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Hosts Christian, Tania and James from the IATEFL Teacher Development Special Interest Group talk about issues within teacher development in various contexts.


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Hosts Christian, Tania and James from the IATEFL Teacher Development Special Interest Group talk about issues within teacher development in various contexts.

    Episode 21 - Avoiding Burnout With Rachael Roberts

    Episode 21 - Avoiding Burnout With Rachael Roberts

    Continuing on with the theme of Mental Health, in this episode Tania interviews Rachel Roberts, a teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer, avid blogger, and life coach. Using their own personal experiences as examples, they discuss the causes of teacher burnout, key symptoms and warning signs, and ideas and resources to help avoid and deal with unhealthy stress levels.




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    Episode 20 - Mental Health With Phil Longwell

    Episode 20 - Mental Health With Phil Longwell

    To mark Mental Health Week in the UK, in this episode Christian interviews Phil Longwell, a teacher, teacher trainer and mental health advocate. They discuss Phil's personal experiences with mental health issues, what ELT employers can do to help their employees, and what teachers can do to manage their own well being.

    Phil's blog: https://teacherphili.com/

    IATEFL Q&A on Phil Longwell’s Webinar on Mental Health in ELT:

    Screencast Recording from Phil Longwell on Improving the Mental Health of English Language Teachers:

    Blog from Phil Longwell on Covid-19 Mental Health and Wellbeing:

    Mental Health First Aid Training Courses e.g.:

    Free courses:

    Understand the Physiological impact of lockdown on our Wellbeing and Mental Health on Maudsley Learning and Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust’s course (the UK's premier mental health training organisation): https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/psychological-impact-of-covid-19

    Help Young People Manage Low Mood and Depression with the University of Reading: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/low-mood-during-covid-19

    Manage Mental Health and Stress on Coventry University's course: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/managing-mental-health

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    Episode 19 - Teaching Online

    Episode 19 - Teaching Online

    In this episode, the Developod team talk teaching online. In the last couple of months, teachers the world over have suddenly had to move from their face-to-face classrooms to virtual spaces, so Christian, Tania and James go through some basic tips for teachers and share their thoughts about what this could mean for the future.

    To see the forthcoming video version of this podcast, check our social media platforms.

    The platform James used was zoom.us. He also mentioned Google Docs and Jamboard. To read his blog posts on teaching online, go to theteacherjames.com/category/teaching-online, and for further reading, check the post "Getting Ready For Our Digital Future" for an extensive bibliography of articles and webinars.

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    Episode 18 - Action Research

    Episode 18 - Action Research

    Rejoin the Developod team - Tania, James and Christian in episode 18, where they unearth the What, the How and the Why of action research. James gives tips on best resources to support you.

    For our links and references, go to bit.ly/developod18

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    Developod Episode 17 - Teacher Autonomy

    Developod Episode 17 - Teacher Autonomy

    In episode 17, Tania interviews Patrice Palmer, a specialist in teacher well-being. They discuss teacher autonomy inside and outside the classroom, including aspects such as self-care, representation and mentoring. Christian and James then reflect with their own experiences on the subject.


    Bogler, R. & Somech, A. Influence of Teacher Empowerment on Teachers’ Organizational Commitment, Professional Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Schools. Teaching and Teacher Education: 20 (2004), 277–289


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    Developod Episode 16 - Quick TD Tips

    Developod Episode 16 - Quick TD Tips

    In Episode 16 of Developod, we catch up with the TDSIG committee who give us their quick tips for quick PD. From TDSIG, we wish a wonderful festive season for those celebrating. See you in 2020!

    The ebook on TD mentioned in this podcast may be found at: https://eltplaybook.wordpress.com/

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