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The Postal Hub is the podcast for the global postal, parcels, delivery and express sectors.

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The Postal Hub is the podcast for the global postal, parcels, delivery and express sectors.

    Ep 278: Logistics and delivery lessons from lockdown

    Ep 278: Logistics and delivery lessons from lockdown

    Dr Laetitia Dablanc, Professor at the University Gustave Eiffel and head of the Logistics City Chair, discusses recent research she co-authored entitled "Response to COVID-19 lockdowns from urban freight stakeholders". We discuss:
    A survey focusing on labour, traffic, regulations, and any other issues relevant  Need to adapt to the volatility and variability of e-commerce orders Delivering "essential" goods Home delivery vs out-of-home delivery, and the challenges of returning to residential delivery in areas where out-of-home dominated Productivity issues during lockdown Contactless delivery Robot delivery City plannings failing to integrate logistics into future plans Deliveries not transitioning from vans to cargo bikes Urban and suburban warehouses Urban hubs and local regulations Working conditions of gig economy delivery riders Precarious workers prepared to work in gig economy Speed of delivery and resulting increase in emissions Future protections of gig economy delivery workers  

    • 22 min
    Ep 277: The log-com bubble is about to burst

    Ep 277: The log-com bubble is about to burst

    Roel Gevaers PhD, Professor in Last Mile Logistics and Supply Chain, University of Antwerp, joins me to talk about the log-com bubble. We cover:
    Twenty years after the dot-com bubble, should we prepare for a log-com bubble? Quick commerce, easy and cheap money, and the drive to acquire customers/market The real business model of IT-driven quick commerce delivery companies such as Gorrilas and Getir Business models that are unsustainable in the long term Dark stores - mini distribution warehouses Necessary density of dark stores to enable fast delivery Amsterdam cracking down on dark stores Operations inside dark stores Delivery rider costs, and the real cost of delivery per order Quick commerce start-ups setting up their own retail brands Retailers such Carrefour and Jumbo buying shares in quick commerce (ultrafast) delivery companies Investors in quick commerce and the end-game What conditions will allow ultrafast delivery companies to survive? Labour laws in Belgium that directly impact on e-commerce delivery and warehouse operations Impact of labour costs and tax regimes on delivery and e-commerce operations  

    • 23 min
    Ep 276: Are gig economy delivery and ultrafast delivery doomed?

    Ep 276: Are gig economy delivery and ultrafast delivery doomed?

    Professor John Colley from the Warwick Business School joins me to discuss the profitability of gig economy delivery and ultrafast grocery delivery (q-commerce). We discuss:
    Who is swimming naked in the fast grocery delivery sector The conditions that have led to funding flowing into grocery delivery startups Inflation and other factors putting downward pressure on consumers' spending power Investor funds drying up putting pressure on business models Network effects: customers, riders/drivers, and response times Ease of entering the ride hailing market (e.g. Uber), and implications for other similar business models, such as takeaway delivery Profitability and competition The cut major corporates have to take to meet overheads When will customers be charged the actual cost of delivery? Will gig economy delivery companies ever make a profit? Regulating gig economy delivery services and impact on future profitability Employees vs contractors, and impact on operating costs Governments looking for taxable revenue Funding consumers' champagne tastes on a beer budget Labour shortages and impact on costs Congestion, emissions, and availability of real estate for dark stores Forecasts for the future of the gig economy model and rapid grocery delivery  

    • 22 min
    Ep 275: How Emirates Post is getting closer to the customer

    Ep 275: How Emirates Post is getting closer to the customer

    Abdulla Mohammed Alashram, Group CEO of the Emirates Post Group Company, discusses the impact of COVID on the Post's programme of transformation:
    How the entire company showed resilience Focus on digitisation and speed of digitisation transformation Building partnerships with startups and tech companies How the post can be involved in the Metaverse Then Peter Somers, CEO of Emirates Post, discusses how Emirates Post is getting closer to the customer:
    Expanding delivery touchpoints Adding PUDO points, parcel lockers, and kiosks to the physical network Proximity, including via partnerships Mall kiosks and being close to where the customer is Why use a staffed kiosk PUDO model instead of a parcel locker 24/7 areas in post offices - including self-service kiosks Access to postal services outside major cities in the UAE  

    • 10 min
    Ep 274: Postal transformation and being customer-centric

    Ep 274: Postal transformation and being customer-centric

    Seamus Yendole, Chief Sales Officer at Reason Solutions, joins me to discuss preparing the post for the 21st century:
    The role of the modern post office in communities and in the broader economy Postal networks serving new demographics The need for the post to be consumer-oriented How the post can avoid having its lunch eaten The importance of communication in providing an excellent customer experience Delivering best-in-class delivery communications with customers The need for data and customisable technology Advantages of a modular approach to acquiring new postal and delivery technology Plugging the gaps in existing postal technology systems Affordable retail postal solutions Enabling legacy systems and new systems to communicate Postal operators' market share eroding because of poor customer experience Fiji Post's e-commerce delivery options Postal operators focusing on improving consumer satisfaction  

    • 25 min
    Ep 273: Urban logistics with Dr Anne Goodchild

    Ep 273: Urban logistics with Dr Anne Goodchild

    Dr Anne Goodchild, Director of the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center at the University of Washington, discusses urban logistics and parcel lockers, including: 
    What the Urban Freight Lab is and how it works in understanding and testing urban freight solutions Seattle Neighbourhood Delivery Hub - providing access to goods in neighbourhood-friendly modes Collecting parcels by foot from parcel lockers, residential delivery via cargo bike, mobile lockers, and reducing the distances travelled by delivery vehicles Emissions, safety, and pleasantness of neighbourhoods Partnerships underpinning the Seattle Neighbourhood Delivery Hub pilot Evaluation of the pilot - measurable reduction in miles travelled per parcel Collaboration with carriers and local governments Understanding impact on infrastructure and economics of last mile delivery Ideal area for a cargo bike delivery service to cover Can cargo bikes feasibly replace delivery vans? Measurable reduction in emissions Impact on speed of delivery Community response Delivering large and bulky items Parcel lockers research, evaluating impact on operations, distance travelled, speed of delivery at the point of delivery and impact on curb space The importance of data when evaluating the impact of e-commerce delivery on cities, including congestion and emissions

    • 30 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

my parcel locker ,

Fast delivery of information

Ian has a good style of delivery which makes the content easy to digest. His interviews are always fast paced and direct ...going straight to the facts. I have now listened to all of his Podcasts and have gone back and listened to quite a few again. Congratulations on the Postal Hub podcast , I look forward to listening to the next one. Regards Kim

ozmars ,

If you are interested the final mile, listen

This is one of the few podcasts I subscribe to.

Ian's regular updates are short and to the point. His guests are knowledgeable and entertaining.

I feel if I don't listen to this podcast then I am going to miss something important.

19Jonny72 ,

Phenomenal postal podcast

I recently discovered this podcast and have been delighted with the quality and diversity of the interviews. A must for anyone interested in the fast-changing world of postal deliveries.

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