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Introducing True Crime P.I., an investigative, biweekly Podcast that explores Missing and Unidentified cold cases from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

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Introducing True Crime P.I., an investigative, biweekly Podcast that explores Missing and Unidentified cold cases from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

    Saginaw John Doe - Unidentified, Carbon County Jane Doe and Grace Doe-Indentified

    Saginaw John Doe - Unidentified, Carbon County Jane Doe and Grace Doe-Indentified

    On October 8, 1988, the Saginaw Police department was contacted by a resident of an Apartment house located in the 400 block of Carroll Street. According to Lieutenant Kendziorski, the resident noticed that one of the apartment doors was ajar. After taking a look inside and seeing what appeared to be a deceased person the resident called the police.  When police arrived they discovered the body of a 16-20 year old african american male, with a shotgun wound to his face.

    Saginaw John Doe and his family need our help. If you are interested in helping to crowdfund this case, please visit www.dnasolves.com and click on Saginaw John Doe. Every little bit helps and brings us a step closer to identifying him. 
    If you can’t donate but would still like to help, I have created a shareable post with a  link to Saginaw John Doe’s DNAsolves.com page.  You can find it on our True Crime PI Facebook and Instagram pages. Please take a moment to share this post with your friends and followers. Together we can help find the missing , give the unidentified back their names and provide answers to  the families who have been forced to carry the unbearable burden of not knowing. 
    As I was editing this episode, I received news that 2 more Does have been identified through DNA profiling and Genetic Genealogical research and one of the identifications has led a suspect being charged with criminal homicide. 
    Carbon County (Beth) Doe Identified as Evelyn Colon
    Grace Doe Identified as Shawna Garber

    These two young women were brutally murdered. Their cases were cold with little hope of ever being solved. Today, they became the perfect example of why identifying the unidentified is so important. 
    www.dnasolves.com/articles/saginaw_john_doe/The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)Who is Saginaw John Doe (1988)?Saginaw Police and Othram team up in hopes of identifying teen killed in 1988Saginaw police partner with Texas DNA lab to ID teen killed in 1988

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    And Now...We Wait!

    And Now...We Wait!

    In this episode, I share comments from Amy Hutsell, Human Trafficking, Child Abuse and  Sexual Assault, Program Director at the Georgia, Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and from the Cobb County Medical Examiner's Office regarding grant funding and DNA Profiling/Genealogical Research for Our Doe.  

    It is exciting to think that we are closer to solving this case than we have ever been before, but for now...we wait. Our role in this investigation is complete; we dug deep, asked questions, connected with and shared our findings with the people who can take this investigation to the next level. The ball is now in their court. I trust that they will do their best to identify Our Doe and and her killer.
    In addition, I answer listener questions, discuss an upcoming Bonus Episode and what I have planned for Season 2 of True Crime PI.

    I will be taking a short break before I return for Season 2. So, if you enjoy listening to True Crime PI, please follow or subscribe on your favorite podcast player, so that you never miss an episode. 

    Thank you for listening!

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    Who is Our Doe?

    Who is Our Doe?

     I talk with David Mittelman, Founder and CEO of Othram and DNAsolves.com. David will discuss how Othram enables human identification from DNA evidence. He talks about the role Othram and DNAsolves.com played in the identification of Mostly Harmless, a John Doe who was discovered in 2018, and the Pecos Jane Doe. He will also explain how we can help identify Our Doe and others like her. 

     DNAsolves.com gives law enforcement, the family and friends of a missing person or anyone interested in helping to identify an unidentified person the ability to submit a case, crowdfund a case and ultimately to help solve a case! Before, DNAsolves.com, law enforcement had to secure funding prior to submitting the case for DNA profiling and genealogical research. In some cases, finding the funds could take years. Now, law enforcement, me, you, family or friends can submit a case to Othram. If approved, a crowdfunding campaign can be created on DNAsolves.com. You and anyone who is interested in solving the case can donate to insure it gets funded. Personally, I think this is a brilliant model because it inspires collaboration and provides us with a proven and effective way to help identify the unidentified.  I wanted to know more about what to expect once a case is accepted and funded.  David  gives us a behind the scenes look at the process. 

    Join me next time for the last episode of the first season of True Crime PI.  I will share my final thoughts and any available updates on this case. I will also be featuring listener questions and comments in this episode.  So, if you have a question or a comment visit www.turecrimepi.com and look for the Send a Voicemail tab on the right side of the home page.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

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    A killer, a sketch and an unidentified young woman.

    A killer, a sketch and an unidentified young woman.

    If the death of Samuel Little and the details contained in the last episode left you feeling like “this case would never be solved”. Keep listening. There have been some surprising developments over the past 30 days. 

    Amy Hutsell, Program Director at the CJCC has submitted my case research to the SAKI Task Force. This is the task force that has been charged with matching Georgia homicides to Samuel Little confessions and they are actively working on this case! I am not sure how long the  reexamination will will and obviously, I am anxiously awaiting the results. 
    Recently,  Othram, a  Texas-based lab that specializes in using next-generation sequencing and genetic genealogy to identify human remains,  has solved several high profile and lesser known cold cases,  Othram’s website explains that they are the first private laboratory built to apply the power of modern parallel sequencing to forensic evidence saying Quote” Our scientists are experts at recovery, enrichment, and analysis of human DNA from trace amounts of degraded or contaminated materials. We help investigators break through previously impenetrable forensic DNA barriers and close previously unsolvable cases. We decipher genetic identities, so YOU can solve cases.Unquote.
    The YOU in this sentence doesn’t only mean homicide detectives, cold case investigators and police officers, it means you, and me and us. It means anyone who is passionate about helping to give the unidentified back their names and provide answers to families who have been forced to carry the unbearable burden of not knowing. Collectively, with the help of Othram and the DNAsolves crowdfunding platform, we can identify her. 
    3 months ago when I released the first two episodes of this podcast, I would have never imagined that  3 episodes later I  would be waiting for the results of a task force review that could once and for all prove that Our Doe was one of Samuel Little’s victims. It is truly mind blowing. 
    On the other hand, I have always believed that this podcast could help identify her. I feel really confident that before long, she will have her name. I am grateful to all of you for listening and for your continued support. Special thanks to Detective John Dawes for being more than willing to discuss this case with me. His honesty gave me hope and the confidence to continue searching for ways to solve this case. Detective Dawes believes that every case is solvable, if you are willing to work...he has never stopped trying to solve this case and neither should we.
    Join me next time, when I talk with David Mittelman, Founder and CEO of Othram Labs and DNAsolves.com. David will discuss how Othram enables human identification from difficult evidence such as touch DNA, rootless hair and old bones. He will talk about the role Othram played in the identification of Mostly Harmless,a John Doe who was discovered in 2018, and he will explain how we can help identify our Doe and others like her. 

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    Samuel Little - Prime Suspect

    Samuel Little - Prime Suspect

     Over the course of four decades and across 19 states, the deadliest serial killer in US history left a trail of at least 93 victims. Although he was arrested several times and linked to sexual assaults, attempted murders and actual murders, he was for one reason or another repeatedly released to kill again. Samuel Little believed that the reason he was able to avoid a conviction for so many years was because he targeted women who were sex workers, runaways  and drug addicts. Women, who he believed were low risk because they were less likely to be missed. On September 2, 2014, his luck ran out. He was finally convicted for the murders of 3 young women, in the late 80’s and sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences. In October of  2019, the FBI named him the most prolific serial killer in US History. Just a little over a year later at 4:53 am on December 30, 2020, 80 year old, Samuel Little died in a California hospital. 

    Episode 4,  tells Little's story and highlights the possible connection to Our Doe, NamUs Case - UP10724 - Cobb County, GA - May 10th, 1984. Retired Cobb County  Homicide and Cold Case  Detective, John Dawes, explains how he submitted crime scene photos, the reconstruction created by retired GBI Forensic Artist, Marla Lawson and a map for Little's review. Dana Poll and Detective Dawes provide insight into the mind of the most prolific serial killer in US History.


    Washington Post Series:
    New York Magazine Article:

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    Update: Samuel Little, The Fall Line, In the Red Clay & Rock Solid Distillery

    Update: Samuel Little, The Fall Line, In the Red Clay & Rock Solid Distillery

    Thank you for listening in 2020. I hope that you will continue to enjoy this podcast in 2021 and beyond. The news of Samuel Little's death last week was deflating but I have hope that investigators will continue to build on what they know and more identifications will be made.    The next episode of True Crime P.I.  will be released on Wednesday, January 13th. It will focus on Samuel Little and his possible connection to our Doe. Detective Dawes will provide insight into the mind of the man who he believes could be her killer. 
    In the mean time, if you are interested in learning more about Samuel Little and his victims, I recommend that you listen to The Fall Line podcast - Season 11. This special 4 part, limited series sheds light on how Little nearly got away with 4 decades of murders. According to the podcast, roughly half of Littles victims were living in the Southeast at the time of their murders. A number of these victims are either Jane Does or are currently considered “unmatched confessions”. This podcast is extremely informative and more than worth the listen. Simply search for The Fall Line on your favorite podcast player.

    I would also like to recommend another True Crime podcast, In the Red Clay. This 12 episode series  tells the story of Billy Sunday Birt,  who was said to be the leader of the “Dixie Mafia” and the most dangerous man in Georgia history. In the Red Clay, documents the legend of  Billy Birt through the eyes of his son, Stoney. Stoney’s memories reveal the complexities of the man, the father, and the criminal who was loved and feared by so many.  If you live near Winder, GA be sure to visit the Rock Solid Distillery owned by Stoney Birt.

    Happy New Year!

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