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Podcast by Lynn Nicholls

    S1. E6 Meet "Clair" - Clairaudience Part 1

    S1. E6 Meet "Clair" - Clairaudience Part 1

    Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Do you have a natural ability to elevate your clairaudient skills? Find out! Elevate your clairaudient abilities so you can connect to the information system and hear messages.

    - Learn about that information system and how it works.
    - Practice sensitizing your hearing in the physical world to make receiving clairaudient messages easier.
    - Go for a sound walk around your home and outside.
    - Use sound-filled places (restaurants, parks) to elevate your clairaudience.
    - Find out how to use the radio and other music sources to get messages.
    - Listen to ABC’s and 123’s to practice hearing your voice
    - Create sounds in your mind to expand your clairaudient skills.

    This will get you warmed up for Meet "Clair" Clairaudience Part 2 where you will learn how to access amazing information for yourself and others.

    Join me online for more intuition elevation activities; free mini-readings; and more!




    • 24 min
    S1. E5 - Meet "Clair" - Clairvoyance Part 2

    S1. E5 - Meet "Clair" - Clairvoyance Part 2

    Kick your clairvoyant abilities up a notch! These intuition elevating activities will boost your ability to allow intuitive information to come in more effectively.

    The first two activities enhance your visualization skills by using a familiar setting (your home) and a familiar person (friend or family member). You can easily validate your visualizations and this helps you to learn about how YOU receive clairvoyant messages and perfect them.

    If you need a ‘yes or no’ or an ‘option A or B’ answer to a question, you are going to love how you can get them from a simple Flip the Coin; Traffic Light; and Pick a Door activities.

    Learn to determine timelines with Lynn’s Line Graph and the Psychic Radar Screen. The Shape Shifter activity is great for figuring out answers with a group of options (e.g., job choices) or people (e.g., co-workers or family members you should be leary of).

    You can apply any of these strategies to all areas of your life. This will give you an edge so that you can make your life better for yourself and your family. You will have a great time elevating your intuition!

    *If you’re driving while listening to this podcast, please only do visualizations when your car is parked and turned off.

    Join Lynn online for more intuition elevation activities, readings and much more!

    • 24 min
    S1.E4 Meet "Clair" - Clairvoyance Part 1

    S1.E4 Meet "Clair" - Clairvoyance Part 1

    Meet Ms. Clair Voyant. She’s the most popular of the Clair clique. Clairvoyance or “clear seeing” is something we all have and can develop to get insight into your life: health, relationships, career and so on.

    This episode is packed with practical information and intuition elevating activities:
    - Signs you are a natural clairvoyant and/or can learn it easily.
    - There are different types of Clairvoyant abilities. Which one are you?
    - Learn how to tell the difference between clairvoyance and imagination.
    - Clairvoyant es that you can do at the grocery store, while driving, watching movies, anywhere!
    - Clairvoyant activities that will boost your visualization abilities.
    - Clairvoyance elevating games that you can play on your own, with your kids or your friends.

    If the visualizations are too fast for you, feel free to hit pause as you allow your image to formulate. Go at your own pace.

    Give them a try! You’ll impress yourself!

    • 23 min
    S1.E3 Meet "Clair"

    S1.E3 Meet "Clair"

    “Meet Clair” will introduce you to the most widely used intuitive abilities:
    - Clairvoyance
    - Clairaudience
    - Clairsentience
    - Claircognizance
    - Clairallience
    - Clairgustance

    From here, you can determine your strongest intuitive abilities and explore your hidden intuitive talents!

    • 15 min
    S1.E2 Ready...Set...Psychic!

    S1.E2 Ready...Set...Psychic!

    Get clearer, more meaningful and specific messages with a little prep!
    - How to clear your mind
    - Clean sweep visualization
    - Breathing is key
    - Dots to clear your thoughts
    - Sounds to clear and focus
    - ABC's & 123's
    - Detaching from the outcome
    - How to get out of your own way to get clearer messages
    - What to do if you take on someone else’s energy
    - How to energetically protect yourself when doing intuitive work
    - Why you should protect yourself
    - Visualizations for protection

    THERE! Now you're all set!

    • 26 min
    S1.E1 Me, Myself and I...and Ghosts

    S1.E1 Me, Myself and I...and Ghosts

    Lynn is just a normal person with a special skill. She can communicate with the Other Side. Have a listen as she tells you her story from “imaginative” kid to highly sought after Intuition Expert and Psychic Medium.

    This episode will explore:
    - Lynn’s intense contact with a boy, in spirit, named Leo and his father who murdered his family

    - How she left a teaching career to pursue a career as a Psychic Medium

    - Find out if Lynn can read herself, her family and friends; if her kids can “do it”; if she sees a psychic; what makes her different from other Psychic Mediums; and IS EVERYONE PSYCHIC? WHO CAN LEARN TO USE THEIR INTUITION?

    • 17 min

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