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Australia's leading Tabletop gaming podcast brings you game reviews, playthroughs, Kickstarter updates, news, interviews and more every week. We give you a Down-under perspective on this great hobby of ours, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

The Dice Men Cometh The Dice Men Cometh

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Australia's leading Tabletop gaming podcast brings you game reviews, playthroughs, Kickstarter updates, news, interviews and more every week. We give you a Down-under perspective on this great hobby of ours, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

    The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 356

    The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 356

    Let’s just say that this episode is so full of goodness, you probably won’t be able to fit dessert in after listening to it!

    We start of with a serving of mousse…not wait, a serving of Hickory Dickory which is all about mouses or meese or mice! These mice are jumping on and off the minute hand of a clock all trying to delivery items to the chirping Lord Cuckoo before the stroke of midnight! Will your crack squad of mices band together and win the day? Will the cat thwart your mousy plans? Will this game play as well as it looks?

    And for your next course we serve a refreshing glass of blue milk and roasted Porg as we take you to a deckbuilding game from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away! Yes it’s Star Wars: The Deckbuilding game and Garth and Mark have been locked in a duel of the fates trying to bring peace and stability to the galaxy…by smashing each other with heroes and villains; capital ships and bounty hunters, all while trying to destroy the others base (because it’s all about the base, ‘bout the base…).

    But wait! We also have a sneaky little, BIG, competition for you – so you better listen in and listen hard as this one is a cracker! We’ve giving you a chance to win the best darned boardgame book released all year! We won’t tell you what you need to do to enter…but just remember this… dicemencometh@gmail.com.

    Thanks to LFG as always, and a massive thank you to Good Games Australia for providing both of our review games on this episode!

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    The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 355

    The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 355

    The great thing about this particular episode is that Everybody Wins!

    Yes, it’s episode 355 and we take to the skies with a little game with a lot of sand, well sand timers anyway…who would think that a small box, fully co-op, real time, one deck game about flying Kites would hit the table? If you like Kites, or co-ops, or real time, or sand timers this may be a game that hits your table soon too!

    Next it’s time to get comfortable as we feature an interview with gaming legend and author, James Wallis, to discuss his book, Everybody Wins, which is all about the winners (and losers) of the Spiel des Jahres over the years!

    And of course, we announce the winners of our BorderCon competition! It’s all soooo exciting!!

    So thanks to Good Games for our copy of Kites, thanks to James Wallis for making time to chat with us from the other side of the globe, and thanks of course to our leading sponsor LFG Australia!

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    The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 354

    The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 354

    This episode is officially one of the top 354 we have ever done! And not only that, you get the reward or punishment of no Leon, so it’s just Garth and Mark talking you through all things tabletop.

    We kick off with a game that has been generously provided to us by Guf Studios – it’s time to traverse an Endless Winter. In this game you are guiding your PaleoAmerican tribe through generations of eating, hunting, migrating and monolithing all to secure you place in history. You will be managing cards and resources, controlling areas, using your Chief and so so many other things! This game is not for those with a small table, but with a big presence does it provide big enjoyment?

    We then wrap up with a journey back into childhood as Mark reminisces about playing in his backyard with his mates and his pets…not to mention this awesome Fort he had…Yes, we’re discussing Fort and it’s Cats & Dogs expansion. So if you like multi-use cards, cute art and made up rules this small box deckbuilder could be one worth picking up…or not. We guess you better listen in and make up your own minds!

    Thanks to our long suffering sponsor LFG Australia, and be sure to check them out for all your gaming needs!

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    The Dice Men Cometh – Bonus Episode from Materialise Podcast

    The Dice Men Cometh – Bonus Episode from Materialise Podcast

    Mark & Garth were lucky enough to feature as guests on the Launch Tabletop Vodcast, Materialise Episode 22, where they talked with Kate Finch and Alannah Kearney about the perils of navigating negative boardgame reviews.

    It was a very interesting discussion, with us being on the other side of the questions for once, so we figured it worth sharing far & wide.

    If you are really keen, you can even watch the Video Version on Youtube, but be warned, we are on radio for a reason!

    • 1 hr 11 min
    The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 353

    The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 353

    Tonight it’s a publisher ‘feature episode’ as Mark and Garth delve deeply and thirstily into two games that have been generously provided by Stonemaier Games.

    We start with the latest iteration of wine-making for fun and profit, with Mark talking us through Viticulture World. In this solo and/or co-op journey around the continents, you and your fellow winemakers are battling against the game in search of vines, grapes, wine and ultimately victory points (with a healthy dollop of influence points too). So, if you’re on the hunt to find out what makes this game different, and why you may like it – this is the episode for you. Oh, and hats…

    We move onto a chat about Tapestry, and specifically the Plans and Ploys expansion. In this 2 hour civilisation building game the expansion adds more cards, more tiles, more buildings, and MORE!!We all know that Leon only wants more and more from an expansion so this one ticks those boxes. Is it worth buying if you have already got the base game? Does it really change the experience? Will you be able to lead the new civilisations to victory?? Well, Garth couldn’t, but he did try his best.

    And finally, it’s the final reminder to get in your final entries for your final chance to get your hands on the final 2 tickets for BorderCon. You only have to listen in to find out how, and even if you have tickets, think of your gaming friends who don’t and get them to listen and enter!

    So that’s your lot for this episode, and thanks as always to our main sponsor LFG Australia. Be sure to visit their website for your next gaming purchase!

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    The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 352

    The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 352

    Have you ever wanted to just throw it all in and join a band of mercenaries on the hunt for the next big payday? Well, this episode may lead you down a path you won’t finish for days, weeks, months…or even years. We dedicate this whole episode to one publisher…Cephalofair Games and specifically to one designer…Isaac Childres.

    Garth and Mark start by running through Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, which has been hitting our table recently, before we push ‘play’ on a recent interview that Mark had with Mr Childres himself. The interview covers a broad range of Gloomyhaveny things including the newly released Frosthaven and the upcoming Gloomhaven RPG – so keep your ears peeled for all the tastiest of Gloomiest Haveniest tidbits!

    And we end with a community service announcement! Our annual BorderCon competition is alive and well, so if you want a chance to win 2 tickets to this sold out gaming extravangaza, make sure to stay until to the end for all the juicy details.

    Thanks to Cephalofair Games for providing us with Jaws of the Lion, and of course to our main sponsor, LFG!

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
59 Ratings

59 Ratings

Elindal ,

Australian Board Gaming at its representiest

These three Tasmanians do a great job of informing us all about all things board and card gaming. A must listen every week.

Drayven ,

An essential listen for board game content.

If you’re interested in tabletop gaming, I can think of no better podcast to listen to than Australia’s The Dice Men Cometh.
Mark, Garth, and Leon bring their enthusiasm and expertise to a range of board, card, dice, and role playing games.
Their unflinching dedication to finding the best games, and their no nonsense demeanour leave me well informed on the latest games as well as the occasional dive into an older classic.
Even when we disagree about a game, they provide enough detail in their reviews that I know whether I would like something they didn’t or vice versa.
Even better, they manage all this in under an hour every week.

User%Error ,

Doing Tasmania Proud

Great podcast - better than most US podcasts. Not bad for a bunch of old men. ;-) entertaining & informative.

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