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The show where we watch the 1970s TV show "In Search Of..." and look at possible explanations the producers didn't consider.

In Research Of William Blake Smith

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The show where we watch the 1970s TV show "In Search Of..." and look at possible explanations the producers didn't consider.

    S04E12 - Ten Commandments (Explicit)

    S04E12 - Ten Commandments (Explicit)

    Blake and Jeb look for the real location of Mt. Sinai, where Moses was supposed to have received the Ten Commandments from God.

    • 2 hrs 27 min
    S04E11 - In Search of D. B. Cooper

    S04E11 - In Search of D. B. Cooper

    Jeb and Blake extinguish our cigarettes, put our trays in the upright position, and head out the back of the plane in search of the elusive skyjacker known as D. B. Cooper.
    Nimoy Fashion Alert - dimly lit corporate office edition.
    D. B. Cooper - Wikipedia
    The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper (Movie) - if you buy it on Amazon we get a few pennies.
    Recent Netflix series on D. B. Cooper
    Blake's friend Rick Ollerman offered some opinions on vintage round parachutes.
    Later we meet Nimoy outside where you can make out more of his ensemble.
    Of course this is an episode about D. B. Cooper - who for Jeb and I, evokes the classic "MIB" look.
    This ain't deal-a-meal. This is a different Richard Simmons.
    There is some great photography in this episode. I liked seeing the reservoir and dam. Imagine landing there on a stormy November night without jump boots...
    Finally - kudos to the faceless Cooper stand-in who lugged stuff around in the anonymous re-creations. 

    • 2 hrs 37 min
    S04E10 - Pompeii (Explicit)

    S04E10 - Pompeii (Explicit)

    Jeb and Blake join Leonard Nimoy's search for Pompeii!  (Well - is it really about finding Pompeii?  Or is it about finding a possibly Christian cross in Pompeii?  Tune in and find out!)
    Depictions of the crucifixion in Medieval Art
    People debating the cross at Pompeii
    Christian graffiti at Pompeii
    House of the Faun - Pompeii
    About that "lost Legion" thing
    Discovery and rediscovery of Pompeii
    Giuseppe Fiorelli 
    Terentius Neo
    Villa of Mysteries
    Dinosyian Mysteries
    Greco-Roman Mysteries
    Nimoy Fashion Alert!

    Hey - it's NOT a Jumpsuit.

    We complain but there really is WAY too much red-shift in the majority of this episode:

    You need pumice? WE GOT BUCKETS OF PUMICE!


    • 2 hrs 14 min
    S04E09 - The Abominable Snowman

    S04E09 - The Abominable Snowman

    Jeb and Blake track the last cryptozoology episode of the original In Search Of… as we join the late Peter C. Byrne in a search for "The Abominable Snowman."
    Imagining the Wild Man: Yeti Sightings in Folktales and Newspapers of the Darjeeling and Kalimpong Hills
    More on Tom Slick - MonsterTalk
    Monty Python "abattoir" sketch
    Searching for Sasquatch (affiliate link)
    Article about Byrne still "hunting" in his 90s.
    The Eternal Return
    Bigfoot Map
    Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds (YouTube)
    Horror in the Heights - Kolchak Episode with Rakshasha
    NFA - "Proof of Life" 

    Crevasse photo we mention from the episode.

    • 2 hrs 19 min
    S04E08 - Mexican Pyramids

    S04E08 - Mexican Pyramids

    Jeb is right at home as we go In Search Of... Mexican Pyramids!

    Links from research
    Sacrifice City
    Great Pyramid of Cholula
    Templo Mayor
    Ruz' Palenque Dissertation
    The Christmas Robbery of the Century
    Secrets of the Maya Temple (1958)
    Museo (2018) movie about the robbery - affiliate link
    Mystery of the Meridas Ciudad Maya nightclub
    Music/Art film tied to the nightclub site
    Operation PBSuccess - CIA and Guatemala 
    Mystery film we think MAY have sourced part of this episode.
    Director Jean Chartier 
    Pyramid Comparison visual tool (wikipedia)
    Nimoy Fashion Alert!  Jungle Cotton Blend edition:

    There are actually subtle stripes on that shirt!

    This episode has some amazing models - so cool:

    And - of course - it wouldn't be ISO without some reenactments...


    • 2 hrs 31 min
    Bonus: Joe Nickell on The Shroud of Turin

    Bonus: Joe Nickell on The Shroud of Turin

    Dr. Joe Nickell recalls his experiences working on the Season 4 episode of In Search Of… dealing with The Shroud of Turin.

    note: This interview will be cross-posted to MonsterTalk. The interview contents will be identical, but the framing intro/outro will be unique to the respective shows. 
    In Research Of… (Patreon)
    In Research Of (free feed)
    In Search Of… The Shroud of Turin (YouTube)
    Joe Nickell covered by The Daily Mail
    That's Incredible! segment on THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. (YouTube)
    Joe Nickell's website
    Joe's Amazon Author's Page (affiliate link)

    • 1 hr 5 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

Adamo Borzoni ,


The podcast uses In Search Of as a jumping off point to talk about the weird, macabre and the history of paranormal media. It blends topics that are highly relevant today and places them in the context of how they would’ve been perceived while In Search Of was originally airing. Informative, interesting and full of puns!

Mighty Ploomp ,

Well researched and Funny

I was thinking about doing a podcast about In Search Of, but once I found this show I gave up. They are doing a much better job than what I would have done frankly. I like the show and decided to change my show idea to something else as a result.

Reveriebee ,

Unique stuff!

Excellent easy listening to complicated topics, this podcast is unique for offering a view of science and the weird from the 70’s as viewed from today. The perspective and expertise is unlike any other podcast.

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