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Learn from entrepreneurs, community service workers, corporations, stay at home parents, charitable organizations and so much more!

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Learn from entrepreneurs, community service workers, corporations, stay at home parents, charitable organizations and so much more!

    Maria Arvanitidis, Author, Reverend and so much more

    Maria Arvanitidis, Author, Reverend and so much more

    The coming together to promote and support our authentic energetic signature of empowerment from within. A place where we can freely express the sharing of our own light with others; through inspirational enlightenment and on our way to blissful dimensional stimulating conversations. To help unlock emotional suppression whilst transitioning through many a dark night of the soul and into awakening; the transformation to emerge and see again, with wisdom to realign, embrace what we prefer and engage with an open heart bandwidth frequency.
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    Meet Wendy Woods, Principal of Wendy Woods Coaching & Watershed Training Solutions

    Meet Wendy Woods, Principal of Wendy Woods Coaching & Watershed Training Solutions

    Wendy Woods, MBA, CPCC, PCC, ACE
    Wendy is an ICF certified coach with a solid business background. Her clients include CEOs, Partners, Directors, Vice-Presidents, and Managers from organizations that include a top financial services firm, U.S. manufacturing company, leading computer distributor and major specialty network to name a few.
    Ms. Woods’ clients have experienced results such as:
    clarified strategic vision and implemented actions
    improved communication skills that drove results
    identified career goals/direction and next steps
    increased self-awareness that motivated employees and their performance
    enhanced employee’s accountability and ownership
    managed internal and external barriers for greater self-confidence and presence
    discovered key differentiators to establish or grow their business
    Their organizations have benefited from more engaged leaders who could more easily navigate challenges, change and complexity while achieving outcomes.
    Prior to starting Watershed Training Solutions, Wendy worked for leading Bay Street companies such as Dynamic Mutual Funds, Richardson Greenshields and RBC Dominion Securities. She has her Honours B.A. in Psychology, an M.B.A., a Certificate in Adult Education, a Certificate in Applied Mindfulness Meditation, a Certificate in Solutions Focused Brief Therapy, and Certificate in EQ-i 2.0 and 360. Wendy is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and an ACE Certified Coach.
    Wendy has taught in the University of Toronto’s Certificate in Applied Mindfulness Meditation. She has also been featured on such popular media as CTV News, CBC Radio, Canadian Business Online, Breakfast Television, USA Today and The Huffington Post.
    Her most recent articles Meditating at Work: A New Approach to Managing Overload and Mindfulness @Work: Reduce Stress, Increase Focus & Improve Results were published in the Rotman School of Management magazine and she is also the coauthor of 365 Days of Gratitude.
    Wendy’s clients value her ability to ask powerful questions to remove obstacles creating greater fulfillment and success. As a coach, she is committed to her client’s progress and utilizes a diverse range of tools to drive motivation and performance.

    • 23 min
    Meet Sandy Yong, Award-Winning Author | Keynote Speaker | Financial and Real Estate Investor of The Money Master

    Meet Sandy Yong, Award-Winning Author | Keynote Speaker | Financial and Real Estate Investor of The Money Master

    Sandy Yong is an award-winning author of The Money Master: Inside Secrets On How To Make Your Money Grow and Stay Safe. Sandy has generated a successful self-directed financial portfolio and owns several income properties. As a Keynote Speaker, she teaches female millennial's how to create wealth through investing. With each book purchase, Sandy proudly donates $2 to CAMH: The Centre of Addiction and Mental Health. Her vision is to help people feel comfortable conversing about money and mental health, as both can be sensitive subjects and impact our daily lives.

    • 16 min
    Meet Liz Jakoi, Design Your Life Coach of Liz Jakoi Businesses

    Meet Liz Jakoi, Design Your Life Coach of Liz Jakoi Businesses

    Liz believes life is meant to be lived to the fullest, liberated from limitations. She teaches you to become the self- leader of your mind, body and soul.We tend to see things from a limited perspective, especially during times of stress, anxiety and depression. Liz helps you to unpack the thinking that is holding you back so you can see more possibilities.Are you ready to see beyond where you are today?Liz graduated from University in Toronto with a degree in Psychology and with a minor in Philosophy. She worked in the corporate world in Human Resources, Training and Development, and as a Job Coach/Counsellor. After conducting 100s of workshops and counselling 100s of people to design a new life after a major life event, Liz decided that she could really serve people best by starting her own business in 2017.In February 2014, at the of age 56, Liz had her third breakdown. Her first one was in her 20s after losing her father to cancer and then leaving her first marriage. Her second one was in her 30s when she was getting remarried and her job was declared redundant.For most of her life, living was painful. She wanted to die. She was either stressed, anxious and depressed, or calm in the chaos. When she fought the battle the first 2 times, everything returned to normal. She lived to fight another day – another battle. She spent most of her time assuring everyone that she was fine and stronger than before only to be overwhelmed by both her past and her future. This time, she decided to fight to become Liz; to live a life outside of being a mother, daughter, employee, wife and friend.After spending decades of living in a constant state of stress, anxiety and depression, Liz is now grounded, calm, and strong. As a Mind Body Warrior Coach, Liz draws out what those strategies you are using to keep you stuck and helps you develop new strategies so that you can shine your light brightly.Through her coaching sessions, you get comfortable with being uncomfortable with making changes to your life strategies that no longer serve you.

    • 15 min
    Meet Impact Builder, Odette Peek

    Meet Impact Builder, Odette Peek

    Odette Peek is a 7-figure entrepreneur, storyteller, world stage speaker, and success catalyst for women who are done making excuses.After her biggest sales success ever (selling $250k from the stage), left her feeling empty and deflated, she knew it was time to stop looking for validation and approval in the outside world.She went on a soul-shaking journey that took her around the world, into the jungle, and finally back to herself.Odette is now on a mission to help other entrepreneurs fill the cracks in their business, life and soul that no ticked box, money or client ever will.

    • 33 min
    Meet Antonio Cerilli, Owner of Cerilli Hair Salon in Mill Pond

    Meet Antonio Cerilli, Owner of Cerilli Hair Salon in Mill Pond

    Cerilli Beauty Centre is a Beauty Salon in Richmond Hill, ON. We offer Color, Precision Haircut and Styling, Hair Loss Service and more.Welcome to Cerilli Beauty Centre, the number one source for a quality beauty salon in Richmond Hill, ON and the surrounding areas. We understand that your hair is precious; our professional hairdressers can assure you that your hair is in good hands. The hair care services that we offer include precision haircuts, hair blowouts, hair extensions, hair treatment, hair coloring, and color correction. Additionally, we specialize in a hair thinning and hair loss service where our certified trichologist can treat Alopecia and make custom hair pieces to wear. Our goal is to have our clients leave the salon with a look that makes them look and feel confident.

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