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There are many wonderful people adding to the positive outlook of a backcountry and hunting lifestyle. Our goal is to join them in promoting that outlook. We share stories, tips and tactics of backcountry pursuits.

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There are many wonderful people adding to the positive outlook of a backcountry and hunting lifestyle. Our goal is to join them in promoting that outlook. We share stories, tips and tactics of backcountry pursuits.

    At the Gym with Land Tawney

    At the Gym with Land Tawney

    To those that think it’s impossible to ramp up the intensity without ever lifting a weight or turning on the elliptical machine, think again. Joe and Brian meet up with Land Tawney at quite a telling location to discuss the sweat equity they put into their passions. It’s time to turn up the heat!

    Topics discussed:
    - The most visited and successful wilderness in America
    - It’s our job to use our voice
    - The “Oh my god!” moment
    - Losing a father at a young age
    - The Land Legacy Effect: Teller Wildlife Refuge
    - Raiding Retirement Homes
    - A quick way to raise $60k and lose 20lbs
    - Hiking in moon boots and platform shoes
    - Hunting benefits and drawbacks after a scorched earth
    - The ridiculousness of coming home to mow the lawn
    - Solace of the wild
    - When to embrace the grit and when to throw in the towel 
    - Long distance equestrian riders
    - Sometimes it’s learning the story of being a Public Land Owner
    - Democracy is driven by those that show up 
    - 5 ways to turn up the heat as a Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA) member

    Join BHA: https://www.backcountryhunters.org/join
    Follow BHA: @backcountryhunters
    Follow Land Tawney: @landtawney

    • 1 hr 2 min
    The Golden Ticket

    The Golden Ticket

    Mr. Western DIY, Ross Niebur, returns to the show with a Governor’s Tag story to tell. To all that may think it’s impossible, this one's for you. To all that want it to be their possible, grab a notepad and pen, this one is for the record books.
    - The importance of marrying a woman that understands your passion
    - A Governor’s tag’s blessing: open to all units
    - A Governor’s tag’s curse: narrowing down the units, then the mountain
    - Graduate Level Logistics
    - Going about a DIY Governor’s Tag: 20 day scout, broken up in 3 trips
    — Trip 1: (June) Feel out a mountain range - getting goat shape - climbing into the clouds
    — Trip 2: (July) Participated in the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance survey
    — Trip 3: (August) +30 mile solo through hike
    - Growth an inch a week
    - Watching goats pee
    - Hockey puck sized glands
    - Amidst a 6k foot ceiling in 9-10k country
    - The product of having a Plan B
    - Bombing avalanche shoots in crampons
    - Shooting a 2x2 alpine opening
    - Connecting 3 months of glass to the real thing
    Follow along with Ross on Instagram at @rniebur

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Aging Done Right

    Aging Done Right

    Joe and Chad sit down with Jamie Carlson from Modern Carnivore to chat about cooking wild game right. The old fashioneds were flowing and Jamie’s smoked whitefish were whetting the appetite. Grab a chair and pour a stiff one with us – you’re bound to get heaping scoops of Jamie’s insight and dashes of humor along the way.
    Topics discussed:
    — Affinities for white suckers
    — Becoming a market fisherman at 6 years old
    — Why Grandma’s clothesline is perfect for hanging -squirrels 
    — Is duck the ultimate gateway game?
    — Wet aging
    — Garage geese
    — Aging shark for 6 months
    — Why the gun range is the number 1 reason for better tasting wild game
    — Sean Brock’s ideal deer heart preparation
    — Scouting for your kids success
    — Suffering with age

    • 1 hr 7 min
    BHA Stateside

    BHA Stateside

    Joe and Chad sit at the MN BHA table with their Chairman, Aaron Hebeisen (pronounced “hey-bison”). Despite the Minnesota focus, one can still glean insight to understanding how much their corresponding state chapters are bringing to the table.
    - 6 pack and refreshing for an hour and a half
    - Warning: Don’t ever buy duck decoys
    - BHA’s 2020 Focus: Engaging and empower Current Membership
    - Your Voice is more important than your money and time (but we appreciate them all!)
    - Public Grouse Film Tour
    - Pheasant Fest
    - The BHA Angle on angling
    - Pint Night 2-4-1s: Beer and activity in one event

    Tickets for Public Grouse Film Tour (chances are, it’s in your state)
    Tickets for Pheasant Fest 2020 in Minneapolis
    Join BHA
    Follow BHA at @backcountryhunters
    Follow the BHA Minnesota Chapter at @bha_mn
    Follow Aaron at @aaron_hebeisen

    • 57 min
    Blindside With The Boys

    Blindside With The Boys

    Grab your coffee and join Jeff, Joe and groggy Chad as they sit down over morning brew reminiscing of this past waterfowl season’s successes, learning moments, and head scratchers. Topics discussed:
    - Uncovering shipwrecks
    - Recruitment going full swing
    - Do geese jump ahead of the field spread?
    - The 3 generation hunt
    - Folly of guided hunts
    - Jacked up by a trailer jack
    - Sea duck hunting in the land-locked Midwest
    - Learning curve hunting out of a layout boat
    - An 8 month old pup in the field
    - Blaze orange in the duck blind??
    - A 12 Month hunting dog vs a 2 month hunting dog
    - The idiotic epiphany with a duck dog in their prime
    - Reactivation after 15 years
    - The power of giving back to the disabled
    Do you have any success stories, learning moments, or head scratchers? We want to share it! Please submit to contactoutdoors.com

    • 58 min
    Getting Ultra Light and Ultra Sharp with Luke Johnson

    Getting Ultra Light and Ultra Sharp with Luke Johnson

    Get the inside cut on Tyto Knives

    • 44 min

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