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Nigel Bennett and Devon Kenzo speak with the game changers who make this big blue planet a better place.

IMPACT Podcast IMPACT Podcast - Nigel Bennett

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Nigel Bennett and Devon Kenzo speak with the game changers who make this big blue planet a better place.

    IMPACT Podcast - Sebastienne Grant

    IMPACT Podcast - Sebastienne Grant

    Join us at IMPACT as we welcome Dr. Sebastienne Grant, a leading psychologist, Professor and Chair of Psychology at Prescott College, Az. Renowned for integrating mindfulness, compassion, and societal well-being into psychology. Known for her insightful approach to existential concerns, societal shifts, and global challenges like climate change, Dr. Grant champions a balanced, compassionate, and equitable world. Her unique perspective combines heart and intellect, reimagining psychology with critical compassion. Connect with her for a transformative journey toward understanding and change."
    Email: Sebastienne.Grant@Prescott.edu Web: Prescott.edu Tel: (928) 350-2214 LinkedIn: /SebastienneGrant Facebook: /AmandaSebastienneGrant #Prescottedu #sebastiennegrant #psychology #globalwarminganxiety #climatechangeanxiety #mindfullness #heartandintellect #listentoyourheart #burnout #burnoutanxiety #compassion

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    IMPACT Podcast - Gerald J Leonard

    IMPACT Podcast - Gerald J Leonard

    Prepare to be enlightened by Gerald J. Leonard, a distinguished authority in productivity intelligence and a luminary in the intersection of music, workplace culture, and neuroscience. As an accomplished international keynote speaker and a change catalyst in organizational culture, Gerald's insights are sought after in IMPACT Season 3.
    Gerald is not just any professional bassist; he is a revolutionary thinker in enhancing workplace productivity through a unique blend of his musical expertise and strategic insights. As an International Keynote Bassist and Culture Change Expert, his innovative programs seamlessly blend elements of music, productivity, neuroscience, and organizational culture to foster environments of high achievement.
    As the CEO, a Growth Strategies Coach, an Author, and a TEDx Speaker, Gerald specializes in guiding CIOs, VPs, and Directors of Project Management toward achieving lasting corporate sustainability with a solid foundation in data-driven strategies.
    Leading the Leonard Productivity Intelligence Institute and Turnberry Premiere as the Publishing Editor, CEO, and Founder, Gerald has positioned his Washington, DC-based strategic project portfolio management and IT governance firm at the forefront of organizational excellence.
    In a notable collaboration, Turnberry Premiere has partnered with Greenly, a pioneering carbon management platform, to democratize the initiation of the climate journey for businesses, simplifying carbon management and propelling companies of all sizes toward a net-zero-carbon future with ease and affordability.
    Gerald's unique approach to intertwining sustainability with productivity and business success has made him an influential figure in corporate sustainability. His extensive expertise and impactful contributions have earned him prestigious guest appearances on platforms such as NPR and Jack Canfield’s show, among others.
    His latest publication, "A Symphony of Choices: How Mentorship Taught a Manager Decision-Making, Project Management, and Workplace Engagement — and Saved a Concert Season," was released in August 2023, adding another accolade to his prolific career.
    Gerald’s TEDx Talk unveils the incredible value of deliberate practice and the neuroscience that underpins how practice fundamentally transforms our brains. Discover why a staggering 95% of an artist's time is devoted to practice, with performances serving as the pinnacle showcase of their dedicated rehearsals. Gerald encapsulates this philosophy in his belief that "The Performance is Practice on Display."
    Email: gerald@PrinciplesOfExecution.com Website: ProductivityIntelligenceInstitute.com LinkedIn: in/geraldjleonard Facebook: /geraldjleonard Tags:
    #musicandthemind #musicforthebrain #brainmusic #thepowerofmusic #GeraldLeonard #symphonyofchoices #adrianabarton #wiredformusic @adrianabarton @wiredformusic @principlesofexecution @productivityintelligenceinstitute #principlesofexecution #productivityintelligenceinstitute #impactpod #theimpactcast @realimpactpod

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    IMPACT Podcast - Ken Sim

    IMPACT Podcast - Ken Sim

    Today's IMPACT guest is Ken Sim, Vancouver's 41st Mayor and the first Chinese Canadian in the role. We'll discuss:
    Tackling homelessness. Affordable high-density housing strategies. Support for homeless youth. Revitalizing community spirit. Renewing Chinatown and Gastown. Maintaining Vancouver as "North America's most livable city 2023." Ways to help Vancouver's homeless youth. Bio:
    Ken Sim, a Vancouver native and UBC Sauder School of Business alum, is a successful entrepreneur who founded Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare Services and Rosemary Rocksalt Bagels. Alongside his wife Teena and their four sons, Ken is dedicated to transforming Vancouver into a thriving, safe, and inclusive city. His achievements include two Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. Elected in 2022 as Vancouver's mayor, he's focused on growth and opportunity for all.
    X/Twitter: @kensimcity | Instagram: @kensimcity | Facebook: /kensimcity
    @cityofvancouver #cityofvancouver #homelessness #rents #vancouvercityoffun #vancouverentertainment #twinflamesentertainment @twinflamesentertainment
    @realimpactpod #impact #makingadifference @gatheringoftitans #gatheringoftitans #kensimmayor #kensim #affordablehousing #tacklinghomelessness #supportforhomelessyouth
    #revitalizingcommunityspirit #vancouverchinatown #mostliveablecity

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    IMPACT Podcast - Kim Wing

    IMPACT Podcast - Kim Wing

    We welcome Kim Wing back to IMPACT for an update on our homeless At-Risk-Youth of Vancouver.
    Kim Wing - Manager Special Projects Covenant House Vancouver:
    In the face of exacerbated challenges from the cost-of-living and housing crises, there has been a 32% surge in homelessness in Metro Vancouver since 2020
    (Was in 2020: 3,634 202 and now 4,821 in 2023).
    Your donations have played an indispensable role in addressing these pressing needs. Thanks to our generous community, we’ve expanded our services significantly.
    Covenant House's commitment is to addressing rising needs led to unprecedented youth engagement in new programs, facilitated by caring staff in our new spaces. Art therapy sessions, life skills classes, and both on-site and off-site recreational activities represent our dedication to holistic support for youth. The demand for our programs has risen sharply, with mental health services experiencing a 30% increase in demand from 2022.
    On February 29th, IMPACT Host Nigel and his wife Rieko along with another 145 volanteers will brave the cold to sleep on the streets, showing solidarity with at-risk youth and supporting Covenant House Vancouver's mission to provide essential services, safety, food, and shelter.
    **Double Your Donation!** From now until the end of the month, every contribution to our campaign will be matched, making your support go even further.
    **How You Can Help:**
    - **Donate to Nigel:** [Click Here](http://support.covenanthousebc.org/goto/nigelbennett)
    - **Donate to Rieko:** [Click Here](http://support.covenanthousebc.org/goto/riekobennett)
    Your generosity can change lives. If you've already donated, thank you for your invaluable support.
    With gratitude,
    Nigel & Rieko / Team IMPACT
    Covenant House Sleep Out 2024

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    IMPACT Podcast - John Bromley

    IMPACT Podcast - John Bromley

    John Bromley is a visionary CEO committed to revolutionizing charitable giving in Canada and Founder of Charitable Impact, an innovative giving platform that has facilitated $1.2 billion in donations, Bromley disrupts the norm, pushing for enhanced access, education, and open dialogue around the state of Canada’s charitable sector.
    Who we are: Charitable Impact is Canada’s fastest-growing donor-advised fund (DAF). Launched in 2011 by Founder and CEO John Bromley to help Canadians create the change they want to see in the world, our online giving platform works just like a bank account for charitable giving.
    More than $1.2 billion has been donated by the Charitable Impact community, with thousands of charities benefiting from the generosity of donors across Canada.
    Learn more about Charitable Impact
    à Adriana.Serrano@CharitableImpact.com ¬ CharitableImpact.com ˜ (778)302-2978 Linkedin: in/JBromley
    Linkedin: in/WeAreCharitable Facebook:/WeAreCharitable Insta: @WeAreCharitable
    As founder and CEO of Charitable Impact, an online giving platform for Canadians to develop, navigate, and carry out their charitable goals,
    John Bromley’s visionary leadership and innovation have indelibly reshaped the charitable sector in Canada.
    Bromley’s career began in corporate finance, but a pivot into charity. law revealed the obstacles standing in the way of charitable giving in Canada.
    Motivated to make giving more accessible and participatory, he founded Charitable Impact. He’s been challenging the status quo, and advocating for greater access, education, and dialogue ever since.  Charitable Impact has proudly facilitated more than $1.2 billion in donations and is helping tens of thousands of Canadians discover their innate generosity, pursue their vision for change, and transform their giving habits.
    John is a two-time TEDx speaker, a Business in Vancouver Forty Under. 40 winners, a soccer coach, and a doting father of two kids.
    Features Discover charities and Giving Groups that you might be interested in
    View your charitable giving history in one place.
    Get support with your giving from our team—we're here to help.
    Give with friends, family, and others creating change.
    Show or hide your contact information when you give and manage your relationships with charities.
    Donate, invest, and grow assets with an accompanying Charitable Investment Account so you have more to give away.
    Receive a tax receipt when you add money to your account.
    Set it and forget it with automatic deposits and gifts.
    #giving #charity #givingback #makingadifference #impact #charityimpact #charitableimpact

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    IMPACT Podcast - Robin Pascoe

    IMPACT Podcast - Robin Pascoe

    Today our guest in an Author, Minimalist and Philanthropist. - She is the author of five books about global living. with her recent title:
    "The Carry-On Imperative: A Memoir of Travel, Reinvention & Giving Back" Please welcome Robin Pascoe to IMPACT!
    ROBIN PASCOE is the author of five books about global living. At the age of sixty, after stepping back as the Expat Expert, Pascoe joined her husband and son to create a brand for their family’s wildly successful global education company, Maple Bear by establishing over 200 schools in Brazil and around the world, Now, she is helping with another family project, fighting climate change in rural Costa Rica at an environmental education not-for-profit founded by her daughter.
    Robin says:
    Giving credit to those that came before us is so important. We would'nt be who we are today without the work of those who came before us. Robin predicted the "train wreck" of social media 20 years ago. "When young people don't see the "eyes" of those they are hurting, this will be extremely damaging to society". It's about resilience....her experience of 'carrying on' despite an early childhood trauma of losing my mother...I credit it with finding role models of resilience, a subject I wrote about for Globe Amplify last month:  https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-amplify-why-seniors-should-share-their-stories-with-young-people/ It's about taking on a huge challenge with https://www.maplebear.ca in our 60s and building a global brand without anyone really knowing us and ploughing money from the success of it into the new venture of Finca Cantaros.... Finca Cantaros Costa Rica: Helping with Climate Change: https://mailchi.mp/8c994da88447/giving-tuesday-10684729?e=0fd6065df8 Quote: "Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts." --Winston Churchill 
    Contact Robin:
    Website is www.robinpascoe.com. Bio:  https://robinpascoe.com/about/
    Links to all Robins social media channels:
    Website:  https://robinpascoe.com/social/  www.robinpascoe.com
    LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/m/profile/in/robinpascoe
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/robin.pascoe #givingback. #makingadifference #dontretire #climatechange #maplebear #Fincacantaros #resilience #travel

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10 Ratings

nietvelt ,

A bright and hopeful podcast

Nigel and Devon Bennett put together interesting and informative podcasts featuring a variety of wonderful guests who each represent what is best on offer in the field of human beings out there. I find listening to these a real salve on the wounds we are enduring these days. Treat yourself and get to know this dynamic father/son duo and their fellow travellers.

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