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Thought leadership on the subject of overcoming hidden or unresolved personal insecurity.

Unhindered Jaemin Frazer

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Thought leadership on the subject of overcoming hidden or unresolved personal insecurity.

    Episode 267. Finding flow

    Episode 267. Finding flow

    Flow is defined as the most meaningful and effective experiences we get to have as humans. It is the moments of bliss, inspiration, clarity and power that transport us into the supernatural realm and allow us to achieve truly extraordinary results.
    Every has this magic inside them. The issue is, can you access it when you need it most?
    On today's episode I'll share the most important discoveries I've made in the last 10 years about how to find flow on a daily basis.
    Oh, and I'll also share a recent review of one of my books that described it 'The worst self development book I've read in a long time.’

    • 36 min
    Unhindered 266. The illusion of separation

    Unhindered 266. The illusion of separation

    The Insecurity Project podcast has a new name! From henceforth it shall now be known as the Unhindered podcast.
    There really is only one goal - To be completely unhindered so that you can show up to life at your best where it matters most.
    There really is only one problem - Hidden or unresolved insecurity is the only thing that ever stops people living the life they are truly capable of.
    And, there really is only one solution - The 7 essential practices for overcoming insecurity is the proven roadmap for how anyone has ever fully solved this universal problem.
    May you become unhindered in 2023!
    On the first episode for this year I’m inviting you to participate in a thought experiment that has the power to change your whole perspective about what it means to be you. Who are you? What are you? And are you actually alone and separated from the things you desire, or is that merely an illusion.
    Listen in to find out for sure.

    • 23 min
    Episode 265. Imagination, generalisation and the 7 secrets of magic

    Episode 265. Imagination, generalisation and the 7 secrets of magic

    If you've listened to much of the podcast before, no doubt you'll have heard me say that in order to fully overcome all insecurity, you'll have to go back to the moments in your childhood where you created these fears about yourself in the first place.
    But what happens if you just CAN'T remember? Especially when the research suggests these formative beliefs are created before you are 7!
    If you (like the majority of people) have no clear memory of these defining moments, I'll show you what to do instead using the wonder of imagination and generalisation.
    I'll also give a short summary of my favourite book of the year - The magicians way by William Whitecloud, and tell you what the 7 secrets of magic have to do with living unhindered.
    This is the final episode for 2022. A big thank you to all who’ve tuned in each week this year. I’ll be back with more of your favourite content and conversations early in the new year.

    • 29 min
    Episode 264. Filipa Bellette - Being Unhindered

    Episode 264. Filipa Bellette - Being Unhindered

    Today's guest is Filipa Bellette. She is just about to finish the 6 month Unhindered experience with me and wanted to share what has happened in her life as a result.
    Filly was already a highly successful, highly motivated, multi award-winning business woman who didn't really know that there was hidden insecurity capping her performance before we started working together.
    On this episode Filly shares very openly about what happened when she uncovered a deep fear of being weak and incapable that was actually impacting every area of her life.
    You'll hear her unpack how she journeyed through each of the 7 essential practices for overcoming insecurity until coming out the other side with a beautiful new narrative about who she really was instead.
    Filly also shares some of the amazing results since resolving this limiting belief for good including the fact that she has consistently been making an extra $8-$10k a month since starting the Unhindered experience!

    • 1 hr 37 min
    Episode 263. Jordan Peterson and the 3 levels of awareness

    Episode 263. Jordan Peterson and the 3 levels of awareness

    Like thousands of others in Australia this week, I was lucky enough to get to hear Jordan Peterson speak live in Melbourne.
    It gave me a fresh take on the importance of his voice in the world today and why feminists seem to hate him so much.
    On today's episode I'll unpack my favourite insights from his lecture.
    I'll also show you a simple model for getting unstuck I've just developed around the 3 levels of awareness. While it is straight forward, I'll explain why most people will never move beyond levels 1 and 2
    And finally there's a story about how in an attempt to earn father of the year points I accidentally hurt my son so bad he almost passed out...

    • 47 min
    Episode 262. Matthew Perry and the subject object switch

    Episode 262. Matthew Perry and the subject object switch

    On today’s podcast episode:
    Why Matthew Perry's brand new autobiography should be on your must read list - even though it is definitely one of the worst books I’ve ever read.
    The very best thing about being a victim, but why the moment you use it, you lose the game for good. (This was so important to share that I had to pause the music to make sure you heard it straight.)
    The greatest advice you’ll ever hear from Harvard university.
    Why I'm never using the word interesting again thanks to a group of 93 year olds.
    And a reminder about why the middle of your life is the best time to do your most important personal development work.

    • 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
77 Ratings

77 Ratings

JenJenB79 ,

voice of reason

I first came across Jaemin as the ‘one minute coach’ on radio, his message resonated so much so that when I experienced a crisis and cross roads in my life I looked him up and discovered there’s so much more to be learned and gained from Jaemin’s work.

The podcast is profound, intelligent, thoughtful, insightful and just plain commonsense. The interwebs is full of noise about self help and personal growth (you should see my Instagram feed) so I’m thankful to have found a podcast that cuts through the noise and gets to the heart of the matter. Thanks Jaemin! Merry Christmas!

VickiAUS ,

The real deal

I love spending time with Jaemin through his podcast, he reminds me what we’re here for, to have a human experience. Funny stories, the unexpected, self-evaluation and coaching, Im bordering on evangelical to Jaemin’s work. I drop his name and share his links every chance I get, because he’s good!

Paul Melon McFadden ,

Top quality coaching

Jaemin has great insights and an alternate way of viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. The short length make them very easy to fit in during the day.

Highly recommended.

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