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Podcast Program by the Best Selling Authors of Books and DVDs about Karate, Life, Violence, and Self-Defense.

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Podcast Program by the Best Selling Authors of Books and DVDs about Karate, Life, Violence, and Self-Defense.

    Marc “Animal” MacYoung – The Recognition

    Marc “Animal” MacYoung – The Recognition

    Seeing the movement. The recognition of multiple attacks. The conversation starts way back in history. The study of history and why Marc is more interested in the precursor of war than the actual war and its tactics.

    The American Civil War was far from simple. The many issues at hand about The Cival War, some obvious and others not so obvious. Then we find out if the police are players in criminal activity. It’s not what you are thinking. And don’t think Chess but think Chinese Checkers. Sinn Féin gets a look over as well.

    The Recognition of Mass Movement

    This brings us to Eric Hoffer, and his masterwork, “The True Believer.” This link is nine minutes of, “You will never see the world the same again.”

    We are both love his insight and we recommend his work. If you want to make sense of the world’s social and political dynamics Hoffer is your guy. Hoffer hits the nail on the head with his tag of, “The Dissatisfied Personality.” Again, it comes back to seeing the movement.

    Attachment Theory

    Can an act in childhood make permanent change? Attachment Theory and how it can determine a person’s sense of self in the world. (Attachment Theory is in this podcast with Dr. Catharine Kurosu 10-30-20). Then we leap back in time again the 400 years of war in Japan. Ever hear of Kayfabe? Well, you have now and how Professional Wrestling is more like politics than you may have assumed.

    Recognition of course is the theme, but seeing things when they are blossoming is the point. If you know where to look you can see the predators in the movements. Predators seek movements like sharks seek a meal.

    The Kent State Shootings (May 4th, 1970).

    How that moment changed much in America and some of the changes are based on, let’s call them incomplete stories. Marc is seeing the movement a little differently than I do. Regardless 4 people died and 9 others wounded. And then the bombings began, see the Weather Underground.

    It is a Threat

    The doxing of Seattle Chief of Police Carmen Best and how that situation was bad and could have gone turbo.

    Marc “Animal” MacYoung – The Recognition and 3 Take Aways

    * Go home. Understand the idea of strategic withdrawal

    * The dynamics of individual confrontation do not apply

    * Forget your rights, and what the laws say you have a right to as a citizen

    Need more than just Marc “Animal” MacYoung – The Recognition? Here you go: Group Attack

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    Dana Abbott – More Life

    Dana Abbott – More Life

    Dana Abbott – more life. The smiling practitioner is to be respected, as they have reason to smile. How a blind massage team of a husband and wife could feel the body and what message they had for Mr. Abbott. (it was good). The actual combative principal and how one might approach it with the process of indoctrination. The ActionFlex a state-of-the-art full contact sword that creates the sensation of using actual weapons.

    The fast indoctrination v. the slow cook. Kihon seems simple yet it is not. Kihon is foundational for growth and understanding. Allowing the exploration of the plan, not performance by wrote is the path to understanding the basics. The weapon you choose can be damaging to you in ways that may not be obvious. The choice of your weapon will, over time accumulate in inevitable ways. In fact it can diminish your, More Life, equation. You will hang on to what you feel is a good choice too long and you will pay a price. That is counter to what Dana Abbott – more life, formula is about.

    Wise Choices for More Life

    Or choices you make today may reduce your life quality. The blood grove of the sword, here is the secret and it is about a wise change. Golf and Kendo are not as far apart as it may appear as it is about intent and mechanics. It’s about getting more life

    Mind Body Connection

    We turn to a classic hippy movie, “Billy Jack.” We laugh about a scene that was shot not too far from Abbott’s home. How about that time your mind said, “Sure let’s do it,” and your body said, “Wha…huh, er…no.”

    A direct and important moment in a Japanese hospital and that and, here is your choice moment. Breath control goes a long way. The exploration of running and yelling working together.

    Listen to your injury!

    Here is a Martial Arts & Life Podcast you may enjoy about using techniques to explore the mind body connection: Going Deep Into The Body

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    Dana Abbott – Train a Lifetime

    Dana Abbott – Train a Lifetime

    Dana Abbott, train a lifetime. We hit on one of the master swordsman Miyamoto Musashi in cowboy boots and outrunning you in your High-School Physical Education class.

    Training a lifetime, adding more life to your living is a twisty topic of fun. What the suits want in their training courses and how they determine the shape of that training. The Super Samurai Workshops are for those folks. It can transform the mind, but also in the body if the students stick around.

    The use of props and good hair

    You can get better at your art if you use props. You may call it a training tool, but props, because props aid the exploration of what you can and can’t do. A nod to cartoonist Scott Adams, of Dilbert, and his recommendation to be tall and have a good head of hair if you want to get ahead in management. That is funny and sad at the same time.

    The organization of the day, it’s an easy affair these days. But, the ease of the day should not let one slip into complacency as you age, you must keep the flame. It’s about training a lifetime.

    Posers in the Martial Arts

    A swipe at posers in the martial arts. Get that anime hair out of your eyes and stop throwing your weapon into the air, unless it is of course an arrow. This will be no surprise, neither of us are a fan of throwing your weapon in the air, let alone twirling underneath that weapon.

    You can find Dana Abbott at danaabbott.com and learn about his Super Samurai Workshops that are directed at communication, leadership skills and often the surprise discovery of something you are capable of and had in the past not thought possible.

    Here is an except from our award winning book on Musashi: Musashi’s Dokkodo (The Way of Walking Alone)

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    David Liban – A Feral World

    David Liban – A Feral World

    David Liban – a Feral World. An independent filmmaker and a new film. David is also a film professor at the University of Colorado Denver’s College of Arts & Media.

    He is the Chairperson for the Department of Film & TV. He holds an MFA from Brooklyn College. He’s been a Fulbright scholar and a prolific filmmaker of short-form films. His documentary, Mortal Lessons, won an Emmy in 2010. Over the years David’s films have screened at many film festivals and television outlets.

    Mr. Miyagi

    David and I first came into contact after he read one of my books. As a result, he me to do a few small points for his movie, Looking for Mr. Miyagi. Thanks to David I now have an IMDB

    Looking for Mr. Miyagi (2014) about his quest to make black belt by age 50.

    A Feral World

    He has a new film called A Feral World which was recently number 1 in Apple preorders.

    An orphaned boy in a post-apocalyptic world meets a grieving woman who is trying to find her lost daughter. Their journey leads them face-to-face with a despot who may have her daughter held captive.

    We take a wide walk about, not just his film, but films making in general. Topic range wide such as why some colors are chosen and others are not. Does every superhero movie have to be all blue and gold, and other types of movies that have a color code?

    Film Directors

    Stanley Kubrick once made Tom Cruise walk through a doorway some ninety times. That is a luxury you don’t have as an independent filmmaker. This lack can also be a helpful tool when seen in the right context.

    Awareness of authenticity is an important part of directing. Seeing and feeling authenticity is one of the elements a good director should have. You want to watch acting as a dance of eyes and the response to what is done is what usually lights up a scene. The general ability to organize, yeah that is necessary too. David placed this all in his new movie A Feral World

    We go after a few of our favorite scenes in modern movies, and some of the more interesting directors. I trust you will be surprised at the wide variety of movies and scenes ranging from Wes Anderson to Michael Mann.

    Tastes change over time, and they should. The preference of story over explosions and hyperkinetic action leaping onto your eyeballs.

    Oh, and Nano Bots! Flesh eating Nano Bots! Enjoy the movie trailer here:

    You may enjoy the podcast with former martial art cult member Louis Martin. This is an experience folks!

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    Catherine Kurosu – Stress, Health and Medicines

    Catherine Kurosu – Stress, Health and Medicines

    Catherine Kurosu – Stress, Health and Medicines. A nice conversation with Dr. Catherine Kurosu from Hawaii by way of Toronto Canada.

    Being a medical doctor as well as an acupuncturist has given Dr. Kurosu a unique perspective on health and healing.  She has worked not only in the clinic, but in the hospital setting – on surgical wards, labor and delivery, and in the emergency room.  

    Catherine Kurosu, MD, L.Ac.

    She takes down a path of how Eastern medicine can dovetail with Western interventions, harmoniously, to the patient’s great advantage.

    Different people have different stressors. Nature or nurture, the idea of what a person experiences in childhood sets people up. The responsibility of western medicine and reductionism. Get out of here with your Newtonian Physics. A candle the flickers out or a flashlight that fades. The view of death from a western perspective lifespan v. health span are two different things. Rabbits just die – who knew?

    Teeth, enzymes, and guts, which include the liver, the gall bladder, and more. Different parts of your body are always talking to one another. The gut and the brain chat quite a bit. That conversation can affect stress, health and medicine. And not in the best manner

    The Gut as The Second Brain

    Serotonin is in your gut! And almost all of it.

    Food prepared by somebody that loves you and the intent of the preparation. Does an infusion take place in the respect of the food?  

    True Wellness for your Gut; Combine the best of Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine for Optimal Digestive Health.

    The food pyramid – meh… Your food is important, but who you are eating with is just, if not more important than the food. That is interesting medicine.


    Nobody sees when the strong are gassed, exhausted and how it can affect the digestion, and acid and hormones oh my!

    The Placebo Effect is real and complicated. And why drug companies don’t like you if you like Placebo’s (You make them look bad) Is a placebo medicine, can it work on stress, or help you with your health?

    Vacations and Heath

    Sunburns and alcohol can be a cure for some, but take it under consideration, there may be a better path to becoming rested and well.

    Swallowing sponges and pulling them back up – it’s science people, science circa the 1700’s

    Qigong – and the central nervous system. The three people who you would have for dinner, (You haven’t heard of them, but you might want to know of them)

    Generational Transfer of Health

    Children of women who are under stress verses the safe environment and the transfer from generation to generation. The trigger can be a disadvantage.

    The amber lens and how it helps you go to sleep. Yes, sleep fitness.

    More from Dr. Kurosu

    If you want more, and I mean a lot more on this and other topics for free you can read Dr. Koruso’s writings on Work, Love and Acupuncture, to the General Principals for Eating Well.

    No… she is not recommending three Chili Dogs.

    She has two articles that interested me greatly: Let’s Act to H...

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    Larry Tatum & Kenpo

    Larry Tatum & Kenpo

    Grand Master Larry Tatum began his study of Kenpo Karate in Pasadena, California in 1966, and has become one of the style’s most prominent figures.

    He enjoys a reputation as a gifted instructor and “teacher of Black Belts.” His forte is helping others reach their maximum potential through Kenpo karate. In 1984, he was named “Instructor of the Year” by Inside Kung Fu magazine.Today Larry Tatum is a 10th Degree Black Belt and is considered one of the foremost authorities on American Kenpo Karate. He has founded the Larry Tatum Kenpo Karate Association which boasts thousands of members worldwide.Master Larry Tatum is the official spokesperson and co-founder for “Children at Risk”, a non-profit organization. He is also a Television and movie Technical Consultant and Fight Choreographer.

    Martial Arts Students

    The talent of Martial Arts is higher than it has ever been before due to all of the technological advances. The increase in talent knows no age group or limit as well. Often the lack of knowledge can be attributed to mysticism and it needn’t be.  As for students, don’t’ hang on too long as you need to know you don’t get to lean against the tree you have planted. You need to speak different languages, not be multilingual but be able to reach a student in their language.

    Teaching Kenpo, Teaching Martial Arts

    Don’t assume a student knows what you said. You need to understand and change your emotional standards at times.  Master Larry Tatum takes us through some deep the tip and tricks that make-up the acts of the master teacher, who can and will teach one thing that changes ten things and not ten things to change ten things. Knowledge is taught sparingly and there is a good reason for that method of teaching. “Hey, you remember teaching in the high-school bathroom?” Re-mapping the brain, the paths that fire together wire together.

    People Make-up The Arts

    Belt ranks they are important and should not be underestimated. When you are teaching a kid, you are teaching three people. The kid the parent and the onlookers. People have an accent attached to their art, let that be. Go ahead and try a new system, a new style it’s a good thing.

    UFC Killed Boxing

    Has the UFC killed Boxing?  Well, Larry Tatum has a thought, and about hoe people are instinctively defensive, not necessarily violent. Your nature you must come face-to-face with that person that you see in the mirror, anything else is the lesser choice. The school is there for the student, not the other way around. And the story of Mr. Parker and, “Your private lesson.


    In Case you Missed It: “Animal” MacYoung – Rites & Ordeals. Marc and Kris take on the initiation rites and their proper use. We come right out the chute quoting Orwell and his masterwork Animal Farm. Animal Farm takes on the Russian Revolution however, it sure applies today – Animal

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