that this country is actually run by the public service which, like the C.I.A, is out of control.
It is my belief that after listening in to Heston and the values that he insists his party will follow is long overdue in a government led by public servants who, by the way, earn more than the prime minister of the country.
I truly believe that Heston and the A. V . P is urgently needed in parliament in both houses in an attempt to bring about truth and self respect into our politicians.

0anny301 ,

Support this podcast

Mate, you and Sam are very good together!
I just can’t rate enough how much your podcast helps me ❤️

Timmy Salau ,


Full of golden & sometimes rarely touched in on perspectives & lessons learnt when it comes to authenticity, motivation & the power of will.

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