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Here at REVEL, we live to create experiences that people love and learn from. We’re the ones behind events such as Pinot Palooza, MOULD - A Cheese Festival, Bread & Circus, Sake Matsuri and more.

We bring together an alliance of the best wineries, cheese, food and drinks folks we know in a festival environment.

This podcast is all about is all about the people who make these events what they are.


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Here at REVEL, we live to create experiences that people love and learn from. We’re the ones behind events such as Pinot Palooza, MOULD - A Cheese Festival, Bread & Circus, Sake Matsuri and more.

We bring together an alliance of the best wineries, cheese, food and drinks folks we know in a festival environment.

This podcast is all about is all about the people who make these events what they are.



    With the Pinot Palooza Tour barely days away, PRODUCER PALOOZA is the way for wineries, drinks and food folks to get their head around, and prepare for, the festival.

    Here we’ll share not only some hints & tips on how to get yourself ready, but insights into who’s joining us and how we expect the event to pan out.It was 2019 the last time we ran this festival in October and so much ha changed. But the good news is, much of this is for the better as we’re seeing more and more of our audience use festivals as a market place to not only engage with the movers and makers, but buy direct.In addition (and to get pretty tactical!) we’ll give you a tutorial on the Square terminals you’ll be using on the day.This is your best way to prepare and make the most of the festival.Essential to all, especially if this is your first time.

    THIS IS PRIMARILY A TRADE EVENT, not for general public and or attendees

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    Penley & The Future of Wine Packaging

    Penley & The Future of Wine Packaging

    This episode is a recording of a webinar talking all things wine packaging with the team at Penley in Coonawarra, South Australia.
    Dan Sims plays host with both Erin Fields (Brands & Comms) and John Fabrici (General Manger Sales) at Penley alongside Tully Mauritzen, wine buyer at Vinomofo who helped make this tasting happen.

    In short, key Vinomofo customers we sent two versions of the same wine - the Penley ‘Tolmer’ Cabernet Sauvignon, 2020; one in a 750ml bottle and one in a 2lt bag in a box.

    We encouraged each customer to open both a number of days before the event and try them side by side that period to see if their first impression, matched their last.

    We then gathered for an insightful catch up talking all things alternate packaging, why sustainability is at Penley’s core and why they, and us frankly, recon you should have another look at wine in box.

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Producer Palooza 2022 - A Pinot Palooza Webinar

    Producer Palooza 2022 - A Pinot Palooza Webinar

    Seeing its been 2.5 years between Pinot Palooza events, with a slightly different format, and many new producers to welcome to the festival, we thought we should hold a one hour webinar to help better prepare ya'll for the Australian East Coast Tour. 

    Founder, Dan Sims, shares some insights into where the events been, where it's going, why and how to make the most of your event experience. 

    • 1 hr 2 min
    EAT SLEEP EVENT REPEAT #2: A New Zealand Perspective

    EAT SLEEP EVENT REPEAT #2: A New Zealand Perspective

    There is no denying that the affects of COVID-19 are proving both dramatic and widespread across all industries, and particularly so for those that specialise in bringing people together.

    Open to all members of the broader events community, the second version of this forum is a chance to hear from key food and drinks event producers about how they are managing the short and longterm challenges of the current COVID-19 situation.

    Joining us for our second discussion, will be producers from some of New Zealand's iconic events including Wellington on a Plate, Beervana, Winetopia and Pinot Palooza (REVEL).

    You’ll also hear from Pinot Noir 2021 co-chair, Penelope Naish, who’ll not only discuss their event, but touch on how COVID-19 is effecting regional events, especially North Canterbury.

    This ongoing series, the aim of this forum is to create an alliance of like-minded global event producers from the food and drinks space, and provide a space where members can communicate and collaborate – sharing their experiences, challenges, insights and ideas around the current situation while and creating a vision for how things might look in the future.

    If you're an event producer, venue operator, promoter, supplier or from a related industry, we welcome you to join us to gain the kind of insights that you need right now and to ensure your voice is heard. As part the registration process, we’ll invite you to pose a question to our panel.

    "There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley



    Dan Sims (CEO/Founder REVEL Global)
    Sarah Meikle (Chief Executive Wellington Culinary Events Trust)
    Rob Elliot (Director Lemongrass Productions)
    Penelope Naish (Owner Black Estate Winery and co-chair of Pinot 2021)

    • 1 hr 8 min
    REVEL ALLIANCE #1: Rebecca Hopkins, A Balanced Glass

    REVEL ALLIANCE #1: Rebecca Hopkins, A Balanced Glass

    Today’s episode is an interview with all round bloody legend, Rebecca Hopkins. A brilliant wine communicator, strategist, speaker, moderator, host, and writer she boasts an incredible career in the wine business in both Australia and the US.

    Now, Vice-President of Communications at Folio Fine Wine Partners (a full service sales and marketing agency owned by the Michael Mondavi Family), in March 2018, she founded and launched “A Balanced Glass” - on online platform providing education and resources to industry colleagues to help support and maintain health and wellbeing while working in the beverage alcohol industry.

    This interview was recorded in June 2019 at Donum winery in the Sonoma Valley as we (REVEL) were there catching up and meeting a bunch of amazing wine folk in the region as we looked to bring Pinot Palooza to the USA.

    Despite being recorded last year, there is a lot here and much to reflect on especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

    In the coming weeks, we’ll be interviewing more and more from the wine world and beyond and share their stories here.

    Thanks so much for listening!

    Key Links

    Rebecca Hopkins LinkedIn
    A Balanced Glass Website
    Instagram: @abalancedglass
    LinkedIn: A Balanced Glass
    Pinot Palooza - Sonoma Tour 

    • 22 min
    BREAD & CIRCUS #1: In Conversation with Sandor Katz

    BREAD & CIRCUS #1: In Conversation with Sandor Katz

    Dubbed by the New York Times as “one of the unlikely rock stars of the American food scene,” award-winning American author, DIY food activist, self-described “fermentation revivalist” Sandor Katz is the unofficial global godfather of the fermentation movement.

    As part of his broader Australian "Ferment yourself Wild" tour in 2020, Sandor joined Bread & Circus for a very special in conversation event, co-presented by REVEL and Sharon Flynn, Founder and CEO of The Fermentary, who welcomed the audiences and introduced the event.

    The event was hosted by Melbourne food writer, author, food literacy advocate and Culinary Correspondent for ABC News Breakfast and ABC Radio, Alice Zaslavsky (aka @AliceinFrames). A leader of the vegetable vanguard movement and long-time Sandorkraut devotee, Alice always brings bucket-loads of her inimitable charm and passion to any event.

    Born in New York City and now based in rural Tennessee, Sandor (aka Sandorkraut) has been a fervent fellow of fermentation since long before it was a thing – try the 1980s.
    His early books Wild Fermentation and The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America’s Underground Food Movements have become essential reading for anyone interested in fermentation, while his 2012 tome The Art of Fermentation – the most comprehensive guide to DIY home fermentation ever published – topped the New York Times bestseller list and took out the 2013 James Beard Foundation Book Award for Reference and Scholarship.
    In demand by fermentalists the world over, Sandor has presented countless workshops throughout the US, Europe, South America, Asia and beyond, where he shares his decades of wisdom to skilfully demystify the art of fermentation – empowering folks to harness the health-giving magic of this transformational culinary alchemy.

    Still used in political parlance today, the phrase “bread and circuses” has its roots in ancient Rome, where it was coined by a powerful and outspoken Roman satirical poet by the name of Juvenal. Not one to be fooled by populist propaganda, Juvenal called to attention the government’s frequent use of free food (“bread”) and entertainment (“circuses”) as a shady diversionary tactic designed to steer the public’s attention away from the government’s failures, shortcomings and controversies. Sneaky buggers.
    OK, but what’s all that got to do with fermentation? First of all, we’re not agents of some populist regime, and we’re certainly not here to pull any shady Roman stunts, we just want to fling a bit of poetry around to get you primed to take a delicious day-long journey through the wonderful world of fermentation – something the ancient Romans knew a thing or two about.

    The Fermentary is an award-winning local creator of authentic, slow-fermented vegetables, milk and water kefirs, mustards, miso, and other small-batch fermentation projects – whose wares you’ll find served at the likes of Cumulus Inc, The Lake House, Meatsmith and more. A passionate local advocate for the health benefits of fermented foods and drinks, Sharon is a regular speaker at some leading Australian food events and loves to share her passion through workshops and classes.


    SPEAKERS in order of appearance

    Alice Zaslavsky: Host
    Sharon Flynn: The Fermentary
    Sandor Katz


    KEY LINKS ….

    Bread & Circus - Culture Fermented
    The Fermentary
    Alice Zaslavsky

    • 1 hr 24 min

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