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Do you want to know more about how to improve your table tennis game? Then this is the show for you. We take questions from players of all levels and discuss them so we can all learn how to become better.

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Do you want to know more about how to improve your table tennis game? Then this is the show for you. We take questions from players of all levels and discuss them so we can all learn how to become better.

    Show #340 - How Did You Meet?

    Show #340 - How Did You Meet?

    As always, I'm joined by super coach Alois Rosario for another edition of the ask the coach podcast! In this episode we answer more of your table tennis questions including How did Alois and I meet. So grab yourself a beverage and sit back and enjoy the show.

    Returning a Deep Chop
    Peter - My regular opponent fears my backhand so continually sends a deep heavy chop to my forehand. Eventually I get frustrated and either hit the net with my return chop or over hit a forehand loop return. What to do in this situation?

    Warm Up in Competitions
    Jasper - I remember you saying that in the warm up, you can do anything. But when watching competitions, it seems like they only do drives, blocks and topspins. Why don't people do chops and smashes and pushing and sidespinning and other possible techniques?

    Jason - Why do some penholders switch their grip to shakehand when they smash? Like Wang Zengyi and Ma Lin? Is it powerful?

    Rubber on Rubber
    Phil - Thanks for question answered 18 hrs ago so from what you say you can buy a new rubber & put it on the existing bat is that right?

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    Choosing a Table Tennis Bat

    Ma Long

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    Show #339 - Ghost Serve

    Show #339 - Ghost Serve

    I must admit I never knew why the ghost serve was named as such but thankfully Alois explains it to me like I was a five year old! Here are the questions we discuss in today's show:

    Ghost Serve
    Abe - What is the ghost serve?

    Effect of Support
    Jasper - Does your team supporting make you play better or make you play worse? Sometimes I feel like supporting puts quite a lot of pressure on me.

    Getting More Sidespin on Your Pendulum Serve
    Toby - How can I get more sidespin on my pendulum serve?

    Hitting Your Chest When Serving
    Yazid - Hi Alois, when i do a pendulum serve my paddle always get hit at my chest . What i can do to not hit my chest again?

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    Ma Lin Ghost Serve

    Bat Angle for the Ghost Serve

    Pendulum Serve Tutorial (for premium members)

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    Show #338 - Balancing Direct Instruction and Playing

    Show #338 - Balancing Direct Instruction and Playing

    In this podcast we discuss how to get the balance right between simply playing and constantly receiving direct information on how to get better. I feel that it might be better for a coach to say less and let the player learn through experience.

    Cleaning Funny Rubbers
    Jasper - I'm thinking of experimenting with short pimple rubber soon, how do you clean short pimple rubber? It's quite pointy so I'm not sure. And is cleaning short pimple rubber the same for the other pimple rubbers?

    How Do Timeouts Work
    Michael - When I play at home, I sometimes get a little tired. Is there such thing as time outs? If there is, how does it work?

    Beginner Coaching
    Jason - My friend is coming over tomorrow to learn how to play table tennis. I have no clue on how to teach a complete beginner on table tennis. Do you have any advice for how to teach a beginner?

    Improve My Forehand Topspin
    Z - Please can you teach me how to improve my forehand topspin? I'm really tired of missing my shots.

    Improving On Spinny Topspin
    Thomas - So, I just found out a major reason for my lousy play-I was crowding the table during a rally. No wonder I couldn't hit topspin. Moving back, my game improved some, but the top is  still too rudimentary. My forehand topspin is mostly spinny and slow, and backhand is worse. I like to hold the bat loosely with the index not parallel with the base of the bat but at a slight angle and I tighten the grip at contact. Do you think it's necessary to change to a traditional grip that isn't comfortable but probably will lead to more consistency, and what mental or physical changes do you think I need to go for my topspin  more so it becomes a weapon? I am trying to incorporate more body weight but it's clear I'm playing it safe and mostly arming it. Thanks.

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    Forehand Topspin Against Block

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    Show #337 - Is Waldner the GOAT?

    Show #337 - Is Waldner the GOAT?

    This week we discuss whether Waldner is the greatest of all time, tell some jokes, read some OMG facts, and answer some of your table tennis questions.

    Waldner or Ma Long?
    Erfan - Who is better jan ove waldner or ma long ?

    Reacting to Short and Long Serves Incorrectly
    Jasper - I  played table tennis yesterday with my friend but I have problems moving to short balls and slow long serves because I'm not sure whether  it's short or long. So I end up pushing long serves or attempting to topspin short balls. Any solutions that you have?

    Counterspin Against a Slow Low Topspin
    Hugo - How to counter loop a low spinny loop in the backhand?

    Can't Attack in a Match
    Reza - Hi Thanks for your good videos. They help me so much. Please help me. Why I can't attack during the game?

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    Sports Psychology Tutorials

    Counter a Slow Spinny Topspin

    Ma Long's Dominance

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    Show #336 - Bat, Paddle, Racket, or Racquet

    Show #336 - Bat, Paddle, Racket, or Racquet

    In this show we have all our regular segments plus we discuss in depth 5 of your questions. One of them leads us to discuss what is the correct term for the thing you hit the ball with. Enjoy the show.

    Push With Less Backspin
    Ardak - Sometimes my opponents return pushes with less backspin to confuse me. I feel there are still some backspins in such returns. So I return them by push or do topspin against backspin. If I push such ball it will be easy to answer by loop. If I do topspin then ball often goes off the table. What do you suggest?

    Dai - Can you give me some irrregular drills and regular & freeplay drills.

    Jason - I struggle winning when it’s 10-10 or a deuce. It pressures me too much and I don’t know how to win a deuce. Is there any idea to help me?

    Paddle Maintenance
    Nancy - Maybe you’ve already covered this somewhere, but I’m wondering about paddle maintenance— do you use any special cleaner, and is it true you should replace the rubbers twice a year? Any other tips?

    Jason - When I watch table tennis, I see a lot of table tennis tennis players grunting during the contact point like Dimitrij, grunt like OO AHH. I heard it make your stroke more lifestyle with the inhale and it gives a certain breathing pattern. Is this true?

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    Free Downloads Page

    PingSkills Drills PDF

    How Often To Clean Your Rubber

    Sports Psychology Tutorials

    Push Variation

    Topspin Against Various Spins and Lengths




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    Show #335 - 20 Years Since Sydney 2000

    Show #335 - 20 Years Since Sydney 2000

    In this show we reminisce about the Sydney 2000 Olympics and go all mindful in the tip of the week. Enjoy the show!

    Jason - What is table tennis fishing exactly? To me it’s like a weaker topspin against topspin.

    Ranking in a Group Tournament
    Ardak - Hi coach! In our mini club we organize mini amateur tournaments every week. There are 10 players. We all play each other. There is no problem in ranking players who have different number of wins. But how to rank players with same number of wins?

    Long Pimples to Play Backspin
    Peter - In the last few years I have always been playing with inverted rubber on both sides. Now I want to try long pimples on the backhand side because I have so much trouble receiving heavy backspin with inverted rubber.  In my club there are so many people who play very strong backspins. Do you think it is worthwhile to change to long pimples to play against these kind of players? What are the advantages and disadvantages of long pimples?

    Moving in Seniors Doubles
    Ann - I love my seniors morning of Table tennis. I've come from tennis where doubles movement is much more defined and we do not usually get in each others way. I tripped over my partner's feet and fell backward hitting my head. It occasioned discussion with some players - sadly not her - about how to move and not get in each other's way and not be a hazard. We have a few who just do not move out of the way and take up a lot of space "right in the middle". One person said it is like trying to go round a concrete pole. Can you give us some guidance please? Better still can you do a 5 minute video showing some doubles (not at rocket speed) where players are shown moving around each other safely and effectively. Some tips and pointers would be much appreciated by me as I am quite nervous playing alongside some of my seniors colleagues.

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    Doubles Strategy - for premium members

    Table Tennis at the Olympic Games

    Using Long Pimples

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