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IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!

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IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!

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4.5 de 5
23 avaliações

23 avaliações

JulioBBL ,

Absolutely amazing

Started to listen the guys just after the switch announcement, haven't stopped since, it has become a weekly routine of mine, I love listening to Garook's commentary, what a funny guy, and don't even get me started on young George Lucas, that guy cracks me up every time...

This is the source of news for all things Nintendo, i went from "never heard of this game" to "hey, I just bought that game" in minutes after the guys recommending it, if you are still reading this, get some NVC in your life.

MrLuisF ,


A Nintendo podcast saying that they will play Doom on PS4? Seriously?

Filipi Caris ,

Such an awesome show by some awesome ppl

Hey! It’s Filipi over here, not your Filip. Hahaha I’ve gotta a better name, I have an extra i!!!! Well, I’m Brazilian and I love your show. Nowadays, the Nintendo relationship with Brazil is no that good because of the high taxes here for imported products, so when the Switch launched I was in a huge hype but a little bit sad because I wouldn’t have it so quickly. I found out about NVC during the hype months before the launch and you guys gave me more hype than you guys imagine. When I finally got my switch back in may I was so happy and I would like to thank you guys. You have such a nice and positive opinion about Nintendo and the whole games market that I give you a thumbs up!!! Keep filling us with hope and smiles during the episodes. Thank you very much

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