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A skeptical look at conspiracy theories. Site: www.yrad.com/cs

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A skeptical look at conspiracy theories. Site: www.yrad.com/cs

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3.5 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

MadSocialScientist ,

Provincial but Interesting

I've been listening for a while, but have just finished the episode on Sovereign Citizens and found it very interesting (and amusing). You are a little provincial in regard to all the local Canadian refs, but I've generally found it very much worse in Yank podcasts.
Still, I wanted to ask, if these people consider themselves sovereign from their home nations, doesn't that make them 'illegal aliens'? Wouldn't their use of local and federal services, without any existing social contracts, earn them hefty additional charges?

MarkBalmain ,

Audio quality

The hosts audio quality is poor and he is hard to understand.

Flamebreed ,

Poor execution

If you want to listen to a guy talking like he's underwater or a interview with feed back constantly, this is for your you -_-

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