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Vancouver's local politics podcast. Hosted by Matthew Naylor and Ian Bushfield. Email us cambiereport@gmail.com | Support the show at https://patreon.com/cambiereport

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Vancouver's local politics podcast. Hosted by Matthew Naylor and Ian Bushfield. Email us cambiereport@gmail.com | Support the show at https://patreon.com/cambiereport

    E3-982 We elected fifth graders

    E3-982 We elected fifth graders

    Park board abolition, budget task force and naming rights, car-free gastown and more.


    * Muni Ministry – Park Board MMA-2023-33456.pdf

    * Vancouver Mayor – Park Board 2023-763 – res.pdf

    * “the province is not going to be surprised”

    * Sim says Vancouver Park Board ‘not fixable’

    * Park commissioners unlock $20K to fight Vancouver mayor’s move to abolish board

    * Vancouver-area Indigenous groups refuse to endorse mayor’s plan to dismantle park board – The Globe and Mail

    * 2 local First Nations support Vancouver Park Board plan

    *  Mayor’s Budget Taskforce Report

    * Vancouver mayor says city could generate $100M via naming rights of buildings, parks

    * Commissioner says no conflict in Rolling Stones’ promo at Vancouver city hall

    * Dan Fumano: ABC Vancouver returns $116000 in prohibited donations from 2022 election

    * High-profile member of Vancouver Police Board resigns – BC | Globalnews.ca

    * Vancouver Police Board member resigns, cites conflicts of interest, political interference | CBC News

    * Metro Vancouver bus strike averted as 2 sides accept mediator’s recommendations | Globalnews.ca

    * Vancouver’s Gastown will go car-free this summer

    * North Vancouver District approves controversial supportive housing

    * Why I quit my job (video) | Patreon Bob Kronbauer

    E3-995 Join the Movement

    E3-995 Join the Movement

    Denis Agar, founder of Movement, a transit advocacy nonprofit organization, discusses the challenges and solutions for improving transit in Metro Vancouver. We cover the issues with the 49 bus route, the need for bus lanes and other transit improvements, the importance of community engagement, the funding challenges faced by TransLink, the potential of real estate development as a funding source, and the strategies for addressing different levels of government. The conversation discusses the challenges and funding contingencies in implementing transit plans, particularly in the context of the bus rapid transit (BRT) 10-year plan. It highlights the need for increased funding for bus service and the importance of public involvement in transit advocacy.


    * TransitMovement.ca

    * Our repeat Vancouveratta on the 49 plaques

    E3-1044 The break up on your behalf service

    E3-1044 The break up on your behalf service

    Ken Sim proposes abolishing the Park Board, shocking half of the ABC Park Board caucus who are now in open revolt. Can the right decisions be made for the pettiest of reasons? Ken Sim also saw the City Hall walls and wanted them painted…with the Rolling Stones logo. New regulations from the province dictating how cities need to implement the coming upzoning laws are giving city planners nightmares but that’s a good thing. Cops and West Van mayors seem to rely on loose interpretations of facts (allegedly). And we have some holiday drink recommendations.


    * Mayor moving to dismantle Vancouver Park Board

    * Vancouver’s mayor makes a bold step to eliminate the park board — at the risk of dividing his party | CBC News

    * Move to abolish Vancouver park board reveals rift in Mayor Ken Sim’s ABC party

    * 9 points on the ABC Vancouver split over the future of the park board

    * The motion

    * The letter to the ABCD councillors

    * Renting Vancouver City Hall to Rolling Stones promoters is peak Sim City cringe

    * Regulations, policy manuals issued to help deliver more homes for people faster | BC Gov News

    * ‘Steady decline’ in Vancouver stranger assaults since 2021, police department report reveals

    * West Vancouver mayor facing probe for election ‘spending irregularities’ – BC | Globalnews.ca

    * Vancouveratta: How did the Vancouver Christmas Market come to be? | Evolution 107.9 

    E3-1058 Manufactured wood arcologies

    E3-1058 Manufactured wood arcologies

    BC’s new housing laws mean major shakeups for city councils but maybe that’s a good thing since we are in a housing crisis. Plus cities try to make themselves useful in the meantime. Except Surrey and especially except Harrison Hot Springs.


    * Legislation introduced to rein in short-term rentals, deliver more homes for people | BC Gov News 

    * More small-scale, multi-unit homes coming to B.C., zoning barriers removed | BC Gov News 

    * Legislation introduced to deliver more homes near transit hubs | BC Gov News

    * Legislation introduced to streamline delivery of homes, services, infrastructure | BC Gov News

    * New standardized designs will help build more homes quicker | BC Gov News

    * Eby says governments must step up on housing, can’t rely on private sector – Real Estate | Business in Vancouver

    * BC looking at Vienna & Singapore models of public housing

    * It took 5 months, but B.C. Govt FOI response reveals the ten ‘experts’ guiding the hammer of provincial housing policy | CityHallWatch

    * Could BC’s push to densify housing around transit hubs threaten Chinatown, Gastown heritage buildings?

    * B.C.’s new housing rules could have ‘enormous unintended consequences,’ warns Coquitlam mayor

    * Vancouver council passes 2 housing motions

    * Motion to densify Shaughnessy housing fails | CityNews Vancouver

    * Parking minimums eliminated for new developments in West End and Broadway Plan areas | City of Vancouver

    * Vancouver councillor pitches ‘potentially transformational’ plan for the city’s Downtown Eastside – The Globe and Mail

    * Draft 2024 Budget | City of Vancouver

    * Mayor’s budget task force was supposed to report by Oct 3

    * New VPD contract would make officers the highest paid in Canada | Globalnews.ca

    * Vancouver’s Pay Boost for Unionized Staff Increases Budget Pressures | The Tyee

    * Elections B.C. audits Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim’s political party campaign contributions

    * ...

    E3-1080 Pray Holborn doesn’t alter the deal further

    E3-1080 Pray Holborn doesn’t alter the deal further

    Social housing at Little Mountain continues to be the most aggravating story in the City of Vancouver, and it just got worse. Boyle wants red light and speed cameras in the city, but ABC wants further study. The cops are using their political capital. The Park Board is protecting golf courses. The city wants to save Britannia Community Centre but possibly eliminate the Beach Ave bike lane.

    Further afield, Metro plows ahead with development fee increases, Richmond goes all in on cars and Port Coquitlam does an about face on a “controversial” daycare.


    * Little Mountain developer says social housing requirement stalling progress on market condos

    * A bit of history (thread)

    * Results of the vote (McElroy on Twitter)

    *  Vancouver city councillor criticizes amendment that calls for further study of intersection cameras

    * Vancouver police arrest 2 after raids on Drug User Liberation Front | CBC News

    * Vancouver police bust three storefronts selling psilocybin and psychedelics

    * Vancouver police announce 258 arrests in latest violent shoplifting crackdown – BC | Globalnews.ca

    * B.C. coalition seeks ‘critical’ crackdown on violent retail crime | CTV News

    * Vancouver Park Board again rejects calls to convert golf courses into housing | CBC News

    * Master plan for Britannia community centre may get sidetracked | Vancouver Sun

    * Cyclists concerned about proposed West End waterfront revitalization plan

    * Metro Vancouver approves development charge increase 

    * No BRT, no RapidBus: Richmond City Council rejects TransLink’s proposed route to Metrotown

    * PoCo council reverses previous decision, approves Grant Avenue daycare

    * Vancouveratta: Chinese Canadian Museum

    E3-1100 Frustration after frustration after frustration

    E3-1100 Frustration after frustration after frustration

    Surrey sues the province, who’s about to crush them with legislation. Vancouver seeks a new city planner to build the homes Ken Sim is hoping his new plan will allow, if he’s not too busy filing complaints against political rivals. Burnaby allows laneway houses but misses out on federal funding as Metro Vancouver’s new development fees are too high. And Port Moody council approves a new development despite a marathon of controversy.


    City of Surrey launches court proceeding to halt police transition (City announcement with petition)

    Surrey launches policing review in B.C. Supreme Court | CityNews Vancouver

    Minister’s statement on Surrey policing | BC Gov News

    City of Vancouver parts ways with chief planner

    Vancouver council approves ‘missing middle’ motion allowing up to 8 homes per lot – BC | Globalnews.ca

    Dan Fumano: Vancouver Mayor Sim and ABC majority pledge housing action

    Ken Sim housing motion

    Vancouver City Council to consider review on how view cones impact housing

    100 Cops, Not Even 10 Nurses | The Tyee

    Dan Fumano: Vancouver council eyes loosening rent limits to boost construction

    Ken Sim Tried to Stop a Councillor From Talking. Will It Happen Again? | The Tyee

    Vancouver mayor’s 2nd conduct complaint against city councillor upheld

    Integrity Commissioner Report COVIC-005: Complaint against Councillor Christine Boyle

    Christine Boyle spent $7K to defend complaint from Ken Sim – Vancouver Is Awesome

    Dan Fumano: Major Vancouver labour group changes direction, throws support behind one party

    Development Cost Charge Revisions | Metro Vancouver

    Feds postpone housing funding for 2 of B.C.’s biggest cities amid concern over development fees | CBC News

    Federal housing minister’s ‘fiasco’ flip-flop on housing funds puzzles B.C. mayors

    ‘A signific...

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4.7 out of 5
85 Ratings

85 Ratings

Don1547 ,

Wanna learn about Vancouver civic affairs, this is your spot.

Humorous partners do a deep dive into what’s happening around Vancouver from different perspectives. Very opinionated, but from an informed perspective.
My only problem is that they could have more podcasts. Well worth a donation to help keep it going.

Suzie Castaneda ,

Informative but host is annoying

I appreciate the thorough reporting on local politics so much but I gotta say, that one host is not only critical of literally everything but is inconsistent in his own opinions from episode to episode! Feels like this podcast is more about him stroking his own ego than about actual critical thought and constructive dialogue. (And I say that as someone whose politics generally align with those of the hosts.) If anyone else was making a Vancouver politics podcast, I’d be listening to that instead.

Josh Kepkay, North Van Realtor ,

Thank you Cambie Report!

Love love love the Cambie Report! Expect candid analysis of municipal politics across the Lower Mainland. Highly recommend becoming a patreon supporter too!

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