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Mystical Messages explores the infinite metaphysical realm. Join host Hilary as she discusses healing modalities stemming from our intuition, the one mind, with experts in their field.
Learn about energy work, astrology, Reiki, Akashic Records, and much more.
Plan your weeks ahead as Hilary shares her astrology for each month.

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Mystical Messages explores the infinite metaphysical realm. Join host Hilary as she discusses healing modalities stemming from our intuition, the one mind, with experts in their field.
Learn about energy work, astrology, Reiki, Akashic Records, and much more.
Plan your weeks ahead as Hilary shares her astrology for each month.

    Is this the real life or is this just fantasy?

    Is this the real life or is this just fantasy?

    Without hyperbole, the kindest weeks of 2021 occur during the month of March.  All of the planets are moving forward as March opens, creating calmer days with much less cosmic activity stirring the ether. And while there are occasional periods where all the planets in our galaxy turn forward together, it is rare indeed to have them direct motion for such a long time:  between February 21st and April 27th, just over two months, every single planet will be turning forward. 
    In concert with this, the balance of March lends a particularly unifying energy.  The Sun, our will, and how we engage with the world, along with mystical Neptune and Valuable Venus all cycle through inspirational Pisces now.  Imagination, dreams, divine guidance, and trusting our beliefs, soak into our beings.  Feel the waves of life or actual water lapping up around you.  Listen to music drifting you into another frame of mind. 
    Pisces and its planet Neptune rule consciousness itself, our soul and spirit.  It is the energy of a thousand souls singing the same verse together at a concert.  It is transcendental.  During March, you cannot DO water and music enough.  Whether you are on, in, around or near, ANY kind of water will do:  vapor/steam, balmy ocean, frozen ice, tranquil lake.  Same with music:  pick your pleasure.  What makes you come to life?  Make your heart and feet THUMP?! 
    The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is a deeply cleansing, healing and unifying energy.   Right now, we need every single drop of this water sign to wash away the anger, grief and discouragement so prevalent now.  Fostering this gentle go-with- the-flow energy is planetary ruler Neptune in its own sign, Pisces, along with its younger sibling Venus, which shines in emotional Pisces; here she is imbued with super powered grace and love for all, helping us reach across our perceived divides and differences to bridge the gaps.   Venus and Neptune remind us that we are all children of the universe; we share more in common than not.  How can you be a force for unity?
    Just a few days into the month, on Thursday, March 4th, Motivating Mars turns into communicative Gemini, sharpening our minds and our words.  Gemini is the salesman of the zodiac; when switched on, it is powerfully persuasive using focused attention and intimate contact of the moment.  Mars moves into Gemini the exact same day that Generous Jupiter pairs up with Messenger Mercury, ruler of Gemini; so expect strong or particularly noteworthy messages on or around March 4th.   Gradually through the month, Mars joins the lunar North Node and both align to three planets in Connective Aquarius:  Taskmaster Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury.  Our minds, ideas, thoughts and words synchronize like a well-oiled machine.  We link up to the right groups and teams, networking our message to those who need to hear it most and for the greatest collective benefit.
    On the heels of this, we enter one of the loveliest passages of the entire year!  Make no mistake, this is one beautiful stretch of time.  So wherever you are and whatever you a doing, plan to make the most of the second week of the month, between Friday March 5th and the New Moon on Saturday, March 13th.  Why, you may ask is this period so especially harmonious?  The Sun and Venus gradually converge, tightly joining Neptune for a Piscean lovefest.  Dance along the divine wavelength offered to us now.  Sink into and soak up mystical feeling, windswept inspiration, unparalleled intuitive perception, divinely guided actions.  If you are planning to get married, this week is it! It gets my pick for 2021!
    The magical energy continues unfolding through the New Moon on Saturday, March 13th, marking new beginnings just one week before the Spring Equinox.  Remember to handwrite 3-5 intentions, prayers or goals that you seek to manifest in the com

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    Light Language Pioneer Lara Jaye

    Light Language Pioneer Lara Jaye

    Mystical Messages is so delighted to have Light Language pioneer, international speaker, and author Lara Jaye join our healing arts discussion.  Tune in to learn about Light Language and how Lara uses it to bring peace, well-being, and healing to her clients across the globe. 
    We explore how personal or health crises serve as gateways to the healer’s journey; how healing modalities choose us, the practitioner, rather than the other way around.
    To learn more, please visit:
    Facebook:  Lara Jaye
    Instagram: mslarajaye
    Facebook:  hilary harley; hilary harley astrology; harley holistic healing
    Instagram:  hilary.harley

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    The Great Shift Show

    The Great Shift Show

    Let’s call this month what it really is:  THE BIG SHIFT.  We are witnessing and living history now.  It is a dark night of the soul on a collective scale and not for the faint of heart.  Such a momentous time seldom occurs and there is both immense chaos and ripe opportunity for those paying attention.
    How do we manage or muddle through this passage?  Manage your expectations, of what is feasible, reasonable, and possible.  A top priority is to take care of ourselves, our loved ones, our health, and well-being.  Rest assured, the rest will take care of itself.  Ask: Where are your efforts best concentrated?  Make small goals to move yourself forward each day.  Rely on and use creative and innovative thinking.  Keep an open mind.   I cannot stress this enough as everyone seems to have an opinion and think theirs is the only one that matters.
    We are deep in mid-winter now and inclined to turn inward.  It is a time of reflection and taking stock to prepare for the growing season ahead.  Aligning with our reflective mood, is Messenger Mercury’s retrograde cycle that began last month, at the end of January, and continues in reverse gear for the next three weeks, until February 20th.  This is a natural part of the planetary cycle, especially helpful for Mercury which rules our mind, thoughts and communication.  For if we were always pressing forward, we’d mentally exhaust ourselves, fizzle and burn out. 
    Take advantage of this mental rest phase of Mercury retrograde by employing the RE words:  Research, rest, review, renovate, relax, revisit, reclaim…  It is an excellent time to clean out and take stock, whether a closet or your health habits. Until February 20th, refrain from major purchases (cars, appliances, homes); avoid purchasing technology products such as new phones, laptops or tablets; and hold off on signing significant contracts or documents.  Do your REsesarch for planned projects or potential products you need to purchase.
    Now is the month to dive into innovation as we have loads of help on this front:  As February begins, five, yes, FIVE out of ten planets in our galaxy are in the inventive air sign of Aquarius.  These planets will be in Aquarius for the first three weeks, the balance of the month.  That is a whole lotta air.  So let’s talk Aquarius:  what you need to know about its upsides and challenges.
    The second to last sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning it has tremendous stamina, perseverance and strength around ideas and knowledge.  The air signs communicate.  Aquarius explores the information that Gemini gathers and shares and that Libra designs and mediates.  As a fixed sign, the buck stops with Aquarius:  it takes collected data and connects the dots, cementing it into knowledge. Aquarius’ key phrase is:  I KNOW.   
    Just how does Aquarius know so much?
    Through trial and error, inventing, testing theories, and experimenting, whether with humanitarian solutions or tangible products, or both, such as a vaccine to help eradicate a global pandemic.  Aquarius links together, ideas or people.  It is the collective and collective consciousness.
    The caution with Aquarian energy is that it is so focused on its mission that it can completely forget about the rest of the world.  Think of an eccentric, mad scientist.  Like Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, it does its own thing in its own way.  Uranus is the only planet in our solar system that rotates vertically instead of horizontally.  It is known as the change agent and the Great Awakener.  Its purpose you ask?  To redirect us when we are off path or heading in the wrong direction; such as when life suddenly redirects us.  And yes, it uses shock, surprise, sudden events to shake us up and down.   Think of lightning strikes and earthquakes, both ruled by Uranus. 
    Aquarians marc

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    Energy Worker Extraordinaire Sonya Masur

    Energy Worker Extraordinaire Sonya Masur

    Join my discussion with Sonya Masur, artist and energy healer, as we talk about her myriad talents which she uniquely blends to offer healing and relief for her clients. 
    Learn how Sonya integrates Reiki energy, crystals, essential oils into her healing practice.  Each of her clients receives a custom treatment depending on his or her needs. 
    Listen as we explore the field of alternative energy therapies and how anyone can integrate these in combination with traditional western, allopathic treatments for more successful results and outcomes for overall health and well-being. 
    Sonya is also an experienced jewelry maker and handcrafts essential oil blends and sprays available for purchase.
    To learn more about Sonya, to book a healing session with her or to purchase her products, please visit:
    FB: Sonya Seligman Masur
    IG: Sonshine111
    For more information or to connect or book an astrology session with Hilary Harley, please visit:
    FB: hilary harley; hilary harley astrology; harley holistic healing
    IG: hilary.harley

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    2021 Astrological Overview

    2021 Astrological Overview

    The astrology for the New Year is about forming something useful out of the rubble of the past.  2020  was an exhausting year due to the virtual siege of cosmic events in one calendar year.
    2021 will pick up where the old year left off.  The crisis is over; yet the battle is not quite won.  In the coming months, we begin sorting through the remains and pick up the pieces, what to salvage and put to good use.
    2021 will not barrage us with nearly the onslaught of cosmic triggers.  The year will be calmer and gives a reprieve for us. There are remarkably fewer major cosmic events in 2021:  there are 4 eclipses instead of 6, Mars and Venus stay direct all year, and the titans Pluto-Jupiter and Saturn are separating as we speak and moving on, the latter two giving us breathing room in airy Aquarius.  With much less stirring of the celestial pot so to speak, we are able to move about our business with less interruption. 
    So here’s the month by month breakdown of 2021
    The overarching theme setting the tone for the entire year begins straight off the bat.  With Saturn is firmly in Aquarius, it begins a year-long showdown with Uranus.   We take a cue from this dynamic:  Old versus new is the dominant theme for all of 2021.
    Both Uranus and Saturn are in FIXED signs:  Saturn is in Aquarius, a fixed air sign and Uranus is in Taurus, the earth fixed sign.  Never say die is their motto.  They stick to their beliefs, work, or relationships see something through to the finish.  As a result the fixed signs are notable for stubbornness, inflexibility and yes, rigidity.  So you can guess what’s coming.
    Saturn the Taskmaster, is now in Aquarius, sign of innovation, revolutionary, technology, groups, networks, friends, the humanitarian, teams.  In this air sign Saturn mandates the NEW, whether products, methods, processes.  Unusual, alternative, non-mainstream, avant garde are Aquarius’ favorite words.   For the first half of the year, Generous Jupiter is closely paired with Saturn, marking the Age of Aquarius.
    Meanwhile Uranus is cycling through Taurus. And it is not so comfortable in earthy, sensual Taurus, the SHOW ME the money sign.  And in Taurus, the sign of natural resources and values, Uranus awakens us to how we utilize our skills and talents, our worth, the money we earn, in a whole different way.
    Boxing with each other in the beginning of 2021, Saturn sets the tone and agenda while Uranus counters and disrupts.   Uranus changes our values, what we value and assign worth to; while task master Saturn says you’ll need to come up with something new to meet the crisis at hand.
    On Wednesday, January 13th, a new moon occurs conjoined to transformer Pluto in austere Capricorn.  The very next day, Uranus turns direct motion on Thursday, January 14th.  This gear shift can often stir up extremely unpredictable and unexpected events.  Take it easy this particularly stretch of the January; especially through the 21st of the month as Mars approaches Radical Uranus, both challenging the Titans Jupiter-Saturn duo.   You will feel the wheels grinding against each other, big time resistance.
    The good news is that we have a two week window from January 15th-29th where the all ten planets are cycling forward.  We accomplish our tasks more easily.  Keeping an open mind and heart during this two week stretch is key as we head into the Full Moon in Leo on January 28th opposite Jupiter, Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, with Uranus in the middle.  Watch deeply entrenched positions where each person or group believes their way is the ONLY way. 
    Our perception of the opposing viewpoint is big as we want to imagine; if each was willing to give a little, our problems would solve themselves. 
    Messenger Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, January 29th.  Our thoughts turn inward for the next three weeks in the

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    As Above, So Below

    As Above, So Below

    I am so thrilled to bring you the very first episode of Mystical Messages!  Thank you for joining me.  It has been a long time in the making and planning stages and today is the BIG DAY to finally launch.
    For our first episode, I would like to introduce myself and tell you how I came to be interested all things metaphysical and ultimately a practicing astrologer.   Afterward, I will briefly cover the origins of astrology and then wrap up this episode with my astrology forecast for the next two weeks covering Christmas and New Years.
    First, let me take this opportunity for you to know a bit about me and why I am so passionate about the metaphysical realm that I created a podcast about it!  My introduction to this realm started very organically, with my grandmother teaching me about the astrology signs and their meaning.  She sparked my interest but as I grew, there wasn’t a lot of support or avenues to direct me.  While I tried avoiding my curiosity and sticking to mainstream subjects like writing and literature, I found myself repeatedly drawn to the astrology and metaphysical sections in bookstores.  Yes, this was Pre Amazon. 
    My curiosity gradually turned into a passion, one that felt clandestine and naughty as my parents were not big fans of astrology and none of my friends shared my interest.  Life rolled on and I found myself married with two children.  It was the mid 1990s.   It was after my second and youngest daughter was born, astrology kept creeping into my life.  Safe to say, astrology chooses you, you do not choose it.  This is true of nearly all the intuitive practitioners I know and work with, that their field of expertise unfolds right in front of them, drawing them into their particular circle of wisdom and passion.
    In my case, I had a push me-pull me relationship with astrology.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the subject matter and craved learning more.   But what I didn’t like was the perceived stigma, that everyone thought my astrological interests were a little weird.  So I kept pushing my passion away, holding it bay.  Until, I got sick.  Yes, sometimes life has to hit you over the head with a sledgehammer to drive the message home.
    I had recurring, often overlapping sinus infections.  How appropriate you might say:  a blockage of my third eye chakra.  The infections went on for over a year until finally I sought more than just relief with antibiotics.  I decided to go under the knife and have sinus surgery.  WRONG! I definitely took the wrong fork in the road.  The ENT surgeon nearly botched the surgery and suffice it to say, I was hardly cured of the sinus infections. 
    As a confirmed proponent of allopathic medicine, I wavered; yet still suffering from raging sinus infections, I grasped for solutions to my pain.  Finally as a last resort, I turned to acupuncture.  Lo and behold, at my first appointment, on the book shelf of my acupuncturist, I spotted Isabel Hickey’s classic work:  Astrology, A Cosmic Science.  I eyed the book tentatively as the acupuncturist went to work and hitting one meridian point after another until when, at the very end of the session, she hit a point called Soul Door, a point that blew me wide open; not physically but energetically.  There was no turning back. I borrowed her copy of Isabel Hickey’s book and promptly devoured it.  Bells and whistles blew loud and clear, clanging:  you are now on the right path.  Keep going!  I began buying every astrology book I could get my hands on.  I enrolled in classes and started studying with veteran astrology teachers in Boston where I am blessed to live among a cornucopia of talent.  Two years into it, after hand drawing my own astrological charts, I uploaded software to my computer and began reading for clients in 2001.  Twenty-odd years later, I have a global clientele and ever growing

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