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A podcast that explores the interesting paths people take in life, and why and how they take them. From cuddle therapists to financial advisors. New episodes every Tuesday.

Half Hour Intern Blake Fletcher

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A podcast that explores the interesting paths people take in life, and why and how they take them. From cuddle therapists to financial advisors. New episodes every Tuesday.

    Energetic Healing (with Terje Kuusk)

    Energetic Healing (with Terje Kuusk)

    Do you ever feel a bit off? You can’t really put your finger on why, but you’re not quite yourself. Have you ever considered that maybe your internal energy isn’t flowing very well, or that negative energy in your surroundings is bringing you down? Today’s guest Terje Kuusk is a Reiki master practitioner (heals and fixes energy flows in the body) and practices real estate energy clearing and upgrading as well. We’ll discuss Terje’s connection to energy and how we can tap into and clear the energy around us.

    • 35 min
    Raw Denim (with David Shuck)

    Raw Denim (with David Shuck)

    How do you feel about the things that you own? Does your enjoyment for them usually peak right when you purchase them and then slowly fade from there? There’s certainly science to back that up, which is one of the reasons that they say it’s better to spend your money on experiences as opposed to things. But what about things that we own that grow and change, whose ownership becomes a sort of experience in itself? A couple years ago I learned about raw denim and and decided to purchase a pair for myself. Unlike most of my clothes, I was looking forward to what they would look like in a year or two, and every day I wore them brought me more satisfaction that my new jeans were truly becoming MY jeans. The experience that I’ve had with my jeans is something that today’s guest, David Shuck, knows an awful lot about. He is the managing editor of heddels.com, the foremost website for all things raw denim. We’ll discuss denim and the philosophy behind owning things that need to be broken in.

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Time Management (with Garland Coulson)

    Time Management (with Garland Coulson)

    Time. A true currency if there ever was one. Yet, rarely do we consider as diligently as we should if we are spending it wisely. We may shop for good deals on a regular basis, some may even call us frugal, but when it comes to spending our time we give it away to the first thing that comes our way. Today’s guest, Garland Coulson, is a time management consultant and it’s his job to change that relationship. He wants us to be frugal WITH time, and regularly consider how we are spending it. In this interview he’ll give us plenty of tips to help us better manage our most valuable resource.

    • 37 min

Customer Reviews

ftgander ,

Great podcast

Learn so much about different careers, really inspiring

DeeSaf ,

Great conversationalist

Pleasant listen. Asks all the right questions.

Skinnywhiteboyz ,

Amazing Podcast

This is an amazing podcast all about exploring all of the different paths that different people take in life whether it be about what job or career they chose or the hobbies that they have. This podcast has helped me out so much personally since currently I am trying to choose a career for myself to pursue so it is amazing to be able to hear what other people have chosen so that I can try to make an informed decision myself about it. Blake asks awesome questions always to the people that he interviews and always knows how to get them to open up and tell the very interesting stories that they have to tell. You wouldnt even believe he isnt actually a journalist, he used to be a medical device rep! Listen to this podcast if you want to learn more about what other people do with there lives and if you want to be entertained! I know that the podcast entertains me very much, especially all the "yea man" that you hear from blake every episode. Great podcast whether you know a little or a lot about the carrer or hobby that is being looked at that episode.

Great job Blake, keep it up!!!

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