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Hosts Christian, Tania and James from the IATEFL Teacher Development Special Interest Group talk about issues within teacher development in various contexts.


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Hosts Christian, Tania and James from the IATEFL Teacher Development Special Interest Group talk about issues within teacher development in various contexts.

    Episode 18 - Action Research

    Episode 18 - Action Research

    Rejoin the Developod team - Tania, James and Christian in episode 18, where they unearth the What, the How and the Why of action research. James gives tips on best resources to support you.

    For our links and references, go to bit.ly/developod18

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    Developod Episode 17 - Teacher Autonomy

    Developod Episode 17 - Teacher Autonomy

    In episode 17, Tania interviews Patrice Palmer, a specialist in teacher well-being. They discuss teacher autonomy inside and outside the classroom, including aspects such as self-care, representation and mentoring. Christian and James then reflect with their own experiences on the subject.


    Bogler, R. & Somech, A. Influence of Teacher Empowerment on Teachers’ Organizational Commitment, Professional Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Schools. Teaching and Teacher Education: 20 (2004), 277–289


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    Developod Episode 16 - Quick TD Tips

    Developod Episode 16 - Quick TD Tips

    In Episode 16 of Developod, we catch up with the TDSIG committee who give us their quick tips for quick PD. From TDSIG, we wish a wonderful festive season for those celebrating. See you in 2020!

    The ebook on TD mentioned in this podcast may be found at: https://eltplaybook.wordpress.com/

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    Developod Episode 15 - Teaching for Success Self Study Guides

    Developod Episode 15 - Teaching for Success Self Study Guides

    Lucy Norris, independent education consultant, writer and professional development facilitator, talks about the ‘Teaching for Success’ self-study guides that she has helped to produce for the British Council and how they may be integrated into professional development.

    Teaching for Success Self Study Guides:


    Teaching for success: Establishing a culture of Continuing Professional Development (Webinar) - Lucy Norris:


    World Teachers’ Day Web Conference:


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    Developod Episode 14 - Teacher Wellbeing

    Developod Episode 14 - Teacher Wellbeing

    In this episode, Christian talks to Elena Ončevska Ager about her teacher wellbeing course. They discuss the importance of teacher self-care, how her course worked, and the response from the teachers who participated.


    VIA online character strengths survey:

    Three good things activity:

    Other activities:

    Other materials:
    Mental health awareness in the classroom and beyond (English UK)

    How to stay well in the classroom (Phil Longwell)

    Looking after your teachers (Phil Longwell)

    Mental Health Awareness for Employers within ELT (Phil Longwell - July 2018)(Recorded Webinar available for IATEFL Members)



    Martin Seligman's Flourish:

    Barbara Fredrickson on the power of positive emotions: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7dFDHzV36glist=PLtzJzBiAtY1eKNKh81rb6jyvwSQXB5OzR&index=14

    Carol Dweck on mindsets: www.ted.com/talks/carol_dweck_the_power_of_believing_that_you_can_improve

    Angela Lee Duckworth on grit:

    Apps: Headspace, What's Good

    Elena Ončevska Ager is an EFL teacher and teacher educator at Ss Cyril and Methodius University, Republic of Macedonia. She is involved in supporting the development of pre-service and in-service EFL teachers in face-to-face and online contexts. Apart from second language teacher education and online learning, her research interests also include learner/teacher autonomy, group dynamics, motivation and professional wellbeing. elena.oncevska@flf.ukim.edu.mk

    Sarah Mercer is Professor of Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Graz, Austria, where she is Head of ELT pre-service section. Her research interests include all aspects of the psychology surrounding the foreign language learning experience from both teacher and learner perspectives. She is the author, co-author and co-editor of several books in this area including, ‘Exploring Psychology for Language Teachers’ (Winner of the IH Ben Warren Prize published by Oxford University Press).

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    Developod Episode 13 - Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion

    Developod Episode 13 - Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion

    In Episode 13 of Developod, we follow up on our previous episode on social justice by focusing on *the need for greater* diversity and inclusion in ELT materials. Firstly, we hear from Sergio Durand, a teacher from Mexico, who explains the current situation. Then, Tania speaks to Ilá Coimbra, co-author of Raise Up!, a new inclusive coursebook. And finally, Christian speaks to Tyson Seburn, TDSIG coordinator and someone who has some views to be heard on the subject of representation. They discuss how teachers can teach more inclusive lessons and Tyson's own materials that he'll soon be sharing.


    Tyson’s blog: http://fourc.ca/somewhere-in-the-middle-cross-post/

    Raise Up!: https://taylormadeenglish.com/raiseup/

    ALx (Re)Coded: https://joshuampaiz.com/

    John Gray at IATEFL: https://youtu.be/zdkR0cz3nlQ

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